5 Best Enchantments for Fishing Rods in Minecraft

5 best enchantments for fishing rods in minecraft 223694
Best Enchantments for Fishing Rods in Minecraft

Last Updated: March 1st, 2023,

In Minecraft, you possess the capability to enchant your fishing pole, granting you the opportunity to acquire uncommon items, boost the nibble frequency, automatically mend the pole, and so much more.

Mending is considered to be one of the best enchantments in Minecraft as it keeps your fishing rod repaired at all times.

Fortune of the Ocean is also an excellent enchantment to utilize if you are seeking more uncommon loot.

Fishing in Minecraft can be a lot of fun and relaxing, especially if you want to make your fishing rod more efficient and enjoyable. Here are our top five picks for enchantments to use on your fishing rods. Along the way, you can get rare items and increase your self-rate bite by enchanting books or gathering resources. However, if you are trying to maximize your efficiency, fishing might not be the most rewarding activity in Minecraft.

What are the best enchantments for fishing rods in Minecraft?


Mending is widely regarded as one of the top enchantments in Minecraft. By utilizing a portion of your experience, your fishing rod will be repaired automatically every time you earn experience points. This eliminates the need to laboriously gather XP, allowing you to fish indefinitely and effortlessly accumulate experience whenever you successfully reel in a fish.

Fortune of the Ocean.

If you’re searching for treasure, this enchantment is your top choice. For each level, it reduces the likelihood of catching fish by approximately 0.15% and the likelihood of catching junk by 2%. At the same time, it enhances your opportunities of acquiring a treasure by 2% when using fishing rods in Minecraft, Luck of the Sea enhances.

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Sea of Luck While is designed to help you get more treasures, so when you use Lure, you have a lower wait time to reel in fish, increasing the likelihood of getting more fish. However, the enchantment rate drop is higher than the enchantment efficiency, so it does not increase the likelihood of getting fish more frequently.


Do you have the necessary resources to recommend that we mend your fishing rod instead? It can be very useful, as it increases the lifespan of your fishing rod with the Unbreaking enchantment.

Vanishing Curse.

The Curse of Vanishing makes enchanted items vanish when a player dies. While it can be amusing to use against friends, it has no practical use for fishing rods. Fishing rods serve a practical purpose, but the Curse of Vanishing does not affect their functionality.

You can also check out our Ultimate Minecraft Enchantment Guide for 2023 if you want to know more about enchantments and improve your experience in mining and using them on your hoe. It is not recommended to use the Curse of Vanishing and Unbreaking enchantments as they are not useful. However, we highly recommend choosing the Lure and Mending enchantments, as well as the Luck of the Sea enchantment for fishing rods. Please note that there are only five enchantments that you can put on fishing rods.

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