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What is the anticipated number of players on your server?

50 Players.

Do you have any plans to incorporate additional graphic modifications apart from the official mods featured in All the Mods 8?

How much RAM for All the Mods 8?

After thoroughly analyzing your requirements, we suggest a minimum of GB of RAM to ensure optimal performance for your All the Mods 8 server. Our calculations take into account the anticipated number of players on your server, as well as any additional graphics or resource-heavy mods you plan to incorporate alongside the official All the Mods 8 collection.


All The Mods 8, an intricate Minecraft modpack devised by the ingenious All The Mods Team, unveils a vast compilation of more than 250 mods. Amongst these, renowned favorites like Thermal Foundation, Industrial Craft, and Applied Energistics 2 shine brightly. With a plethora of enthralling features akin to Quests, Achievements, and Difficulty Settings, this remarkable modpack offers players a cornucopia of captivating activities to embark upon.

Embarking on the journey of setting up an All the Mods 8 server may prove to be quite the challenge, especially for those lacking a starting point. Delving into the vast realm of abundant mods, a mighty server shall be required to conquer this endeavor. The optimal amount of RAM necessary shall be contingent upon the number of players gracing your server’s presence and the expansive magnitude of the world that awaits exploration.

For optimal performance, we highly suggest a minimum of 8GB RAM when setting up your All the Mods 8 servers. Should you find yourself exploring a heavily modded world with a larger group of 5 or more individuals simultaneously, it is advisable to consider increasing the RAM to ensure an optimal gaming experience.

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No need to fret if you’re unsure about the ideal amount of RAM to allocate to your All The Mods 8 server. We’ve devised a nifty tool that calculates the precise RAM requirements for ATM8 servers. And if you’re still feeling uncertain, simply reach out to us and we’ll gladly assist you in getting started.

ATM 8, a fresh modpack that recently hit the scene, offers a plethora of thrilling adventures. However, it’s not without its quirks. The crashes that plague your gameplay might stem from a faulty server setup or lingering bugs that haven’t been squashed yet. In fact, previous iterations like All the Mods 8 version 0.0.15 have gained infamy for their knack of causing frequent crashes due to mod incompatibilities. To ensure smooth sailing in the latest modpack version, be sure to allocate ample RAM to your server’s operation.

Feel free to contact us with the error code you encounter, and we’ll gladly assist you. Let’s explore one of the frequently occurring errors.

[TIMESTAMP] [Render thread/ERROR]: Unable to retrieve entityTexture for translation {key=’entity.Naturalist.Firefly’, args=[]} (SUPPRESSED).

Should you encounter any difficulty in locating (entityTexture for translation) on your server, simply navigate to the mods folder and delete the Naturalist mod to resolve the issue.

All the Mods 8 boasts an astonishing array of over 200 mods, each offering unique ways to personalize your Minecraft adventure. Resource Loader enables the use of custom resources, while Scannable and ShadowMC elevate your mapping abilities to new heights. Experience the realism of Steve’s Carts Reborn as it seamlessly integrates lifelike minecarts into your world, or embark on a journey of exploration with the vast array of biomes introduced by Biomes O’ Plenty. Additionally, Practical Logistics 2 revolutionizes automation tasks with its powerful item transportation systems.

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In addition to an extensive collection of mods that enhance gameplay with decorative blocks and machines, the modpack boasts a multitude of technical upgrades. One notable inclusion is NetherPortalFix, a mod specifically designed to rectify a prevalent bug encountered in the Nether dimension. Moreover, the modpack goes above and beyond by providing convenient quality-of-life enhancements like Inventory Tweaks, streamlining the process of sorting items for a swifter and more efficient experience.

With a whopping collection of over 200 mods, All the Mods 8 certainly lives up to its name, leaving no room for disappointment!

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