Diablo 4’s Map Is So Much Bigger Than You Think

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  • Prepare to be awestruck by the expansive map of the highly anticipated Diablo 4 full release, where the beta map of Diablo 4 will pale in comparison. Brace yourself as it ventures beyond the boundaries of Sanctuary, unfolding a whole new realm of possibilities.

    An archangel in Diablo 4, floating above the ground, arms outstretched, and wings of glowing light spread.

    The expanse of Diablo 4’s map has surpassed everyone’s expectations. Following the conclusion of Blizzard’s two beta weekends, players were granted their initial glimpse into the immersive world of the upcoming game. Numerous dedicated players successfully conquered every nook and cranny of the map, tirelessly delving into dungeons, venturing into dark cellars and mysterious caverns, reaching the pinnacle of their character’s potential, and ultimately toppling the formidable world boss. With an abundance of captivating content available, players are filled with anticipation, believing that the complete game will offer a plethora of thrilling adventures for both newcomers and seasoned veterans of the series to embark upon.

    The region highlighted in Diablo 4’s beta map goes by the name of The Fractured Peaks, an icy, mountainous expanse that puts a spotlight on frozen adversaries and unforgiving circumstances. Notably, The Fractured Peaks also serves as a prime example of Diablo 4’s utilization of heightened verticality in map design, injecting a sense of variety into exploration and enticing players to search for concealed treasures. The foes encountered thus far have transcended the mere cannon fodder of previous Diablo games, presenting more formidable adversaries and a wider range of encounters. Despite the abundance of captivating content, it’s important to note that The Fractured Peaks represents just a fraction of Diablo 4’s expansive map.

    The Full Map Of Diablo 4 Is Bigger Than Any Previous Diablo Game

    The full map for Diablo 4 with the area featured in the Diablo 4 beta outlined in red, only one-fifth of the area.

    The beta map of Diablo 4 merely encompasses a mere fraction of the expansive and awe-inspiring full map. Delving into the leaked image of the complete map (courtesy of Game Rant), one can discern the presence of four additional areas, tantalizingly hidden from view. In keeping with Diablo’s renowned tradition of storytelling, these areas perfectly align with the five act structure, promising an enthralling narrative progression. Brace yourself for the wonders that await in The Dry Steppes and the grand Kehjistan Empire, both nestled within the arid western deserts. Venture further to the enigmatic Hawezar jungles, cloaked in a shroud of mystery, lying southeast. And finally, prepare to be enthralled by the ethereal beauty of Scosglen, the sacred abode of the enchanting druids, located in the northern reaches. Each of these remarkable locales boasts a plethora of diverse landscapes and vibrant communities, beckoning you to engage and immerse yourself in their captivating presence.

    Diablo 4 Leaves Room To Expand Out Across Sanctuary

    A map of the whole of Sanctuary from the Diablo series, with the map known to feature in Diablo 4 highlighted.

    Transitioning from Diablo 4’s beta map to the expansive map of the complete game reveals a mere glimpse of the vast and intricate Diablo universe established in previous installments. Known as Sanctuary, this realm was crafted by the angel Inarius and the notorious antagonist Lilith, harnessing the immense power of the ancient artifact called the Worldstone many millennia ago. Encompassing the upper region of the eastern continent within Sanctuary, Diablo 4’s comprehensive map encompasses approximately one-third of the entire landmass, offering a tantalizing taste of the epic journey that awaits.

    There is a potential for future DLC in Diablo 4 to expand the game beyond its current boundaries. This could include the opportunity for players to explore the western continent of Sanctuary along with its surrounding islands. Within these uncharted territories lie numerous iconic locations from past Diablo games, including Mount Arreat, where Baal faced his final battle, and Tristram, the central city in the previous three installments. Such an expansion would enable players to delve into the war-torn lands that bear the mark of the Prime Evils and potentially unearth the remnants of Diablo himself.

    The realms of Heaven, Hell, and the Pandemonium Fortress, which have appeared in previous Diablo games, are not included in this list. However, considering Diablo’s expansion history and the regular updates seen in MMOs, it is likely that these realms will make an appearance in Diablo 4, even if they are not initially part of the main game. By embracing the open-world trend seen in other video games, Diablo 4 guarantees an abundance of space for players to explore.

    According to an article from Game Rant.

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