Diablo 4 Tier List

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Embracing a tapestry of legacy, Diablo 4 propels forward, etching its mark on the vibrant realm of action RPGs. Though the franchise has traversed peaks and valleys, Diablo 4 stands tall amidst accolades. Widely regarded as an eminent pinnacle for the series, there exists ample justification for such acclaim.

The vast array of character classes is a source of great enthusiasm among players, as Blizzard continues to fine-tune and perfect them. The initial lineup of classes available at launch is an impressive and well-balanced collection, each offering a distinctive gameplay style. While certain classes may possess greater power, none are completely unviable. Presented below is the Diablo 4 tier list, showcasing the top-tier classes. Additionally, the article concludes with a useful compilation of endgame builds for every class.

Freshly revised on July 1, 2023, under the penmanship of Robert Harper: Fortunate souls seeking enlightenment regarding the finest Diablo 4 classes shall find solace, for behold, this sacred Diablo 4 tier list stands adorned with the radiant light of the present meta, as bestowed upon us by the divine patch 1.0.3. Behold, dear players, for within these hallowed pages lie the secrets of the supreme endgame builds for each of the five celestial classes, guiding your steps towards a future filled with triumph and glory as you carefully select the Diablo 4 class that shall be the cornerstone of your journey in the forthcoming season.

Diablo 4 Tier List (Best Diablo 4 Classes)


Blizzard has implemented a handful of adjustments to the classes in Diablo 4, yet the potency of each class has predominantly remained unaltered. The subsequent classification hierarchy presents a comprehensive overview of the classes, outlining their comparative ease of play and overall strength, ranging from the most exceptional to the least. Undoubtedly, Blizzard will persist in honing the classes over the game’s duration, but for now, here is their current standing.

S Rank – Sorcerer


The realm of sorcerers stands unrivaled in this tier, owing to their unparalleled ability to endure and unleash devastating attacks. While other classes strive for equilibrium (and consequently offer a more enjoyable experience), the sorcerer reigns supreme as the ultimate class in Diablo 4 across all measurable aspects. Although Blizzard attempted to weaken this class upon release, their aim fell short of the mark.

A Rank – Necromancer


While Sorcerers may possess greater power, Necromancers stand out as the premier choice for solo play in Diablo 4. Embracing a myriad of build possibilities, the Necromancer exhibits a remarkable sense of equilibrium, albeit still maintaining a touch of overpowering prowess compared to the Sorcerer.

B Rank – Barbarian and Rogue


The Barbarians possess an unwavering resilience, making them formidable to defeat yet subtly unimpressive. Their unique blend of invigorating difficulty and approachability renders them a superb option for novice adventurers in the realm of Diablo.


The Rogue exudes an aura of awe, yet its mastery requires scaling lofty heights of skill. Unleashing its full potential demands unwavering dedication, striving to match the devastating prowess of the Necromancer. Even then, the Rogue’s survival hinges precariously on meticulous placement.

C Rank – Druid


The Druid found themselves at a disadvantage this time. In the world of Diablo 4, they stand as the least formidable class, yet there is a glimmer of hope amidst the shadows. While not completely unplayable, harnessing the true potential of a Druid demands a meticulously crafted build. This, unfortunately, shackles players to a singular path, limiting their freedom. Although Blizzard has made some modifications, there remains a journey ahead to elevate the Druid to the stature of their counterparts.

Fortunately, there is no “D,” “E,” or “F” rank in this tier list, as all Diablo 4 classes are playable and functional. However, there is definitely potential for enhancement. Blizzard is actively addressing player feedback regarding class balance, indicating ongoing adjustments and fine-tuning in the future.

The Best Endgame Builds for Each Diablo 4 Class


If Blizzard can strategize effectively, Diablo 4 holds the potential for an immersive and enduring endgame experience. Upon reaching level 50, each class in Diablo 4 unlocks the Paragon Boards, along with an array of additional content. This supplementary progression system grants players with numerous avenues for personalizing their characters, which will prove invaluable as they confront the multitude of novel challenges that lie ahead in the endgame. To assist you in navigating this realm, we have provided links to some of the most remarkable builds for these classes, all meticulously updated to incorporate the latest alterations from recent patches.

Experience the thrilling adventure of Diablo 4 across a multitude of gaming platforms, including PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5.

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