Diablo 4 Battle Pass release date, price, and rewards explained

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What is the anticipated release date for the Diablo 4 Battle Pass? Season 1 of the Diablo 4 Battle Pass unveils an enticing in-game rewards mechanism coinciding with the inaugural season of D4. Our curiosity led us to explore a captivating Blizzard livestream, wherein a group of ingenious developers divulged exciting details about the forthcoming season 1’s offerings and its much-anticipated arrival.

Just like many other live-service games, Diablo 4 is embracing the trend of introducing a battle pass system. This system will offer a multitude of tiers, enticing cosmetics for all the Diablo 4 classes, options for paid progression, and so much more. If you’re curious about what the Diablo 4 battle pass has in store for season 1, we’ve got you covered. However, if you want a comprehensive understanding of the game’s quality, you may want to take a look at our Diablo 4 review before diving in.

Blizzard has made an official announcement that the highly anticipated release of the Diablo 4 Battle Pass is set for the grand finale of July, coinciding with the commencement of Season 1. Following this exciting launch, future seasons will grace us with their presence on a quarterly basis.

Explore our exclusive handbook on Diablo 4’s inaugural season for an immersive experience.

How much will the Diablo 4 Battle Pass cost?

Brace yourself for the Diablo 4 Battle pass, which boasts an enticing dual track system featuring an epic collection of 27 tiers on the free route and a staggering 63 tiers on the paid journey. Delve into the realms of excitement with the Premium Battle Pass, priced at a mere $10 (£8).

Within the Accelerated tier, players have the exciting opportunity to acquire tier skips for an extra fee. Priced at $25 (£21), this exclusive option not only unlocks a delightful cosmetic, but grants you the chance to swiftly progress. With each season lasting for three months, gamers can fully immerse themselves in the Battle Pass and strive for ultimate completion.

Diablo 4 Battle Pass rewards

Behold the treasures that await in the realm of Diablo 4’s battle pass, for the confirmed rewards are as follows:

  • Emblems.
  • Emotes.
  • Cosmetic items.
  • Titles.
  • Smoldering Ash.
  • In order to attain these desirable rewards, one must diligently accumulate Favor.

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    Unlocking the realms of Favor within Diablo 4 can be achieved by:

  • Completing quests.
  • Killing enemies.
  • Completing events.
  • Achieving goals aligned with the changing seasons.
  • The creative minds behind Diablo 4 are adamant about one thing – in this game, power cannot be bought. They emphasized this notion repeatedly during the live stream, delving into the intricate mechanics that safeguard against any attempts to advance characters through monetary means. Brace yourself for an immersive journey as players will need to invest approximately 80 hours to fully ascend the ranks of the Battle Pass.

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    The team went on to elucidate that they have devised two distinct tiers for the Battle Pass: a complimentary tier comprising of 27 tiers, and a deluxe Battle Pass comprising of 63 tiers. This adds up to a grand total of 90 tiers, and players will be given approximately three months to conquer the challenges of the Battle Pass. The progression system is artistically represented at the lowermost section of the accompanying image.

    Diablo 4 battle pass pricing, rewards, and more: An image showing how the battle pass will work in Diablo 4.

    All game owners are welcome to explore the realms of the free tier, where they can unlock enticing rewards upon reaching specific milestones. On the other hand, the paid tier offers an array of purely cosmetic delights, such as two complete armor sets, a majestic mount for each season, and even armor for your trusty steed. Interestingly, if you decide to embark on the Battle Pass journey later in the season, your progress towards the paid tier will be seamlessly applied retrospectively, allowing you to relish in all the previously earned rewards.

    Gamers will continue to enjoy the choice of purchasing Battle Pass tiers using an accelerated option. Their advancement in the battle pass will predominantly rely on generating Favor, earned through various in-game activities as part of the Season Journey. Aligned with the game’s seasonal offerings, the Season Journey aims to facilitate players in leveling up their battle passes, irrespective of their chosen free or paid track.

    Diablo 4 Battle Pass tier skips

    In order to thwart players from splurging on power, the team has unveiled an ingenious plan to introduce a captivating currency known as Smoldering Ash. This unique form of tender will grant access to purchasing Season Blessings, thereby expediting one’s journey through the seasons. However, it is important to note that Smoldering Ash cannot be carried over from one season to another, thus preventing players from amassing a stockpile to gain an unfair advantage in subsequent seasons.

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    The acquisition of Smoldering Ash is exclusively linked to genuine advancement within the game and is directly related to leveling. Thus, even if you choose to invest in Battle Pass rewards and reach a specific tier, your overall power level will not experience an automatic boost since you have not yet earned the necessary Smoldering Ash to enable proper leveling. Additionally, it is important to note that the seasonal Battle Pass is not a requirement for obtaining Blessings; instead, Smoldering Ash can only be earned through the complimentary tier. Consequently, the emphasis is placed on earning Favor in order to access those complimentary tiers, thereby reinforcing the fundamental principle that power cannot be purchased.

    Diablo 4 battle pass pricing, rewards, and more: A depiction of Seasonal Blessing offerings in Diablo 4.

    Smoldering Ash offers a variety of Season Blessings, including XP boosts for faster character leveling, Gold, and Obols. How players spend their Smouldering Ash is entirely up to them. They can activate multiple Blessings simultaneously and even upgrade the ones they have chosen. However, it’s important to note that the bonuses from Season Blessings are only valid until the end of the Season. This signifies the beginning of a new Battle Pass cycle each season.

    In a blog post that echoes the dev stream, it is emphasized that in order to obtain the Smoldering Ashes required to activate Blessings, certain Character Level prerequisites must be met. This guarantees that the Blessings are acquired through gameplay achievements, without any unfair advantage gained from purchasing Tier Skips.

    Gamers seeking to acquire the Battle Pass can anticipate a price tag of approximately $10 (a hair shy of £8) for the standard version. However, they have the option to opt for an enhanced pass, priced at roughly $25 (slightly less than £20), which awards them with a generous boost of 20 free battle pass levels. It is worth mentioning that this upgraded pass does not provide any Smoldering Ash, as this currency is exclusively linked to the free track. In addition to the perks mentioned, the accelerated battle pass also comes bundled with an exclusive “special cosmetic.”

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    Diablo 4 Battle Pass format

    Diablo 4 is set to embrace the beloved seasonal format that has been a staple in Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. However, the creative minds behind the game are determined to take this concept to new heights by introducing captivating storylines and thrilling quests that veer away from the main campaign. These seasonal adventures will transport players to entirely different realms, offering unique and standalone experiences. In an exciting announcement during a livestream, the development team revealed that the upcoming season will kick off in the midst of July, promising a delightful surprise for eager fans. Each season will revolve around a captivating theme, and the best part is that the seasonal content will be available to all your future characters. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey as Diablo 4 brings four action-packed seasons to your gaming experience each year.

    Additionally, the inaugural Battle Pass shall not grace players’ presence until the commencement of the seasonal content, as its magnificent offerings are intricately interwoven with the ebbs and flows of the passing seasons. Nevertheless, valiant players who embark on this adventure from its inception shall have the opportunity to partake in the captivating storyline, preparing themselves for the epic saga of season 1, while also reveling in the plethora of exquisite cosmetic treasures available for purchase within the game’s splendid emporium. Furthermore, those intrepid souls who have already triumphed in the campaign with one noble character shall be granted the privilege to bypass it with any subsequent valiant heroes they may create.

    Diablo 4 battle pass pricing, rewards, and more: A depiction showing season rewards versus shop costmetics.

    Here’s the lowdown on the Diablo 4 Battle Pass, making its grand entrance soon after the game’s release. If you’re eager to uncover the ultimate powerhouse builds, dive into our top-notch Rogue, Barbarian, and Druid builds right here, or go straight to the experts and discover the finest Diablo 4 builds as recommended by Blizzard (and us).

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