Diablo 4: Best Blood Necromancer Build Guide (Patch 1.0.3)

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  • Among the elite tank classes in Diablo 4, none can enhance the power of Fortify quite like the Necromancer, who effortlessly transforms this formidable defense into a ruthless offense.

    Diablo 4 Best Blood Necromancer Build Collage

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    During numerous epic confrontations in Diablo 4, adventurers often find themselves depleted of vitality and elixirs. This deliberate design choice aims to maintain the game’s formidable nature across various character archetypes. Nevertheless, those who master the art of the Blood Necromancer build will effortlessly overcome this particular hurdle, rendering it insignificant.

    Harnessing the power of Blood Orbs, the Necromancer possesses the remarkable ability to mend itself, standing strong in the face of imminent demise while the rest of the party teeters on the edge of life. In Diablo 4, the realm of Blood builds unveils a formidable route where defense seamlessly transforms into a formidable offense, leaving adversaries devastated in its wake.

    As of June 30th, 2023, under the authorship of Hodey Johns, this comprehensive guide has undergone a thorough update to align with the extensive rebalance patch in version 1.0.3. While numerous guides have remained untouched, merely receiving slight numerical adjustments to ensure skill parity, the rise of formidable Vulnerable builds necessitated a fitting rebalance. However, it should be noted that not all skills were subject to minor tweaks. Certain skills underwent substantial modifications, prompting a need for build adaptations, including the one presented in this guide. These alterations went beyond mere damage adjustments, encompassing cooldown and resource reduction, resulting in a complete overhaul of skill rotation. Although the previous build may still hold its own, this new guide maximizes the potential of the class to its fullest extent.

    Skill Tree

    Diablo 4 Supernatural Blood Lance Skill Description





    Enhanced Hemorrhage


    Initiate’s Hemorrhage


    Hewed Flesh


    Blood Lance


    Enhanced Blood Lance


    Supernatural Blood Lance


    Blood Surge


    Enhanced Blood Surge


    Supernatural Blood Surge


    Blood Mist


    Enhanced Blood Mist


    Dreadful Blood Mist


    Corpse Tendrils


    Enhanced Corpse Tendrils


    Blighted Corpse Tendrils


    Necrotic Carapace


    Gruesome Mending


    Coalesced Blood


    Tides of Blood


    Drain Vitality


    Blood Wave


    Prime Blood Wave


    Supreme Blood Wave


    Stand Alone


    Memento Mori


    Rathma’s Vigor


    When players reach the pinnacle of their journey and amass all the Renown available, they shall be bestowed with a grand total of 58 skill points to allocate wisely. The enchantment of this particular build commences with the harmonious fusion of Hewed Flesh and Necrotic Carapace, granting each skill a splendid opportunity to bolster the might of the Necromancer. Coupled with the mystical prowess of the Blood Orbs, which boast both healing properties and the power to fortify, this setup emulates the resilience and impenetrability akin to that of a formidable tank build.

    However, it is the assured Overpower derived from the Supernatural Blood Lance that truly transforms this into a formidable damage-oriented setup. By utilizing the power of Fortify, this life pool is effortlessly converted into a potent offensive force whenever it Overpowers. As a result, both Blood Lance and Rathma’s Vigor consistently deliver devastating blows, depleting significant portions of the boss and mob’s health.

    Overpower unleashes tremendous surges of power with unwavering regularity, setting itself apart from the top PvE Barbarian build that relies on Bleed for gradual damage. Those inclined towards this captivating approach may consider exploring alternative classes or experimenting with different builds.

    Paragon Boards

    Diablo 4 Necromancer In Screen Select


    Paragon/Legendary Nodes



    Prime, Resilience, Knowledge


    Blood Begets Blood

    Aggression, Blood Begets Blood, Vampiric, Invigorated, Blood Empowered, Blooddrinker



    Thick Hide, Bloodbath, Guarded Advance, Powerhouse, Hardened


    Scent of Death

    Shadow Resilience, Scent Of Death





    Deciphering the enigmatic paragon boards and glyphs can prove to be quite a perplexing task. The key lies in deftly arranging the boards to ensure a seamless flow. While only a handful of players will ever reach the coveted pinnacle of 200 paragon points, those fortunate few will witness their abilities skyrocket to unimaginable proportions.

    While it would be an arduous task to list every single node, it would be both overwhelming and illegible. However, if gamers simply navigate through the prominent nodes mentioned, it should not pose a problem. Ensure to acquire all pertinent stat enhancement nodes within the designated symbolized regions.

    In the realm of this particular creation, only three paragon boards truly hold significance: Blood Begets Blood, Bloodbath, and Scent of Death. Allocate a substantial portion of nodes to these boards, venturing into other realms solely for extra vitality and mystical symbols.

    Overwhelming devastation is often bestowed upon robust classes, granting them a rare opportunity to unleash immense force. Among the limited array of builds, the Blood Necromancer stands out as a remarkable one, capable of ensuring successful Overpower strikes. As a result, it can consistently rely on converting Fortify and vitality into formidable and impactful attacks.


    Diablo 4 Necromancer Starting Gear




    Harlequin Crest


    Aspect of the Crowded Sage


    Sacrificial Aspect




    Aspect of Explosive Mist


    Aspect of Hungry Blood


    Blood Seeker’s Aspect


    Fastblood Aspect

    Main Hand

    Aspect of Rathma’s Chosen


    Aspect of Untimely Death

    Gamers now have boundless freedom with the innovative aspect system, allowing them to seize the gear with superior stats and infuse it with their desired effects. While enhancing potion efficiency offers a slight advantage, it’s the game-changing aspects that truly revolutionize gameplay. It’s worth mentioning that these aspects can be effortlessly interchanged between different gear pieces, making the allocation of specific aspects to particular pieces inconsequential.

    The abundance of awe-inspiring equipment that enhances the power of Blood Lance’s Overpower in this build is truly impressive. Surprisingly, even without any investment in the Corpse Explosion skill, Blood Mist can have its cooldown reduced with the help of Aspect of Explosive Mist. When combined with the reduction from Enhanced Blood Mist, players can enjoy extended periods of invulnerability during challenging battles.

    Book Of The Dead

    Diablo 4 Enchantress In The Shop
  • Sacrificial Skeleton Skirmishers.
  • The Enchanters of Bones – A Price to Pay.
  • Crimson Colossus – Offering.
  • Difficulty can spiral out of hand when dealing with World Tiers, but fear not as the Book of the Dead offers a straightforward solution to stay in sync with the ever-rising challenge. Curious gamers seeking clarity on the purpose behind sacrificial nodes, skills, and paragon will find their answers resoundingly provided within these very pages.

    The bonuses provided by the Blood Golem and Skeletal Skirmishers are quite impressive, however, the true game-changer lies in the formidable Bone Mages. These arcane creatures possess the power to enhance Overpower damage by an additional 40%. Although Overpower already possesses incredible critical capabilities, when combined with the right skills and the coveted Book of the Dead, it becomes a force to be reckoned with, capable of mercilessly devouring a significant portion of a boss’ health. Let us not forget that the Memento Mori skill will further amplify the advantages gained from these sacrificial endeavors.

    Unleash your inner darkness with the highly-anticipated Diablo 4, now accessible across a multitude of gaming platforms including PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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