Diablo 4 ending explained & what could happen next?

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As the credits gracefully unfold, concluding the epic journey of Diablo 4, a deluge of inquiries floods your mind, surpassing the realm of resolution. Brace yourself, for I shall unravel the enigma behind the Diablo 4 ending, while simultaneously embarking on a voyage to explore the boundless possibilities that lie ahead in the tale’s progression.

Diablo 4 concludes with numerous tantalizing cliffhangers, leaving no doubt that this epic saga of celestial beings and malevolent entities is far from its final chapter. Blizzard has excitingly revealed their commitment to regularly infuse the game with new and riveting storylines, transforming the initial narrative of Diablo 4 into a mere prologue for an expansive and enthralling chronicle yet to unfold.

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Input: Before the commencement of Season 1, let us delve into the intricacies of the Diablo 4 storyline and contemplate the potential directions the narrative may take. Brace yourself to traverse the abyssal realms of the Buring Hells as we unravel the enigmatic finale of Diablo 4.

Inarius in diablo 4Inarius comes for Lilith.

Diablo 4 story explained

In the realm of Sanctuary, a blissful half-century has passed since the triumph over the Prime and Lesser Evils in Diablo 3. Yet, amidst this era of tranquility, a devout sect emerges, revering the fallen angel Inarius as a deity, while a secretive cult finds solace in the worship of the exiled demon princess, Lilith.

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Lilith, born from the loins of the ruthless Mephisto, the Prime Evil himself, was cast out from the fiery depths of Hell. This occurred when she, entangled in forbidden love with Inarius, dared to defy the realms of Heaven and Hell. Together, they forged a realm known as Sanctuary, a sanctuary of their own. Alas, their Nephalem offspring, a peculiar breed, were considered an unholy abomination by both celestial angels and malevolent demons. Henceforth, they became the target of a relentless pursuit, their existence teetering on the precipice of extinction.

Upon receiving the call, Lilith transformed into a formidable tyrant, molding her offspring into formidable weapons, ready to wage war against the forces of both Heaven and Hell. Sensing the dire consequences for the very fabric of existence, Inarius banished her into a shadowy void, choosing to embark on a self-imposed exile. As time unfolded, the Nephalem would undergo a profound metamorphosis, eventually giving birth to humanity, with their extraordinary abilities lying dormant within select individuals.

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As Diablo 4 commences, Lilith’s cult triumphantly summons her back to Sanctuary, unleashing her insatiable thirst to reclaim what was lost, as she endeavors to conquer the world. Additionally, she meticulously plots an audacious onslaught upon the infernal realms, aiming to obliterate the Prime Evils and seize their formidable might, commencing with her own father, Mephisto.

In the realm of Sanctuary, Inarius finds himself wearied and yearning for the embrace of Heaven once more. His conviction lies in the notion that if he can extinguish the life force of Lilith, the Aegis council will joyfully reinstate him. Unfathomably, he commits the unspeakable act of ending the life of Rathma, his own progeny and the esteemed leader of the Necromancers, for declining to choose a side. As the player embarks on the quest to pursue Lilith, the purveyor of chaos and demise, Inarius lends a hand, leaving behind a trail strewn with chaos and death. Yet, hidden within his motives lies a malevolent desire to thwart the plan of ensnaring Lilith within a Soulstone, preferring instead to personally eradicate her existence.

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Lilith and inariusBlizzard Entertainment

Inarius plots the demise of Lilith.

Diablo 4 ending explained

Mephisto, driven by his cunning nature, endeavors to forge an alliance with the protagonist in a valiant effort to thwart the malevolent Lilith. However, to Mephisto’s dismay, the player character adamantly refuses to join forces with the Prime Evil. Unfazed by rejection, Lilith cunningly makes an attempt to sway the protagonist to her dark cause, only to be met with a resolute rejection. As Lilith embarks on her path to confront Mephisto, she becomes the target of an unexpected assault by Inarius. Miraculously, Lilith skillfully manipulates Inarius, causing him to hesitate, ultimately leading to his tragic demise at her hands.

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Upon reaching Mephisto’s palace, the protagonist and their trusted companion Nyrelle make a bold decision. Recognizing the immense danger posed by Mephisto, they opt to ensnare him within the powerful Soulstone, rather than allowing Lilith to fall victim to his malevolence. This strategic move, however, inadvertently prevents Lilith from harnessing his essence, a technique reminiscent of Diablo’s actions in the previous chapter of Diablo 3.

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Filled with fury, Lilith launches a ferocious assault on the player character, only to be vanquished by their unwavering determination in an arduous clash. As the final blow is struck, Lilith disintegrates into mere particles of dust, yet not without leaving a dire admonition for the player. She forewarns that the Prime Evils, harbinger of doom, will inevitably resurface, leaving Sanctuary defenseless in her absence. Suddenly, a haunting apparition of Diablo materializes before the player, hinting at an impending return that looms ominously close.

Nyrelle cunningly absconds with Mephisto’s precious Soulstone, embarking on a vessel bound for a distant land, her true motives veiled in mystery. She pens a heartfelt letter to the player character, beseeching them to refrain from pursuing her and to have faith in her innate wisdom. As the tale reaches its climax, the lupine embodiment of Mephisto ominously shadows Nyrelle’s every move.

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Lilith and inariusBlizzard Entertainment

At the culmination of Diablo 4, Lilith emerges victorious by vanquishing Inarius.

What could happen next in Diablo 4?

The tale of Diablo 4 does not reach its conclusion with the culmination of the base game; instead, it is poised to evolve and thrive with future updates and expansions. Diablo 4 has embraced the concept of a living, ever-evolving game, setting it apart from its predecessors. Thus, we can anticipate that the narrative will unfurl throughout Season 1 and beyond, keeping players engaged in an ongoing saga.

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Although Lilith held the role of the central adversary in the original game, Diablo, Baal, and Mephisto reign as the principal malefactors throughout the series, thus making it highly probable that the game would incorporate or hint at their eventual comeback in a myriad of ways.

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Input: Now that Mephisto has returned to Sanctuary, there is a possibility that he will start to poison Nyrelle, while Diablo and Baal probably have their own schemes to make a comeback. Is it possible that this was the Prime Evil’s grand strategy from the beginning? Let’s not forget, Lilith posed the most immense danger they have ever faced. At least this ensures that we will have plenty of adversaries to confront in the forthcoming updates of Diablo 4!

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