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In the realm of Diablo III, an array of 23 legendary gems awaits, each possessing unique strengths and vulnerabilities. A grand majority of 22 of these precious gems can be procured as a well-deserved prize, bestowed upon the valiant conqueror who vanquishes the formidable Rift Guardian within the Greater Rifts. These extraordinary gems wield extraordinary powers, ranging from augmenting your destructive prowess, bestowing colossal shields upon you, to magnificently fortifying the very essence of your character’s vitality.

GR tier compared to Gem’s rank Chance of upgrading
+10 or higher 100%
+9 90%
+8 80%
+7 70%
+6 – +0 60%
-1 30%
-2 15%
-3 8%
-4 4%
-5 2%
-5 to -15 1%
-16 or lower 0%

Upon successfully finishing a Greater Rift within the designated 15-minute timeframe, a delightful encounter with Urshi awaits, granting you the opportunity to enhance your Legendary Gems. Through this interaction, your Gems are imbued with newfound power, elevating their capabilities beyond measure. The likelihood of a successful upgrade hinges upon the tier of the Greater Rift, intricately tied to the rank of the Gem. Initially, you are bestowed with three base upgrade attempts. However, should you emerge unscathed throughout the entirety of the rift, a fourth attempt is generously granted. Additionally, the option to further empower the Greater Rift with Gold presents an alluring possibility for an extra upgrade attempt. These upgrade opportunities extend to any Gem currently in your possession, whether residing upon your character or within your shared stash.

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At rank 25, every fabled Gem reveals both a primary and secondary impact. Should you lack any of these treasured Gems, rest assured that the Rift Guardian will bestow upon you the missing one. Interestingly, the initial Gem bestowed through this method is invariably Bane of the Powerful, while Legacy of Dreams, with its remarkable drop rate, tends to appear shortly thereafter. On the contrary, the sequence in which you stumble upon the remaining Gems is entirely unpredictable.

Input: Followers typically don’t reap the rewards of Legendary Gems (excluding Esoteric Alteration & Mutilation Guard); however, they can still be empowered by upgrading them at Urshi while equipped.

Each gear piece can be enhanced, granting a +5 boost to the main stat for every level of the Legendary Gem. With a total of 13 gear pieces and the highest level of a Legendary Gem being 150, it is conceivable to accumulate a whopping 9,750 main stat! By augmenting a complete set of items, you can greatly increase your mainstat, resulting in a significant enhancement to both your DPS and toughness. The recommended approach for augmenting is to focus on leveling your Gems to a point where you can efficiently speedrun a Greater Rift tier in under 3 minutes, and then utilize them to augment your speedfarming gear. Eventually, you can level up a fresh set of Gems and collaborate with a 4-Player group to tackle higher tiers beyond speedfarming. These high-ranking Gems will then be employed on your pushing gear.

Embark on a swift journey through the seasons by enhancing Ancient items right from the start, thus bestowing upon yourself a magnificent surge in both power and endurance, especially during the initial stages of your Paragon Levels. Attain a level of augmentation that ensures a near-perfect success rate, thereby safeguarding your precious gem-ups from going to waste. Consider, for instance, if your comrades are engaged in swift 110s, aim to enhance your augments to approximately level 105.

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Unleash the arcane power of Season 25 by harnessing Soul Shards to enhance your items, transcending the need for Legendary Gems. Dive into our comprehensive Soul Shards guide and unveil the secrets to skillfully wield them for optimal Augment utilization.

Gem “Printing”

Should you find yourself in need of additional Legendary Gems to enhance your prowess, a clever stratagem awaits. Simply divest yourself of all the Gems bearing the identical name from your Equipment, Inventory, and Stash, thereby coaxing the Rift Guardian within any Greater Rift to relinquish a pristine Rank 0 Gem. For utmost caution, consider safeguarding these Gems by entrusting them to the care of a separate character’s Inventory.

However, if you dare to embrace disconnection, you have the option to simply release them onto the earth’s surface or temporarily trade them with Vendors. Ensure you retrieve them later or repurchase them once you sense you have accumulated sufficient wealth, lest you deeply regret it!

Bane of the Powerful

Bane of the Stricken

Bane of the Trapped

Boon of the Hoarder

Boyarsky’s Chip


Esoteric Alteration

Gem of Ease

Gem of Efficacious Toxin

Gogok of Swiftness


Invigorating Gemstone

Legacy of Dreams

Mirinae, Teardrop of the Starweaver

Molten Wildebeest’s Gizzard


Mutilation Guard

Pain Enhancer

Red Soul Shard

Simplicity’s Strength


Wreath of Lightning

Zei’s Stone of Vengeance

Delve into the vast realm of Diablo and explore the myriad of captivating Gems awaiting your selection. Uncover hidden treasures that may have been overlooked, yearning for a rejuvenating transformation or a potency boost to reclaim their utility and reignite the flames of excitement! Embark on this adventure with Wudijo’s invaluable recommendations and indulge in the bliss of rediscovering their true potential. Let the enchantment begin!

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