Diablo 4 launch time: When you can play, preload date, download size, and more

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Diablo 4 Lilith hero cropped one wing

Brace yourselves, for Diablo 4, the highly anticipated addition to Blizzard’s fabled ARPG series, has arrived at last. The initial moments of this game have captivated fans beyond measure, leaving them in awe during the beta trials and the awe-inspiring Server Slam. Now, as the complete game unfolds before us, devotees are swarming towards the malevolent realm of Sanctuary in an unstoppable surge.

Blizzard has unveiled a treasure trove of information regarding the global release of Diablo 4, building up anticipation for its highly anticipated arrival. Delve into the realms of this article to discover the secrets of the game’s server activation period, the intricate details of preload options, the mystical process of downloading and embarking on the adventure, the magnitude of its download size, and an array of other fascinating tidbits that will leave you enchanted.

Diablo 4: General Launch Date and Start Times

Diablo 4

(Image credit: Activision Blizzard)

With an official release date of June 6, 2023, Diablo 4 pleasantly surprised players by going live slightly earlier on June 5 in North and South America, granting them immediate access to the game. Yet, the grand launch of Diablo 4 transcended borders, allowing gamers from all corners of the globe to embark on their adventure simultaneously.

Check out the exciting list below where we have highlighted Diablo 4’s worldwide release date and schedules in different significant time zones. Keep in mind that if your local time zone is not listed, you can utilize the handy time zone converter provided to align one of these times with your own.

  • The clock struck 4:00 p.M. On June 5, in the afternoon, Pacific Time.
  • The evening of June 5th, at 7 o’clock in the Eastern Time zone.
  • As the sun sets on June 5th, at the stroke of 8:00 p.M. BRT, a magical aura engulfs the surroundings.
  • As the clock strikes midnight on June 6th in the British Standard Time, a new day begins.
  • In the early hours of June 6, precisely at 1:00 a.M. CEST, the world awakened to a new day.
  • In the early hours of June 6, at precisely 2:00 a.M., As the clock ticked under the cover of darkness, time seemed to stand still in the realm of TRT.
  • The crack of dawn on June 6, at the stroke of 8:00 a.M., In the mystical realm of KST.
  • The morning of June 6, AEST, at the break of dawn.
  • The clock struck 11:00 in the morning on a glorious June 6th, amidst the vibrant ambiance of New Zealand Standard Time (NZST).
  • Diablo 4: Early Access Launch Date and Start Times

    Diablo 4

    (Image credit: Activision Blizzard)

    Anyone who either buys the Digital Deluxe or Ultimate Edition now or had preordered Diablo 4 beforehand will have the privilege of accessing the game early. This Early Access allows you to dive into Blizzard’s ARPG four days ahead of the official release date, starting from June 1 (June 2 for non-American regions) until the game’s global launch. Rest assured, Early Access offers the exact same experience as the full game, including all the content and features that will be available to everyone upon release.

    Here, we present the official commencement schedules for the Early Access of Diablo 4. It is worth mentioning that these timings perfectly align with the game’s grand release, as we previously emphasized.

  • The clock strikes 4:00 p.M. PT on the first day of June.
  • The clock strikes 7:00 p.M. ET on a delightful June 1st evening.
  • As the sun sets on June 1, darkness envelops the land at 8:00 p.M. BRT.
  • As the clock struck midnight on June 2nd, the British Summer Time began its enchanting journey.
  • In the mystical realm of time, as the clock struck the hour of 1:00 a.M., On the enchanting day of June 2, whispers of the Central European Summer Time (CEST) echoed through the air.
  • In the early hours of June 2nd, at precisely 2:00 a.M., TRT came alive.
  • The break of dawn on June 2nd, in the vibrant hours of 8:00 a.M. KST.
  • The morning of June 2nd, at 9 o’clock in the AEST timezone.
  • The clock strikes 11:00 a.M. On June 2nd, enveloping the land of New Zealand in its embrace under the time zone of NZST.
  • Diablo 4: Preload Date and Time

    Diablo 4 Sorcerer in lobby.

    (Image credit: Windows Central)

    Unveiling the enigmatic Diablo 4: An exploration into the realms of its diverse editions.

    Diablo 4 Lilith hero cropped one wing

    (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

    The Standard edition includes the base game along with the exquisite Umber Winged Darkness Cosmetic Set, the breathtaking Amalgam of Rage WoW Mount, and the enchanting D3 Inarius Wings & Inarius Murloc Pet.

    Indulge in the Digital Deluxe: Standard Edition, complete with the alluring D4 Temptation mount, the formidable D4 Hellborn Carapace Mount Armor, the exclusive D4 Premium Battle Pass, and the coveted D4 Early Access.

    Unleashed: Digital Deluxe Edition with Wings of the Creator Emote, 20 Battle Pass Tier Leaps, and a trove of exquisite Cosmetics.

    To ensure a seamless entry into the world of Diablo 4, Blizzard generously granted fans the privilege of preloading the game well in advance, sparing them from the agony of waiting for a download on launch day. This gesture proved to be a godsend for all, particularly those unfortunate souls plagued by sluggish internet connections.

    The highly anticipated Diablo 4 has unleashed its official preload on May 30th, commencing at 4:00 p.M. PT / 7:00 p.M. ET. Irrespective of your gaming platform, the captivating world of Diablo 4 is now at your fingertips with the option to download the game. Whether you’re a proud owner of Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC, PS5, or PS4, the time has come to embark on this epic adventure.

    Diablo 4: How to play and download

    Diablo 4

    (Image credit: Activision Blizzard)

    Eager to get your hands on Diablo 4 and experience the unparalleled excitement? Embark on the journey below that aligns with your chosen gaming platform, and immerse yourself in the heart-pounding adventure effortlessly.

    Windows PC.

  • Initiate the commencement of the Battle.Net client. Procure it promptly in case it eludes your computer system.
  • Afterwards, opt for the delightful + symbol residing in the cherished Favorites division.
  • Choose Diablo IV from the array of choices.
  • Afterwards, click on the cherished icon of Diablo IV amidst your Favorites to unveil its captivating game page.
  • Choose the Install button to commence the exhilarating adventure of downloading and installing the game.
  • Once the installation is complete, embark on your journey into the world of Diablo 4 by clicking on the Play button.
  • Xbox.

  • Begin by initiating the Xbox Store.
  • Explore the depths of the search bar to uncover the hidden realm of the “Diablo IV” listing.
  • Now, opt for the Download option.
  • Once the installation wraps up, feel free to tap on Play as the grand finale.
  • PlayStation.
  • Begin by initiating the grand entrance of the illustrious PlayStation Store.
  • Explore the depths of the search bar to uncover the hidden realm of the “Diablo IV” listing.
  • Now, opt for the Download option.
  • Once the installation wraps up, feel free to tap on Play as the grand finale.
  • For an enhanced gaming experience on PC, we highly recommend opting for an SSD installation, if available. This upgrade will remarkably reduce your loading times, resulting in a seamlessly smooth gameplay encounter.

    Diablo 4: Download size

    Diablo 4

    (Image credit: Windows Central)

    Although Blizzard has yet to disclose the exact download sizes of Diablo 4 for Xbox and PlayStation systems, the official system requirements for Diablo 4 PC do indicate that a whopping 90GB of free space is necessary to install and enjoy the game. It is highly probable that a similar amount of storage will be required for the console versions, with slight variations in the specific storage requirements for each console.

    Diablo 4 has finally descended upon us, gracing the realms of Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC, PS5, and PS4. As a splendid offering for aficionados of dungeon exploration and exhilarating hack-and-slash battles, this game has unequivocally captivated our very souls.

    Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of cutting-edge updates, insightful analyses, and expert advice tailored specifically for devoted Windows and Xbox enthusiasts.

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