Can I play Diablo Immortal on my iPhone or iPad?

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Finally, the long-awaited arrival of Diablo Immortal has graced us, unleashing an unprecedented magnitude of demon-decimating might into the palm of our hands. The burning inquiry remains: how will the colossal tapestry of celestial conflict between righteousness and malevolence translate into the compact realm of iPhone or iPad gaming?

As a dedicated enthusiast of both Diablo and mobile gaming, I possess a well-founded knowledge to provide you with an innovative evaluation regarding the advantages and disadvantages of Diablo Immortal on iOS. By experimenting with the game on distinct hardware platforms, I’ve explored the realm of touch inputs as well as the utilization of a controller. Here’s the intriguing outcome of my exploration.

What you need to know about playing Diablo Immortal on iOS

The eligibility criteria for indulging in Diablo Immortal on an iOS device are remarkably flexible. In all likelihood, if you possess a functioning Apple contraption, chances are quite favorable that you can partake in the game. All you need is to have iOS 11 or a more advanced version, even though it has been around for quite a few years. As far as the hardware aspect is concerned, the iPhone 6s is the oldest device compatible with the game.

In order to indulge in the Diablo Immortal on iOS, you must meet the fundamental prerequisites. However, there exist a handful of other aspects that might influence your gameplay. Initially, you will be required to allocate 3.3GB of memory space for the initial installation, followed by an additional 9.5GB for a subsequent patch. This is indeed a substantial undertaking, especially for avid mobile gamers.

When it comes to Diablo Immortal, one thing you need to consider is the impact it can have on your device’s battery life. Just like any other game, heavy-duty apps like DI tend to drain the battery faster compared to lighter ones. The extent of this impact will vary depending on the age of your device, but it’s certainly a factor to be mindful of during gameplay. As you delve deeper into the game, you’ll start to gauge how much time you have left before your battery runs out, or whether it’s best to keep your charger handy while playing.

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The bold and the beautiful elements of Diablo Immortal

Allow me to introduce the iPad journey. I embarked on a mesmerizing adventure with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro infused with the mighty M1 chip. This remarkable creation from Apple is a true marvel, boasting seamless elegance. It proved to be the ultimate gateway into the immersive realm of Diablo Immortal. The device’s performance remained steadfastly exceptional, effortlessly handling the dazzling graphics and intricate details at maximum settings. The expansive screen provided a harmonious arrangement for all the interface elements, ensuring effortless accessibility at every turn.

I was genuinely taken aback by the remarkable performance of the touch controls, even on a device of such substantial size. I had anticipated that my wrists or hands would tire easily from supporting the expansive screen, but I effortlessly engaged in a 20-minute session without any problem. While joystick player controls are not my preferred input system for mobile gaming (as I predominantly prefer tap-to-move), the fact that the actual wheel adjusts to the position of my thumb on the screen significantly enhances the comfort of the system.

Blizzard has truly delivered on their promise with this title, offering a complete Diablo experience that can be enjoyed on mobile devices. The game captures the essence of Diablo perfectly, giving players the exact look and feel they desire.

The old and the not-as-beautiful elements of Diablo Immortal

When exploring Diablo Immortal on older hardware, the story takes on a whole new dynamic. As an iPhone 8 user, I found the gameplay to be quite challenging at times. It was during my first encounter with multiple players amidst a swarm of enemies in Ashwold that the game performance took a nosedive, running at a mere 5 frames per second. Although reducing the graphics settings helped alleviate the issue to some extent, there were still occasional moments of lag even in less crowded areas. Personally, I don’t prioritize having the highest resolution or the most intricate shadows and environment details, but I am aware that some players might not be willing to make that trade-off. Finding the right balance between visual appeal and performance is a journey each individual must embark on when using older Apple devices.

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The iPhone 8 presented yet another obstacle with its compact screen, inducing a sense of confinement. Although the dainty 4.7-inch display typically suffices for my gaming encounters, Diablo Immortal inundates users with an abundance of menus, icons, and the game interface itself. Personally, I usually relish a more minimalist onscreen button layout, yet I comprehend the rationale behind its incompatibility with this particular series. Thus, personal preference significantly influences the overall quality of one’s experience.

Remember, the iPhone 8 is nearing the end of its lifespan; Apple doesn’t anticipate providing support for it beyond another year or so. For those of us who, like myself, prefer to wait until our phones completely cease to operate before upgrading, there will likely be some challenges with the overall experience. To put things into perspective, my spouse has been enjoying the remarkable features of an iPhone 13 Pro, which surpasses my humble device in terms of specifications, visuals, and performance.

Peripheral power will improve gamplay

Let’s delve into the realm of controllers now. I successfully connected a PlayStation 5 controller to my trusty iPad, and boy, was it a delightful gaming experience! However, to my surprise, the button prompts that appeared on the screen were tailored for an Xbox, not a PlayStation device. Strange, considering that when using PlayStation controllers on a PC, the correct prompts always show up. Nonetheless, this was a mere quirk in the display, as all the controller functions flawlessly complemented my every move in the heat of battle.

Amongst the array of peculiar occurrences, a couple of standout moments caught my attention. The cursor’s unpredictable behavior proved to be a persistent annoyance, forcing me to resort to incessant tapping whenever I navigated through menus. This inconvenience would surely escalate if one intended to project the game onto a television or place it on a distant surface. Furthermore, it became apparent that propping up an iPhone might present certain difficulties, while iPads boasted specialized stands tailored precisely for such scenarios.

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Touch controls are undoubtedly my preference, however, for avid Diablo enthusiasts who vouch for the controller, a remarkable mobile experience awaits once a sturdy physical arrangement is established.

Play however feels right

When it boils down to the numerous inquiries surrounding gaming hardware, the extent of your enjoyment with the Diablo Immortal encounter on iOS may differ. Individuals who already derive pleasure from a selection of mobile games will likely relish the opportunity to go on a rampage in Diablo Immortal, provided they possess a phone that is not as ancient as Deckard Cain. If this is your initial foray into the realm of mobile gaming, the more modern, substantial, and expansive your device, the smoother your experience will be. Lastly, listen to your instincts when deciding whether to utilize a controller. Enjoy the exhilarating pursuit!

Originally released on October 29th, 2019, and refreshed on June 20th, 2021.

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