10 Ways Diablo 4 Is Better Than Diablo 3

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  • With Diablo 4, the series returns to its origins, showcasing a myriad of enhancements that set it apart from its predecessor, Diablo 3.

    Lilith standing behind and towering over Elias in a cutscene from Diablo 4.

    The long-awaited arrival of Diablo 4 has surpassed all expectations, garnering a reception far superior to its predecessor, Diablo 3. Evidently, Blizzard heeded the valuable feedback bestowed upon them by dedicated players and embraced the profound essence of Diablo 2. Consequently, D4 emerges as a masterpiece, outshining D3 in various facets while seamlessly preserving beloved elements from its forerunner.

    Following the immense popularity of Diablo 2, the expectations for D3 were sky-high. However, it fell short of capturing the same adoration from players. On the other hand, D4 embraces a gloomier ambiance and truly embodies the game experience that fans yearned for in D3. Delving into the enhancements and shedding light on them, presented below are ten remarkable aspects that make Diablo 4 surpass its predecessor, D3.

    10 Classes

    Three characters in Diablo 4 are at camp staring into a campfire

    In comparison to D3, Diablo 4 offers a reduced number of class options, yet these classes have undergone meticulous refinement. The inclusion of skill trees in Diablo 4 provides an extensive range of specializations for each class, a feature sorely lacking in D3. By limiting the game to a select few classes, Blizzard has the opportunity to invest greater effort in perfecting these classes, resulting in characters with skill trees that impart a sense of significance to the choices made, while also possessing a diverse array of abilities that cater to multiple playstyles. Although the possibility of adding more classes in the future remains open, the current decision to focus on a core group of polished classes feels like a wise and well-considered choice.

    9 Combat

    Diablo 4 enemy horde coming at a sorceress

    Thanks to the revamped class system, combat in Diablo 4 surpasses its predecessor, D3. Blizzard has ingeniously introduced an evasive mechanism that greatly benefits classes previously burdened with limited mobility in Diablo 3. Furthermore, the cooldown time for this skill is remarkably shorter than spells such as Teleport. The inclusion of health potion management adds an exciting layer to battles, infusing them with a captivating dynamism that keeps players on their toes, occasionally even inducing a delightful dose of stress.

    8 Graphics

    An archangel in Diablo 4, floating above the ground, arms outstretched, and wings of glowing light spread.

    The graphics employed in Diablo 4 evoke a somber and desolate ambiance, immersing players in a world of darkness. While Diablo 3’s graphics were not subpar by any means, adopting the same style would have been incongruous with the mood that D4 aims to convey. By seamlessly integrating the graphics to enhance the overall atmosphere, Diablo 4 effectively captivates and engages players.

    7 Map Design

    The map from the Diablo 4 beta area The Fractured Peaks.

    Diablo 4 introduces a refreshing sense of openness in its maps, unlike the more segmented layouts seen in D3. With the inclusion of numerous waypoints and towns, players are free to roam and explore without restriction. While D4 retains the randomized landmarks of its predecessor, the vastness of the map provides endless opportunities for exciting events and discoveries. Reminiscent of D2, the map designs in D4 offer an expanded and immersive experience. Additionally, the presence of multiple towns proves advantageous for questing, allowing players to conveniently interact with vendors without deviating from their path.

    6 Mounts

    Diablo 4 Battle Pass- image of a character in heavy armor riding an armored horse

    Blizzard, in their quest to assist players in traversing the expansive realms of Diablo 4, has ingeniously incorporated majestic mounts. These magnificent creatures, namely horses, are only accessible upon reaching Act 4. Nonetheless, their presence within the game simplifies the arduous task of retracing one’s steps through the Acts after ascending in power. Even in Diablo 3, where the maps were relatively smaller in scale, an expeditious mode of transportation would have undoubtedly been met with open arms. Thus, it is truly delightful that these delightful companions find themselves nestled within the realms of Diablo 4, catering to the desires of avid adventurers.

    5 Legendary Items

    A Rogue character from Diablo 4 in front of a game screenshot showing a character entering a dungeon.

    In Diablo 4, the allure of legendary items is heightened by the enigmatic powers of the Occultist. Bearing resemblance to the Mystic of Diablo 3, the Occultist surpasses their predecessor by providing a myriad of customization choices for legendaries. With the ability to extract or imprint the essence of legendary attributes from one item to another, players are empowered to tailor their legendaries to perfection, ensuring utmost favorability for their cherished characters.

    4 Dungeons

    Diablo IV Beta Dungeon Crawl with Sorcerer Character Against Number of Ghoul Enemies

    In Diablo 4, the dungeons are crafted through procedural generation, a staple feature of the series. Nevertheless, there is a discernible pattern in the layout of these dungeons, unlike Diablo 3. One might assume that this would diminish the game’s replay value and render the dungeons monotonous. However, the advantage of having prior knowledge about the boss locations in dungeons facilitates efficient farming. Moreover, for players engaged in repetitive dungeon runs, a certain level of repetition is inevitable. Hence, this approach ensures faster farming runs as players no longer waste time exploring paths that are unlikely to lead to a boss encounter.

    3 Story

    Diablo 4 Review

    Brace yourself, for the conclusion of Diablo 4 shall defy the very expectations of eager players. Beware, for spoilers shall not be divulged, but heed this: the tale’s core lies not in Diablo, but in the enigmatic Lilith. As the nefarious Prime Evils take a backseat, the narrative delves deep into the annals of Sanctuary’s history and the intricacies of humanity, rather than fixating solely on the timeless clash between Heaven and Hell.

    2 Paragon Levels

    A screenshot of Diablo 4's Paragon System menu, an advanced skill tree for endgame content.

    In Diablo 4, the resurgence of Paragon Levels brings a twist as they now possess a cap, unlike their limitless counterparts in D3. The coveted Paragon Boards make an appearance once players attain level 50, granting them the opportunity to ascend to a maximum level of 100. Consequently, the ceiling for Paragon Points has been set at 200, a stark contrast to the boundless accumulation in D3. Yet, one cannot help but wonder if this captivating element may undergo an elevation in its cap through future patches, DLCs, or expansions.

    1 Multiplayer

    A Sorcerer from Diablo 4 holding a ball of flame in each hand. On either side of them is another character, one a Necormancer and the other a Rogue.

    In order to engage in multiplayer mode in Diablo 3, players were required to either join or host a public game, or opt for a private game with friends. However, in Diablo 4, even when playing solo, players find themselves immersed in the same game, creating an opportunity for solo players to lend a helping hand to one another when they coincidentally cross paths and collaborate on a shared event located on the map. The act of assisting fellow players not only offers a sense of camaraderie but also bestows the added bonus of shared experience. Whenever a nearby player successfully vanquishes enemies, all players involved in the vicinity are rewarded with experience, thereby creating a compelling motivation to extend a helping hand to others.

    The introduction of Diablo 4 sparked a sense of uncertainty due to the lukewarm reception of both D3 and Diablo Immortal. Nevertheless, Blizzard appeared to heed the voices of players and crafted a game that pays homage to the original essence of the franchise, drawing inspiration from the beloved fan-favorite, Diablo 2. Despite the current struggle of servers to accommodate the overwhelming influx of eager players and the need for further refinement, the future holds promising expansions as Blizzard diligently endeavors to revive the series with Diablo 4.

    Editor’s Note: Activision Blizzard, a gaming giant, finds itself entangled in a lawsuit filed by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing. This legal battle uncovers disturbing claims of abuse, discrimination, and retaliation specifically targeting female employees. Activision Blizzard vehemently denies these allegations, as the full extent of the lawsuit (trigger warning: rape, suicide, abuse, harassment) continues to unfold with each passing update.

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