Diablo 4 – All Dungeon Locations And Aspects Guide

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Brace yourself for a staggering abundance of 100 captivating dungeons awaiting your exploration in the realm of Diablo 4. Each of these hidden realms holds a coveted Legendary Aspect, tailor-made for the skilled wielders of specific classes. To aid you in your quest, we present our comprehensive guide unveiling the precise whereabouts of every awe-inspiring dungeon within Diablo 4. However, it is worth noting that this exhaustive list captures the current roster of dungeons, as the future may hold further mysteries yet to be discovered.

Diablo 4 dungeons guide

Input: Before delving into the depths of Diablo 4’s dungeons, let us embark on a journey to discover the intricacies of exploration and the bountiful rewards that await. Primarily, the hallowed pages of the Codex of Power unveil the mythical Legendary Aspects, bestowed upon those who conquer each dungeon for the first time. These coveted treasures can be tailored to a specific class or bestowed upon all, transcending boundaries and embodying the essence of greatness.

Please be aware that dungeons are not the sole source of Diablo 4 Legendary Aspects. Some can also be obtained by extracting them as affixes from items. For detailed information, refer to our guide on Legendary Aspects/Codex of Power mechanics.

Similarly, the majority of dungeons are visible on the overworld map. As you advance in the campaign and explore the vast world, you will encounter fresh destinations. Unveiling these smaller areas will also unveil the dungeons hidden within. Nevertheless, there are a handful of exceptions, specifically those that emerge only after conquering a Stronghold. Furthermore, while the overworld map remains constant, the interiors of Diablo 4 dungeons are dynamically generated, offering players slightly varied layouts.

Fractured Peaks Dungeons

Fractured Peaks dungeons map
Fractured Peaks dungeons map

Kyovashad: Capstone Dungeon

  • The Luminous Sanctuary – A mystical dungeon reserved for the valiant warriors who have triumphed over the campaign’s challenges and reached level 50. Upon conquering it at World Tier 2, you shall transcend to the esteemed World Tier 3, unveiling a realm of even greater perils and rewards.
  • Stronghold: Nostrava

  • Input: Cultist Sanctuary: Blazebringer’s Manifestation (Sorcerer) – Encountering your Firewall bestows a fiery swiftness, increasing movement speed by 15% for a brief span of four seconds.
  • Stronghold: Malnok

  • Anica’s Assertion: Stormclaw’s Essence (Druid) – When Shred inflicts critical hits, it releases a surge of electric energy, dealing an additional 20% damage in lightning form to the primary target and nearby foes.
  • Input: Rimescar Cavern: Plunge into the Abyss (Necromancer) – The Bone Prison conjures a swirling vortex of malevolent Blight, amplifying its destructive power by an additional 50% for a duration of six seconds.
  • Desolate Highlands

  • Input: The Tainted Tomb: Tempered Fury (Barbarian) – Upon exchanging weapons six times, you will be bestowed with X Fortify.
  • Input: Tormented Ruins: Aspect of the Insatiable (Druid) – Upon vanquishing a foe with Shred, the subsequent employment of your Werewolf ability manifests a surplus of 20% spirit and inflicts a heightened 20% damage.
  • Input: Forgotten Chronicles: Guardian’s Essence (Universal) – Striking down a formidable adversary bestows upon you a Shield that shelters you from X harm, enduring for a fleeting span of 10 seconds; only achievable once within every half minute.
  • The Pallid Glade

  • Input: The Abandoned Cabin: Essence of Fiery Energy (Rogue) – Traps and Grenades are intertwined in their power; upon setting a Trap or releasing a Grenade, experience a surge of swiftness for a fleeting three seconds.
  • Introducing Nostrava Deepwood: The Aspect of Flesh-Rending (Necromancer) – Reap an additional 10 essence once Decompose has brought forth a lifeless body.
  • Caldera Gate: Elusive Essence (General) – Sustaining harm amidst crowd manipulation bestows invincibility for a brief span of four seconds; with a cooldown of 40 seconds.
  • Sarkova Pass

  • Mercy’s Grasp: Aspect of the Blood Seeker (Necromancer) – With each additional enemy pierced by Blood Lance, the damage inflicted upon its initial target surges by an astounding x15%.
  • Forbidden City: Nighthowler’s Aspect (Druid) empowers you with an enchanting aura. By invoking the Blood Howl, you gain a remarkable 5% increase in critical chance. The mystical energy of this ability also extends its influence to your nearby allies and fellow players, enveloping them in its captivating essence for a fleeting but impactful duration of three seconds.
  • Input: The Kor Dragan Barracks houses the Aspect of Anemia, a formidable Barbarian who possesses the skill called Lucky Hit. When this skill is used, there is a 20% probability that direct damage inflicted on bleeding adversaries will result in a stunning effect lasting for a duration of two seconds.
  • Dobrev Taiga

  • Input: Light’s Watch: Conflagration’s Aspect (Sorcerer) – Amplify burning damage by 20% during the process of channeling Incinerate.
  • Maulwood: The Lethargic Facade (Savage) – Serendipitous Strike; A heightened 30% probability of acquiring 20 fury upon Rend inflicting direct harm to a minimum of one hemorrhaging adversary.
  • Gale Valley

  • Input: Dead Man’s Dredge: Frostbite Frenzy (Sorcerer) – Frigid Fragments penetrate thrice, inflicting 25% reduced damage with each successive strike on foes.
  • Frigid Expanse

  • Rewritten Eternal Manifestation: Twisted Facet (Druid) – Experience a 20% increase in the likelihood of acquiring an additional spirit upon being struck in Werebear form.
  • Sacred Crypt: Essence of Unyielding Wrath (Barbarian) – Slaying a foe using a fundamental ability grants back 10% of its initial expenditure; limited to a single occurrence per skill deployment.
  • Input: Black Asylum: Torment’s Essence (Necromancer) – Experience a surge of energy regeneration, increasing by 20%, lasting for four seconds upon successfully executing a critical strike with any Bone skill.
  • Input: Forsaken Quarry: Aspect of the Whirling Blades (Rogue) – Boosts Flurry damage by 8%; Unleashes a devastating swirling attack, damaging enemies in a mesmerizing circular motion.
  • Seat of the Heavens

  • Rewrite: Frostfall’s End: Crimson-Tinged Visage (Necromancer) – The resounding reverberations of Blood Surge’s surge of vitality manifest in an ethereal cascade, inflicting a diminished blow of 70% intensity.
  • Rewritten Zenith: Rejuvenating Essence (Sorcerer) – Gain an additional 4 mana whenever Chain Lightning ricochets from your being.
  • Input: Sanguine Sanctuary: Invigorating Essence (Rogue) – Gain an additional 3 units of energy upon striking an elite adversary with a fundamental ability.
  • Kor Valar

  • Rogue’s Kor Valar Ramparts: Blast-Trapper’s Aspect, known as Lucky Hit, possesses the ability to inflict direct damage on adversaries who have fallen victim to Trap skills, potentially rendering them vulnerable with a 30% probability.
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    Scosglen Dungeons

    Scosglen dungeons map
    Scosglen dungeons map

    Stronghold: Moordaine Lodge

  • Introducing Ferals’ Den: Quicksand Manifestation (Druid) – The earth’s power decelerates adversaries struck by 25% for an entire five seconds.
  • Twisted Hollow: Shadowslicer Aspect (Rogue) – Unleash the power of the Shadowslicer! As you gracefully cast Dash, a mysterious Shadow Clone emerges, mirroring your every move. Together, you and your ethereal doppelgänger dash forward, unleashing a devastating strike that inflicts 25% of the original damage. Prepare to leave your foes bewildered and your enemies sliced by the shadows.
  • Stronghold: Tur Dulra

  • Rooted Essence: Anticipatory Facet (Universal) – Unleashing your fundamental prowess upon foes amplifies the potency of your pivotal ability by 5%, reaching a crescendo of 30%.
  • Wretched Delve: Static Cling’s Aspect (Sorcerer) – Enemies may now find themselves irresistibly drawn to Charged Bolts, with a 15% chance; Prepare for an extended spectacle as Charged Bolts now linger an astounding 300% longer.
  • Stronghold: Hope’s Light

  • Rewritten Immersed Abyss: Enigma of the Empowering Harbinger (Necromancer) – Each precise strike of Sever holds a mystical 10% probability of summoning a malevolent Blight pool, inflicting 20% additional devastation; this extraordinary occurrence is limited to once every three seconds.
  • Northshore

  • Calibel’s Mine: Relentless Armsmaster (Barbarian) brings forth the Aspect of Unyielding Might, enhancing fury generation by 20% when the Walking Arsenal passive grants its full damage bonuses.
  • Input: Sunken Ruins: Ancestral Force’s Aspect (Barbarian) – The formidable Hammer of the Ancients trembles relentlessly, unleashing a portion of its destructive might upon foes.
  • Rewritten Roaring Warren: Essence of Storming Arrows (Rogue) – Fortunate Strike; your Sniper abilities hold a potential of 10% to conjure a tempest of arrows at the designated spot, inflicting X harm over a span of three seconds; you can manifest a maximum of five concurrent Arrow Storms.
  • Wailing Hills

  • Welcome to the Vault of the Forsaken: Requiem Aspect, where the Necromancer reigns supreme! Experience the thrilling power of commanding an army of minions as you witness the astonishing ability to increase your maximum essence by a staggering +3 for every active minion in your control. Unleash your dark forces and let your essence flow abundantly in this mystical realm.
  • Rewrite: Cairn of Remorse: Mortal Yearning Aspect (Barbarian) – Acquire X Thorns during the state of Berserking.
  • Embrace the Serenity of Raethwind Wilds: Essence of Tranquility (General) – Unleash 5% amplified power with every passing second of stillness; reaching a maximum of 30%.
  • Strand

  • The Domhainne Tunnels: Efficiency’s Essence (Sorcerer) – When unleashing a fundamental ability, the expenditure of your subsequent essential skill is decreased by 10%.
  • Luban’s Haven: Trickster’s Facet (Rogue) – Absorb 15% diminished harm from adversaries under crowd control; experience a surge of +15% swiftness for a brief duration when a crowd-controlled adversary inflicts direct harm.
  • Garan Hold: Manifestation of the Fierce Cyclone (Barbarian) – Gains a 5% increase in the probability of critically striking with Whirlwind for every second of continuous channeling, reaching a maximum of 20%.
  • Mariner’s Haven: Electrified Essence (Druid) – Fortuitous Strike; a potential surge of power awaits, granting a 10% probability to overwhelm the adversary with electrical energy for a brief three-second duration. Additionally, your attacks possess the remarkable ability to reverberate, striking not only your intended target but also nearby foes.
  • The Shrouded Moors

  • Aldurwood: Resurrection’s Essence (Necromancer) – Your skeletal companions thrive with enhanced potency, their destructive force escalating as time passes, reaching a formidable 20% surge after a mere 10 seconds.
  • Jalal’s Vigil: Bladedancer’s Aspect (Rogue) – Witness the mesmerizing dance of Twisting Blades as they gracefully twirl around you, inflicting 10% damage with each strike. As their journey continues, their power intensifies, reaching up to a staggering 20% based on the distance traveled.
  • The Downs

  • Sarat’s Hideout: Frost-Shrouded Essence (Spellcaster) – Conjure a glacial shield that renders you invincible for a fleeting two seconds.
  • Oldstones: Edgemaster’s Aspect (General) – Unleash the power within! Skills become amplified, inflicting up to 10% additional havoc depending on the abundant well of your primary resource. The true pinnacle is reached when your primary resource overflows, granting the full 10% surge of devastation.
  • Highland Wilds

  • Rewritten Maddux Timepiece: Electric Impulse (Enchanter) – Gain an exhilarating 10% surge in velocity lasting four seconds upon capturing the electrifying essence of Crackling Energy.
  • The Hive: Swelling Curse’s Facet (Necromancer) empowers Bone Spirit to inflict amplified damage, scaling up to 15% as it journeys through greater distances.
  • Input: Whispering Pines: Ballistic Aspect (Druid) – Fortify empowers earth skills, granting them an additional +2 ranks.
  • The Emerald Chase

  • Input: Stockades: Crashstone Aspect (Druid) – Earth abilities inflict an additional 40% damage to foes under crowd control.
  • Westering Lowlands

  • Shattered Fortress: Phantom Stride (Universal) – As an unstoppable force, experience a surge of +10% swiftness and the extraordinary power to effortlessly glide amidst foes for a duration of four seconds.
  • Rewrite: Wake of the Demon: Enigma of Mysterious Betrayal (Rogue) – Unleashing an agile skill upon a bewildered foe bestows the gift of Stealth for a fleeting four seconds; shattering the cloak with a swift strike grants a remarkable 15% reduction in the duration of control impairment for an equal period.
  • Dry Steppes Dungeons

    Dry Steppes dungeons map
    Dry Steppes dungeons map

    Stronghold: The Ruins of Qara-Yisu

  • City in Transition: Voracious Facet (Rogue) – A surge of 50% energy revival ensues for a brief period of four seconds upon successfully vanquishing a defenseless adversary.
  • Rewritten Ghostly Exploration: Enchanter’s Essence (Warlock) – Foundational or expert abilities performed with over 100 mana possess a 20% possibility of conducting a critical strike.
  • Stronghold: The Onyx Watchtower

  • The Storm Swell Aspect of the Onyx Hold (Sorcerer) grants a thrilling +11% boost in damage against vulnerable foes as long as you possess a formidable Barrier.
  • Kotama Grasslands

  • Input: Seaside Descent: Aspect of Retaliation (Druid) – Strengthen your core skills and unleash a surge of power, amplifying their damage by up to 20% depending on the strength of your Fortify.
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    Tuusma Rift

  • Input: Dark Ravine: Essence of Power (General) – Unleashing elementary abilities bestows a 20% shield against harm, lasting a mere couple of seconds.
  • Khargai Crags

  • Input: Path of the Blind: Bursting Bones Aspect (Necromancer) – Upon the destruction or expiration of a section of Bone Prison, it unleashes a devastating burst of X damage that engulfs the surrounding area.
  • Mournfield: Wild Fury Unleashed (Barbarian) – Unleash your inner berserker and witness the chaos unfold. With each strike that lands, unleash 20% of the original damage as a relentless torrent of bleeding wounds, inflicting pain for a span of five seconds.
  • Input: Smiling Maze: Reflection of the Serene Gust (Druid) – Fortunate Strike; Zephyr Slice possesses a potential of 5% to rejuvenate your essence.
  • Chambatar Ridge

  • Vault of Whispers: Unleashed Imbuements (Rogue) – Unleash the essence of Imbuement with a whisper, causing a dazzling explosion that engulfs your surroundings. Experience the potent effects of Imbuement and witness the X damage it inflicts upon the vicinity.
  • Dindai Flats

  • Frozen Abyss: Frostbite Essence (Sorcerer) – Should you encase a foe in ice, a mere 25% possibility ensues wherein they succumb to vulnerability for a fleeting three seconds.
  • The Scarred Coast

  • Input: Carrion Fields: The Iron Warrior’s Aspect (Barbarian) – Unstoppable Iron Skin bestows invincibility and a 10% decrease in damage received.
  • Input: Komdor Temple: Bounding Conduit’s Aspect (Sorcerer) – Unleash the power of teleportation, granting a majestic 20% increase in movement speed for a fleeting three seconds.
  • Untamed Scarps

  • Input: Blood-drenched Crag: Shepherd’s Nature (Druid) – Core abilities inflict an additional 6% damage for each loyal companion present.
  • Sealed Archives: Mending Stone’s Aspect (Druid) – Enhances Earthen Bulwark’s duration by +6 seconds; vanquishing foes with an Earth ability rejuvenates a certain measure of your Earthen Bulwark’s Barrier potency.
  • Introducing Charnel House: Eternal Stampede (Barbarian) – Unleashing the power of Kick or Ground Stomp upon your foes will instantly rejuvenate your ability to Leap.
  • Input: Champion’s Demise: Umbral Aspect (General) – Gain +1 of your main resource upon successfully restraining an adversary.
  • Input: Ancient’s Lament: Volatile Shadows’ Aspect (Rogue) – Upon the impending removal of a Dark Shroud shadow, you set off an explosive burst emanating from your presence, inflicting X Shadow damage.
  • Jakha Basin

  • Input: Guulrahn Canals: Trickster’s Aspect (Rogue) – In addition to deploying Caltrops, you unleash a dazzling array of explosive Stun Grenades that inflict X amount of physical damage and temporarily immobilize foes for 0.5 seconds.
  • Input: Guulrahn Slums: Fragmenting Essence (Necromancer) – Unleashing Bone Spear’s initial strike renders subsequent foes defenseless for 1.5 seconds; Bone Shards propelled by Bone Spear inflict an additional 50% damage to defenseless adversaries and effortlessly pierce through them.
  • Rewritten Subterranean Chambers: Swift Facet (General) – Foundational abilities receive a 15% increase in attack speed.
  • The Accursed Wastes

  • Input: Betrayer’s Line: Potent Blood’s Facet (Necromancer) – When vitality brims, Blood Orbs bestow +10 essence.
  • Kehjistan Dungeons

    Kehjistan dungeons map
    Kehjistan dungeons map

    Stronghold: Altar of Ruin

  • Tomb of the Forsaken: Colossal Form (Necromancer) – There exists a mere 1% probability that your Golem shall diminish its current cooldown by a fleeting two seconds, while concurrently, there lies a 1% chance of its normal assault birthing a lifeless vessel upon striking an adversary.
  • Stronghold: Omath’s Redoubt

  • Input: Crumbling Hekma: Fragmentary Emanation (Sorcerer) – Thunderous Lance possesses a 11% probability of conjuring forth an extra Thunderous Lance upon invocation.
  • Amber Sands

  • Tomb of the Saints: Blaze of the Enchanters (Sorcerer) – Fortuitous Strike; Scorching flames possess a mere 5% possibility to replenish +10 mana.
  • The Submerged Archive: Mastery of Domination (Sorcerer) – Inflict an additional 30% harm upon foes who are immobilized, stunned, or frozen.
  • Shivta Ruins: Galeforce Aspect (Universal) – Unleashing devastating strikes bestows a fleeting swiftness, augmenting movement speed by 8% for a duration of six seconds.
  • Shattered Sanctuary: Cyclonic Essence (Druid) – Unleashing the mighty Cyclone Armor not only bestows resilience against physical harm but also extends its protective embrace to all comrades in close proximity.
  • Inferno: Wrathful Essence (Rogue) – Fortuitous Strike; when inflicting vulnerability upon a foe, there exists a 30% possibility to bestow a +3% augmentation in critical hit probability for a fleeting period of three seconds, reaching a maximum of 9%.
  • Scouring Sands

  • Sirocco Caverns: Echoing Fury’s Essence (Barbarian) – Unleash a deafening roar to fuel your fury, granting an additional +2 fury per second.
  • Forsaken Coal Mines: Vengeance’s Gaze (All-Purpose) – Foreign adversaries hold a mere 8% possibility of being immobilized for a brief span of two seconds upon striking you; unleash a devastating 20% amplified assault upon these immobilized foes.
  • Input: Hallowed Chambers: Defiance’s Essence (Universal) – Attain a fleeting surge of power, enhancing your armor by 0.25% for a brief span of four seconds upon inflicting any form of assault; capable of accumulating up to 25% amplification.
  • Vanishing Resonance: Skinwalker’s Essence (Druid) – Unfold a cascade of life force upon utilizing a transformative ability that alters your very being; should your vitality be brimming, be bestowed with the equal measure akin to being fortified.
  • Caldeum

  • Rewritten Yshari Sanctuary: Needleflare Aspect (General) – Bestows a 1 in 5 opportunity for Thorns damage to radiate towards every foe in your vicinity.
  • Crusaders’ Cathedral: Stormshifter’s Aspect (Druid) bestows upon you the power of the tempest. As the mighty Hurricane surges forth, your mastery over Shapeshifting skills soars, gaining an impressive boost of +2 ranks.
  • Caldeum’s Captivity: Rogue’s Cunning (Rogue) – Unleash a flurry of explosive Stun Grenades, inflicting X physical damage and stunning foes for 0.5 seconds upon emerging from Stealth.
  • Rebel’s Haven: Corruption’s Essence (Rogue) – The power of your Imbuement skills is amplified by 20% when used against susceptible foes.
  • Rewritten Desolate Passage: The Agonizing Facet (Necromancer) – Foes ensnared by Iron Maiden face a 15% possibility of being momentarily paralyzed for a single second upon inflicting direct harm.
  • Ragged Coastline

  • Rancid Reservoir: Manifestation of the Steadfast (Sorcerer) – There exists a minuscule 2% possibility that receiving direct harm will trigger a reset of the cooldown for your defensive abilities.
  • Forgotten Ruins: Iron Blood Aspect (Barbarian) – Obtain a 2% decrease in damage for every bleeding enemy in close proximity, with a maximum of 10%.
  • Uldur’s Cavern: Essence of the Cursed (Necromancer) – Inflict +30% amplified Shadow devastation upon foes plagued by Decrepify and Iron Maiden.
  • Input: Twisted Cavern: Grasp of Veiny Desires (Necromancer) – Unleash a surge of primal energy, granting a fleeting surge of +10% critical strike opportunity upon summoning the Corpse Tendrils; inflict a devastating +30% extra harm upon hapless foes entangled in the grip of the Corpse Tendrils.
  • Welcome to the Heretics Asylum, where the fierce Veteran Brawler’s Aspect awaits. Brace yourself, for with each strike of your core skills, your subsequent Charge or Leap will unleash a devastating +15% amplified impact. This extraordinary power can escalate up to a mind-boggling 225%, making you an unstoppable force to reckon with.
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    Southern Expanse

  • Input: Conclave: Essence of the Shapeshifter’s Obligation (Druid) – Unleashing the mighty force of a Werebear skill upon a poisoned foe not only inflicts 120% of the venomous harm but also promptly engulfs and exhausts the lingering effect.
  • Hakan’s Sanctuary: Unyielding Fury’s Essence (Barbarian) – Fortuitous Strike; unleashing a core skill upon an adversary carries a potential of 22% to prolong the time of Berserking by an additional second; this extension is amplified twofold when a critical strike is achieved with your core skill.
  • Hawezar Dungeons

    Hawezar dungeons map
    Hawezar dungeons map

    Stronghold: Eriman’s Pyre

  • Rewritten Oblivion: Misery’s Embrace (Rogue) – Fortunate Strike; upon striking a foe under crowd control, there exists a possibility of up to 30% for that restraining influence to extend to other unaffected adversaries.
  • Stronghold: Vyeresz

  • Rewritten Shaded Plunge: Essence of Diverging Hail (Rogue) – The arrows released by Barrage have a whimsical opportunity of 15% to multiply into two additional arrows upon ricocheting.
  • Dismal Foothills

  • Heathen’s Sanctuary: Essence of Numbing Fury (Barbarian) – Every surge of rage attained when fury is at its peak bestows +3 Strengthen.
  • Sanctuary of Illumination: Bul-Kathos’ Manifestation (Barbarian) – With a mighty bound, a seismic tremor is unleashed, inflicting X physical devastation for a duration of four heart-pounding seconds; within the quake’s domain, a formidable shield grants you a formidable +5% resistance against harm.
  • The Writhing Mire

  • Rewritten Frosty Crypt: Snowguard’s Manifestation (Enchanter)- When enveloped by your personal Snowstorm, incoming damage is reduced by 10%.
  • Umir Plateau

  • Faith’s Citadel: Deceptive Archer (Rogue) – Whenever Penetrating Shot strikes its target, a pair of supplementary arrows elegantly diverge in opposite directions, each carrying 10% of the original shot’s potency without further division.
  • The Forgotten Fortress: Essence of the Reflective Shield (General) – Whenever your Shield is activated, a mystical force grants you a 7% possibility of evading direct harm inflicted by far-off foes.
  • Endless Gates: Rampant Werebeast’s Facet (Druid) – Extend the duration of Ferocious Fury by X seconds; unleash devastating critical strikes during the active Ferocious Fury, amplifying your critical strike damage by 10% throughout the entire duration.
  • Earthly Affliction: Singed Limbs Manifestation (Sorcerer) – Following the cessation of immobilization, adversaries experience a deceleration of 25% lasting for a duration of four seconds.
  • Fethis Wetlands

  • Input: Blind Burrows: Tempest’s Visage (Druid) – The destructive power of Hurricane grows by 7% per second during its relentless rampage.
  • Maugan’s Creations: Earthstriker’s Essence (Savage) – Upon exchanging weapons a total of 10 times, your forthcoming strike shall possess an overwhelming force, inflicting 30% additional devastation.
  • Ruins of Rakhat Keep

  • Rewritten Fastblood Aspect of Iron Hold: Necromancer (Necromancer) – Your ultimate skill cooldown is reduced by 0.5 seconds with the power of Blood Orbs.
  • Blighted Aspect of Akkhan’s Grasp (Necromancer) empowers you to unleash amplified havoc, inflicting 50% additional damage for a duration of six seconds when the Shadowblight key passive strikes down foes on ten occasions.
  • Stalwart Barracks: Fierce Facet (Druid) – Acquire a 10% decrease in damage when transformed into a mighty Werewolf.
  • Toxic Fens

  • Input: Eridu’s Remains: The Sacrificial Essence (Necromancer) – Imbuing offerings with a 15% surge in bonuses.
  • The Devouring Abyss: Essence of Drained Nourishment (Rogue) – Fortuitous Strike; unleashing a core ability on a weakened foe may grant a Healing Elixir with a probability of up to 10%.
  • Ghoa Ruins: Veiled Essence (Rogue) – Embrace the whispers of the ancient ruins and be rewarded with a Dark Shroud shadow every passing three seconds while remaining motionless; these mystical shadows bestow upon you a formidable +2% amplification of damage reduction.
  • Blightmarsh

  • Witchwater: Prodigy’s Aspect (Sorcerer) – Replenishing 15 mana upon cooldown activation.
  • Serpent’s Den: Tri-Curse Aspect (Enchanter) – Meteor inflicts +33% amplified critical damage on robust adversaries.
  • Forsaken Coast

  • Rewritten Masked Sanctuary: Indomitable Commander’s Essence (Necromancer) – During the presence of Army of the Dead, your summoned creatures experience a surge of +70% attack speed while becoming exceptionally resilient with a staggering 90% reduction in damage received.
  • Rotspill Delta

  • Input: Haunted Haven: Brawler’s Essence (Barbarian) – Foes struck by a forceful Kick or Charge shall burst into a fiery explosion upon meeting their demise within a fleeting span of two seconds, inflicting X amount of damage upon neighboring adversaries.
  • Belfry Zakara: The Ursine Horror’s Aspect (Druid) – Unleashing the power of the Earth, Pulverize transforms into a mighty Earth skill. Once Pulverize is cast, the ground erupts with tectonic spikes that relentlessly inflict X damage for a duration of two seconds.
  • Input: Ancient Reservoir: Ancestral Echoes’ Essence (Barbarian) – Fortunate Blow; when inflicting harm upon foes using Leap, Upheaval, or Whirlwind, there exists a possibility of up to 40% to conjure an Ancient being to execute the identical technique; this occurrence is limited to once every five seconds.
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