Crafting a Shovel in Minecraft tutorial

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Although not immediately essential, the shovel proves to be an invaluable asset when it comes to shaping land for your diverse projects. As you delve into the earth, you’re bound to encounter gravel and dirt that can be swiftly managed with the aid of this versatile tool. For those eager to craft their own, we’re providing a comprehensive, step-by-step guide in this tutorial.

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Crafting a Shovel in Minecraft is a fairly simple process. All that is required is a bit of wood gathering, followed by crafting planks and sticks. Once these materials are obtained, they can be combined to create a functional shovel. Detailed steps for this process are outlined below.

  • Gather Logs

    If you’ve already gotten yourself an Axe, then you can chop down some trees and skip some of these steps. However, if you’re just starting out, then it’s time to punch! Find just about any tree that is nearby and gather some logs from it by punching or chopping.Tree trunk example

  • Make Wood Planks

    Open up your inventory and place the wood logs into the crafting area. Each log will create four planks, and we’ll need seven in total if you don’t have a Crafting Table already.Creating wood planks example

  • Make a Crafting Table

    Take four of your planks and fill up the crafting space in your inventory. This will give us a Crafting Table!Crafting recipe for crafting table

  • Make Sticks

    Now we’re going to two sticks. Place two wood planks into your Crafting Table or crafting area in your inventory. Stack the planks on top of each other to get four sticks!Crafting recipe for sticks

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  • Create the Shovel

    We have all the ingredients we need, so we just need to put it all together. If you haven’t already, place your Crafting Table on the ground somewhere (you can pick it up again by punching or hitting it with a tool). Open it up and place two sticks starting at the bottom up the middle. Then take one of the wood planks and place it at the top middle!Crafting recipe for a shovel

  • Want to craft a basic wooden shovel? Here’s what you need to know: first, grab a Pickaxe and collect some cobblestone. Upgrading to a stone shovel will give you more durability and speed. But don’t stop there! As you progress through the game, you can create an iron, gold, diamond, or even netherite shovel. The possibilities are endless!

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