Best Shield Enchantments in Minecraft [Top 3]

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Enhancing the dependability of a shield in Minecraft can be achieved by imbuing it with enchantments. Unlike weaponry, though, shields have a rather restricted range of enchantments at their disposal, primarily aimed at bolstering their durability. Nonetheless, possessing a solitary shield that is both dependable and customizable surpasses the inconvenience of harboring numerous feeble shields, which only serve to clutter your inventory and storage.

Enhancing the dependability of a shield in Minecraft can be achieved by imbuing it with enchantments. Unlike weaponry, though, shields have a rather restricted range of enchantments at their disposal, primarily aimed at bolstering their durability. Nonetheless, possessing a solitary shield that is both dependable and customizable surpasses the inconvenience of harboring numerous feeble shields, which only serve to clutter your inventory and storage.

Key Takeaways.

  • Shield spells can be found in all versions of Minecraft, including Java, Bedrock, Education, and Legacy.
  • Enchanted books, filled with magical charm, can be created through your own craftsmanship or discovered in the expansive realm.
  • Enchanted books are typically located in chests within Minecraft’s dungeons, pillager outposts, temples, and similar constructions.
  • Moreover, you can also exchange them with librarians in rural areas for equally valuable treasures.
  • These enchantments effortlessly earn the title of being among the most valuable enhancements and are an absolute necessity in your construction as they profoundly influence a pivotal aspect of an exceptional shield.
  • Shield enchantments primarily concentrate on enhancing the durability of a shield as it is the sole aspect that can be enhanced.
  • Among the trio of enchantments, a pair of them possess the power to actively fortify your shield against shattering, while the remaining one harbors an eternal curse that must be evaded.
  • Mending, the initial enhancement for shields, effortlessly restores your shield’s vitality by harnessing the power of XP orbs. On the other hand, Unbreaking, the alternative enhancement, solely aims to fortify the shield’s resilience, granting it additional health.
  • Be wary of shields bearing the curse enchantment, as they may vanish into thin air upon your demise, leaving no trace behind. Stay vigilant for these undesirable shields adorned with this pre-existing debuff.
  • These enchantments are also highly adaptable, allowing them to be applied to both weapons and armor for weapon and armor enhancements.
  • If you possess a magical book, you have the ability to employ an Anvil to merge it with a shield and bestow enchantments upon the shield.
  • In the realm of survival mode with mods, one can delve deeper into the realm of enchantments for shields. However, it is unfortunate that this captivating feature remains absent in Minecraft Bedrock, as the realm lacks the necessary support for modding.
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    In the vast realm of Minecraft, a solitary shield can harmoniously embrace a triumvirate of enchantments – the mystical Curse of Vanishing, the restorative power of Mending, and the unwavering resilience of Unbreaking. These enchantments may manifest themselves upon a serendipitous shield discovered amidst the vast wilderness, or one may embark on an enchanting quest to procure their elusive enchantment books and bestow them upon the chosen shield.

    These are the statistics for the top three shield enchantments in Minecraft:

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    Enchantment Name Max Level Enchantment Cost Description How To Acquire
    Mending 1.0 4.0 Can use this enchantment to mend your armors, weapons, shields, and tools. Uses XP to increase durability. Trade it with a librarian.
    Unbreaking 3.0 3.0 – Increases an item’s lifespan

    – Decreases the chances of the item taking durability damage
    – Trade it with a librarian villager

    – Looting dungeon chests
    Curse Of Vanishing 1.0 3.0 The shield after the player is dead vanishes so no one else can pick it up. Trade it with a librarian.

    1. Mending

  • Maximum Level: 1.
  • Mana Cost: 4.
  • Mending, a treasure enchantment that emerges in the late stages of the game, harnesses the power of XP orbs to breathe life back into the durability of your armor, weapons, tools, and even your trusty shield. This enchantment, known as Mending I, stands alone with no variations in rarity or repair capabilities. Delve into the depths of dungeons, explore the lush jungles or arid deserts, and conquer the mighty strongholds to uncover the elusive Mending enchantment hidden within chests.

    mending in a desert temple in Minecraft
    The Mending Enchantment in a Desert Temple Chest (Image by eXputer)

    When you bestow this enchantment upon a shield that has seen better days, the ethereal XP orbs that grace the Minecraft terrain will effortlessly flow into it, mending its fractures and restoring its former glory. But do bear in mind, dear adventurer, that the mystical powers of Mending can only weave their mending magic when the shield, adorned with this enchantment, is gallantly held in either your main or off-hand. Now, let me share with you some clever strategies to gather those precious XP orbs while adorned with your enchanted shield.

  • Engage in the pursuit of aggressive creatures such as Skeletons or Spiders during the nighttime.
  • Hunt packs of creatures frequently encountered in lush environments such as forests and jungles.
  • Create an XP farm for gathering XP orbs in large quantities.
  • Explore mountainous biomes to find commonly occurring minerals such as Iron and Coal.
  • In Minecraft, utilizing the Mending enchantment on a shield offers a distinctive advantage by enhancing its durability to the utmost level. Unlike Unbreaking, this enchantment possesses the remarkable ability to infinitely repair itself, rendering it impervious to any limitations. Consequently, the necessity to frequently return to an Anvil or grindstone for tool and weapon repairs becomes obsolete. Consequently, as you persistently employ your shield while gathering XP orbs, its durability shall forever remain intact, eliminating any possibility of it succumbing to wear and tear.

    When exploring the enchanting world of Minecraft, it becomes evident that Mending and Infinity do not see eye to eye. Nevertheless, this minor inconvenience quickly dissipates when your focus shifts towards imbuing a shield with the Mending enchantment, as Infinity exclusively caters to bows.

    The Infinity Enchantment in Minecraft
    The Infinity Enchantment found in a Desert Temple (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

    2. Unbreaking

  • Maximum Level: 3.
  • Cost of enchantment: 3.
  • The Unbreaking enchantment elevates the longevity of an item while bestowing it with remarkable durability and an exceptional resistance against shattering. Regarding its compatibility, this enchantment seamlessly harmonizes with any other shield enchantment within the realms of Minecraft. Moreover, it can be effortlessly applied to an array of weapons, including axe enchantments, sword enchantments, and even farming tools.

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    Unbreaking on different enchantable items in Minecraft
    Unbreaking III on a Shield, Diamond Sword, and Shears (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

    The Unbreaking enchantment book can be acquired through various means, such as engaging in trades with librarian villagers or exploring dungeon chests. Alternatively, one can try their luck by fishing or utilizing an enchantment table to obtain this enchantment. It is worth noting that the presence of a greater number of bookshelves surrounding the enchantment table will yield a more powerful Unbreaking enchantment. Similarly, when it comes to fishing, equipping a fishing rod with the Luck of the Sea enchantment increases the likelihood of obtaining a high-level Unbreaking enchantment.

    It’s important to mention that this enchantment is incredibly popular across all versions of Minecraft (Java, Bedrock, Legacy, Education). Therefore, it’s highly likely that it will be the initial enchantment you choose for your shield. Considering that Mending is an enchantment best suited for advanced stages of the game, Unbreaking serves as a great substitute. When combined with Mending, the shield becomes incredibly durable, making it nearly indestructible.

    shield with unbreaking and mending in Minecraft
    A Shield with both Mending and Unbreaking III Enchantments (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

    The evolution of Unbreaking’s levels follows a straightforward path, wherein each enchantment with a higher level grants an additional +100% durability. Take, for instance, enchanting a shield with Unbreaking I, resulting in a bonus of +100% durability, while enchanting it with Unbreaking II elevates the durability by +200%. This unwavering advancement motivates players to persistently seek out Unbreaking enchantments of higher levels.

    3. Curse Of Vanishing

  • Maximum Level: 1.
  • Cost of enchantment: 3.
  • In the world of Minecraft, there exists a final enchantment for your shield, one that is met with caution. Known as the Curse of Vanishing, this enchantment possesses the power to eradicate your shield from existence upon your demise and rebirth. Unlike ordinary objects, should this treasure enchantment grace your shield, retrieval becomes an impossibility. Furthermore, the curse clings to the shield with an unwavering permanence, defying any attempt at removal by conventional means.

    Curse of Vanishing remains intact even after trying to disenchant it (Image Credits: eXputer)

    It is crucial to remember that this enchantment exclusively causes your shield to disappear if you have it in your inventory or hands at the exact moment of your demise in Minecraft. Hence, if you deliberately drop it or store it in a chest, the Curse of Vanishing becomes ineffective. Nevertheless, an alternative method to transport your cursed possessions safely without the fear of vanishing is by placing them inside a shulker box and carrying it along.

    The elusive Curse of Vanishing’s enchantment book can often be stumbled upon within the depths of jungle temples, hidden among the spoils of a raid, or even caught while casting a line in the waters of Minecraft. There is even a chance that this curse may already be affixed to an item you unearth, allowing you to immediately gauge its diminished powers. Remarkably, this curse harmoniously coexists with any other enchantments and can be bestowed upon any enchantable object in the vast realm of Minecraft.

    curse of vanishing's enchanted book in Minecraft
    The Curse of Vanishing Enchanted Book (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

    Witness the malevolent power of the Curse of Vanishing, an enchantment that wields the ability to banish your shield from existence in an instant. Cunning players often employ this enchantment to play mischievous pranks on unsuspecting victims, causing their cherished possessions to vanish into thin air upon their demise. Beware, for in the realm of Minecraft, possessing a shield adorned with this treacherous enchantment is a futile endeavor, as it is destined to meet an untimely demise, leaving no trace behind.

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    Enchanting Shields With Enchantment Books

    Once you possess a mystical tome to bestow upon your shield, the initial requirement is an Anvil. To forge this Anvil, three Iron Blocks and four Iron Ingots are essential, which must be carefully arranged upon a crafting table. The Iron Ores, abundant within the mountainous biomes, can be extracted and smelted within a furnace, thus transforming them into the coveted Iron Ingots. Subsequently, employing the crafting table, eight Iron Ingots can be seamlessly united to form an impeccable Iron Block.

    Making an Anvil in Minecraft
    Recipe for crafting an Anvil (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

    After crafting the Anvil, position it on the surface and engage with it to unveil its menu. Proceed to situate the shield within the left designated slot and the bewitched book within the right assigned slot. Bestow a unique epithet upon your newly transformed shield, and behold the culmination – an ensorcelled shield – materialize on the right side, accompanied by the requisite cost of Enchantment for the entire endeavor. Additionally, the Anvil offers the possibility of merging two Enchanted Books into a solitary tome, amalgamating the enchantments contained within both books.

    Enchanting a Shield in Minecraft
    Enchanting and Renaming a Shield (Screenshot by eXputer)

    The XP levels required for an enchantment are known as the Enchantment cost. In case you lack the necessary levels, the ‘Enchantment Cost’ will be highlighted in red. Moreover, if the enchantment is incompatible, a red cross will be displayed on the arrow in the menu.

    Red Cross on Enchantment and Red Enchantment Cost when enchanting
    Red Enchantment cost vs Red Cross during enchantment (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

    Disenchanting A Shield Or Enchanted Book

    Alongside the mesmerizing artifacts, one can also eliminate enchantments, except for curses, to acquire experience points. To accomplish this, the primary tool required is a Grindstone, which can be crafted using 1 Stone Slab, 2 Sticks, and 2 Planks. There is also a good possibility of stumbling upon one within the dwelling of a blacksmith villager, allowing you to seize it by utilizing your pickaxe and incorporating it into your inventory.

    Making a Grindstone in Minecraft
    Exact recipe to craft a Grindstone (Image Credits: eXputer)

    After acquiring a Grindstone, simply position it on the earth’s surface and access its menu to discover 2 interactive input slots. Proceed to insert an enchanted shield or book into one of these slots, and witness the grindstone effortlessly stripping away all of its enchantments.

    Disenchanting a Shield in Minecraft
    Disenchanting a Shield (Image by eXputer)

    Unleashing the mystique of an object grants you precious XP that can be harnessed upon the Anvil to craft captivating enchantments. The magnitude of the enchantment determines the abundance of XP bestowed. Moreover, the utilization of a grindstone facilitates the restoration of a shield or various implements of war.


    We conclude our comprehensive guide on the finest shield enchantments available in Minecraft Java, Bedrock, Legacy, and Education editions. After acquiring these enchantments, why not delve into our collection of the Top 70 Best Minecraft House Ideas and find an exquisite spot to display your shield? For those seeking further enchanting knowledge, explore our guide on Minecraft’s Fortune Enchantment. Additionally, expand your understanding of the game by discovering How to Reset or Reload Chunks in Minecraft.

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