Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Season 4 Now Live

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Oh brave wanderer, we rejoice in anticipation of your fated homecoming.

Input: Countless demons have fallen victim to your weapon’s deadly power, but their ceaseless assault persists. The salvation of Sanctuary hangs in the balance! Prepare to unleash chaos upon the formidable forces of the Burning Hells’ hierarchy in the upcoming Ladder Season 4, scheduled for May 4th! Dive deeper into this ancient manuscript to discover details about exciting enhancements, updates enhancing the overall experience, and the resolution of pesky glitches that will accompany Patch 2.7.

Quest Log

Ladder Season 4

The past Ladder Seasons of Diablo II: Resurrected have unveiled the incredible skills of daring adventurers who valiantly protected Sanctuary. They raced against each other, vying to etch their names onto the Leaderboard, instilling terror in the tormented souls of their demonic foes along the way.

Embarking on a thrilling journey, the eagerly anticipated commencement of Ladder Season 4 is set for May 4. A golden chance awaits intrepid explorers as they strive to conquer the arduous path to Level 99, gathering formidable treasures throughout their odyssey. Anticipation builds as we eagerly anticipate witnessing the valiant souls who will etch their indelible mark on the prestigious Leaderboard this time around.

The Spectacular Arrival of Ladder Season 4: A Countdown Unlike Any Other!

North America

May 4, 5:00 p.m. PDT


May 5, 2:00 a.m. CET


May 5, 10:00 a.m. KST

Similar to its predecessors, Ladder Season 4 will showcase an array of diverse game modes.

Version Description
Pre-Expansion Ladder The standard version of Ladder play that encompasses playing only with the original four acts.
Pre-Expansion Hardcore Ladder The hardcore (only one life) version of Ladder play that encompasses playing only with the original four acts.
Ladder The standard version of Ladder play that encompasses playing five acts, as it includes the “Lord of Destruction” expansion content.
Hardcore Ladder The hardcore (only one life) version of Ladder play that encompasses playing five acts, as it includes the “Lord of Destruction” expansion content.

Curious about the fate of your Shared Stash treasures after a Ladder Season concludes? Fear not, for I shall unravel this mystery for you.

After the conclusion of Ladder Season 3, the Ladder characters will be seamlessly transferred to their respective non-ladder group. As for the items in the character group’s shared stash, they will be placed in a brand new set of Shared Stash tabs marked with a check as the Past box, which can only be used for withdrawals. It is important to note that any items from Ladder Season 2 that are stored in these Withdraw Only tabs will unfortunately be lost during this transition. However, don’t fret! You will have the entirety of Ladder Season 4 to withdraw and keep any items you desire from Season 3. But beware, once Ladder Season 4 concludes, the withdraw only set of stash tabs will be overridden by the items in the Ladder Season 4 Shared Stash. Therefore, it is crucial to retrieve any items before that time, as they will be lost forever!

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Patch 2.7

Patch 2.7 is scheduled to go live on May 2 at 10:00 a.M. PDT, bringing with it an exciting array of feature enhancements, updates to improve the overall user experience, and a multitude of bug fixes.

Feature Adjustments

  • Brace yourselves, dear players, for an enticing expansion to your gaming experience! Prepare to unlock the gates to not one, not two, but four extra Character Slots, seamlessly woven into every Online Mode.
  • When a Ladder character, who has ventured in past seasons, makes their debut in a non-Ladder game, the power to Reset Stat and Skill Points at Akara will undergo a refreshing transformation. However, those characters from previous Ladder seasons, who have already participated in non-Ladder games, shall be deemed ineligible.
  • Developer’s Note: We want to encourage players to experiment with their builds. If you have already burned through your Akara respecs while on Ladder, then you can do additional respecs for more experimentation after the character becomes a Non-Ladder character.

  • The Chat Lobbies now boast an ingenious automated system that swiftly eliminates any malicious content from ongoing conversations.
  • Quality-of-Life Updates and Bug Fixes


  • The latest modification to the Next Hit Delay system exclusively affects missiles generated through the execution of identical casting skills. Every activation of an Assassin Martial Arts charge-up skill is regarded as a unique casting of a skill in terms of Next Hit Delay considerations.
  • Developer’s Note: We have revised Next Hit Delay to become an easier concept to grasp while still maintaining its original design goals. This change will alleviate some headaches in multiplayer and smooth the edges of certain character builds.

  • The mighty force of knockback has been vanquished from the legendary Bul Kathos’ Sacred Charge, leaving it to emanate a renewed power in its two-handed sword form.
  • Developer’s Note: Bul Kathos is a powerful set, but the Knockback incurred from Sacred Charge made using it feel clunky for Melee characters. Considering the rarity of the set, we opted to increase the viability of the weapon and the weapon set as a whole.

  • The druids have harnessed the mystical ability to seamlessly shift between their formidable Werewolf and Werebear manifestations.
  • Developer’s Note: Shapeshifter Druids using the Metamorphosis Rune Word are encouraged to swap between their Werebear and Werewolf forms to get the most out of the bonuses. In practice, this is a little clunky because you must shapeshift to Werebear, hit a monster, shapeshift back into Human, wait a second, Shapeshift to Werewolf, then hit a monster (or wolf then bear, depending on your preference). We’re taking out the middleman (literally) to make swapping between forms feel cleaner.

  • The cunning abilities of the Assassin are now enhanced by +% bonuses to Elemental Skill Damage modifiers.
  • Developer’s Note: We have identified an issue with +% to Lightning skill damage not applying to lightning sentries on Nintendo Switch offline games. We plan to amend this issue in a future patch and apologize for any inconvenience.

  • Resolved a glitch that caused Mephisto to mistakenly release items from inferior loot categories when under the influence of Terror.
  • Resolved a glitch in Offline mode that would result in a crash when an Assassin perishes with active Martial Arts charges.
  • Rewritten Addressed the problem of the Assassin’s traps not receiving the full advantage of resistance reduction during Offline gameplay.
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  • Resolved a translation glitch for the Polish version of the “Exceeded maximum character count” message.
  • Resolved a bug that would unexpectedly alter the lighting when transitioning between towns and interconnected regions in Acts II, III, and V while under a state of terror.
  • Resolved a problem where the icon representing a frightful creature appeared distorted in specific language settings.
  • Resolved a glitch that caused the auditory signal for evading an attack from Amazon’s character to activate erroneously when non-Amazon characters utilized the Evade ability bestowed by the Hustle Rune Word.
  • Successfully rectified several stability concerns experienced during Online gameplay.
  • Ladder Play.

  • Resolved a problem where the messaging regarding the upcoming Ladder Season was misleading during the intermission between seasons.
  • Resolved a glitch wherein recently transformed characters from the Ladder to Non-Ladder failed to showcase their new status and were unable to participate in multiplayer matches.
  • Resolved a problem wherein the creation of exclusive Rune Words meant for an approaching Ladder Season was possible within the ongoing season.
  • Resolved a glitch that caused converted Ladder avatars to be inaccurately showcased with the Ladder emblem.
  • PC Specific.

  • Resolved a bug that caused controller inputs to cease functioning if the user switched to Legacy graphics during the character selection animation in the character creation screen.
  • Gamers shall henceforth receive timely notifications when they are operating the game using outdated, extracted information.
  • Console Specific.

  • Resolved a problem where the location of a player, as shown on the Friends List, failed to update accurately on Xbox consoles.
  • Resolved a concern regarding the absence of Nintendo Switch players in the Recently Engaged With section.
  • Resolved a glitch in the console version that caused the Polish and Spanish localized text for Personalized Items to exhibit a simultaneous display of all gendered pronouns.
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  • The state entries’ overall limit has been magnified, skyrocketing from 255 to an impressive 511.
  • Introducing the new addition – DataVersionBuild.Txt! We highly encourage mod authors to incorporate this file within their mods, as it aids in minimizing unforeseen glitches that may arise with varying game versions.
  • Input: New columns have been incorporated. Modders working on pre-existing Offline Single Player mods have the option to revamp their alterations using fresh data or manually append new columns prior to merging. TreasureClassEx.Txt, cubemain.Txt, and UniqueItems.Txt can now be modified to include “firstLadderSeason” and “lastLadderSeason” instead of just “ladder”.
  • Input: Runes.Txt “server” -> “firstLadderSeason”, “lastLadderSeason”.Transform Runes.Txt from a mere “server” into a captivating journey encompassing the realms of the “firstLadderSeason” and the triumphant finale of the “lastLadderSeason”.
  • Enter a New Plane of Hell

    Brace yourself for the unveiling of a fresh fragment of Sanctuary, as Diablo IV emerges on June 6. Prepare to break free from the clutches of Lilith’s dominion and delve into a world teeming with both terrors and enchantments. Join us in the thrilling Server Slam event from May 12-14, where all are welcome to experience the gripping journey that lies ahead. Ready your weapons, intrepid traveler, for your epic quest persists unabated.

    Your unwavering support is greatly appreciated. We eagerly anticipate witnessing your triumphant ascent from the depths of Hell to conquer Level 99 in the exhilarating race of Ladder Season 4!

    The Squad of Diablo II: Resurrected.

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