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Diablo Immortal made its debut some time ago, and ever since, I have been eagerly immersing myself in the game to gain a deeper understanding of its intricacies. Yet, Diablo Immortal is far from being a mere straightforward journey – no Diablo game ever is. Consequently, even after investing countless hours into the game, I continue to uncover fresh revelations and embark on new adventures. As a neophyte to the Diablo series, this has proven to be an exceptional starting point, fueling my anticipation to share my remarkable journey thus far.

Immortal takes place in the period between Diablo II and Diablo III, revealing the untold stories of that era. It is believed that the archangel Tyrael has perished, leaving the inhabitants to deal with the aftermath of his devastating actions. Yet, a sinister darkness looms, with Diablo’s followers relentlessly searching for the remnants of the shattered Worldstone. Once more, humanity finds itself thrust into a battle for existence, and the responsibility falls upon you, the player, to gather all the shards and eradicate them forever.

The game starts with the exciting task of crafting and naming your very own character. As always, there are six unique classes to select from, including barbarian, wizard, demon hunter, monk, crusader, and necromancer. Each class offers a distinct set of skills and special abilities, allowing you to tailor your character to match your preferred playstyle. Personally, I opted for the crusader class, as a trusty longsword never fails to impress. Once you’ve chosen your class, you can further customize your character’s appearance, such as their hair, skin tone, and other defining features. Finally, it’s time to christen your creation with a name (I named mine Kaya). With your character ready, you are immediately thrust into the game, arriving via a small boat onto the desolate shores of a ravaged wasteland.

Diablo Immortal, an MMORPG, a genre of games that I had almost completely abandoned, has managed to captivate me. The relentless grind for progress and the endless pursuit of top-tier equipment have never appealed to me. I have always been more interested in the narrative aspect. However, against all odds, I believe I have stumbled upon my ultimate MMO obsession.

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The game showcases a straightforward yet thrilling hack-and-slash combat system that seamlessly translates to mobile devices. Equipping your character with various skills and weapons transforms them into an unstoppable force. Furthermore, every weapon and piece of gear you obtain can be upgraded and enhanced with gems for added benefits. Although I didn’t delve into the intricacies of the statistics, I simply equipped anything labeled as an improvement. The beauty lies in the fact that the gems socketed into my gear could effortlessly be transferred to new equipment without the need to seek out a specific NPC.

The adventure of Diablo Immortal has proven to be an absolute delight. While playing other MMOs, I often neglected the storyline and hurriedly completed missions to reach higher levels and join my comrades. However, with this game’s remarkable voice acting, I find myself completely engrossed in every intricate detail. Even my character’s internal musings are brought to life through captivating voices, ensuring that I don’t miss a single nuance. Typically, a game of this nature would rely on text-heavy dialogue boxes for players to decipher. Undoubtedly, this approach may be simpler and more cost-effective during development, but it lacks practicality. I genuinely admire the tremendous effort and meticulousness invested in this particular aspect of the game.

My sole objective in playing Diablo Immortal is to complete the story. I have no interest in chasing after gear or any other distractions; I simply crave the progression of the narrative. Regrettably, as is customary in MMOs and, let’s be honest, RPGs in general, one’s advancement in the story can occasionally be hindered by the level of their character. And now we find ourselves confronted with my least favorite aspect of MMOs: the grind. I utterly despise the need to tirelessly grind for levels and gear just to move forward in a game. It is, without a doubt, the most tedious aspect I have encountered in any game, and it has, on numerous occasions, deterred me from playing.

Nevertheless, amidst the seemingly bleak and dreary grind, a realm of possibilities awaits to be explored, brimming with countless opportunities to acquire invaluable expertise. Naturally, one could venture forth and ruthlessly subdue hordes of adversaries or engage in various auxiliary quests. However, within the realm of Diablo Immortal, a captivating world of dungeon-like encounters unveils itself, encompassing the enigmatic Elder Rifts and exhilarating Challenge Rifts.

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Elder Rifts present the opportunity to embark on thrilling adventures within replayable dungeons. By applying crests of varying rarities, you can manipulate the rewards offered by these Rifts, with higher rarities resulting in greater treasures. Additionally, upon completing a run, you are rewarded with Fading Embers, which can be exchanged with a merchant for runes that are invaluable in crafting legendary gems for your armor. The Challenge Rift, on the other hand, constantly escalates in difficulty with each victorious completion, presenting an ever-increasing challenge. Whether you choose to brave these Rifts alone or alongside a group, rest assured that the instance format ensures exclusivity for you and your party, allowing you to triumph over mobs and claim the spoils without any competition. In each Rift, your ultimate aim is to swiftly vanquish the formidable Rift Guardian, not only to maximize your rewards but also to ascend the ranks of the illustrious Rift leaderboards.

The Immortal game offers the flexibility to be played either alone or with others. In addition to teaming up with fellow players in Rifts and those who are on the same quest line, players have the option to create or join a Warband. A Warband, similar to a guild or alliance but on a smaller scale, consists of a dedicated group of up to 8 individuals who regularly play together. By being part of a Warband, players gain the opportunity to challenge formidable Helliquary bosses, earning valuable ranking rewards. Moreover, Warband members enjoy a 5% increased chance of obtaining item drops from monsters when playing in a party. To facilitate convenience, there is a Warband Storage Box available, allowing each member to borrow a single item at any given time.

In my humble opinion, this game has surpassed all expectations and has truly been a remarkable experience. Although there was a brief period when I encountered occasional server disconnections, disrupting my gameplay and causing untimely deaths, these inconveniences have thankfully been rectified. It should be noted that some individuals have criticized Immortal for succumbing to the pervasive trend of mobile/MMO microtransactions, with its pay-to-win approach. However, as a casual gamer, I have effortlessly managed to steer clear of these microtransactions, making them a non-issue.

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The visuals of Immortal are truly breathtaking, even on mobile devices, and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my gameplay thus far. I eagerly anticipate embarking on the rest of my journey. Perhaps I’ll even delve into other Diablo games. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that logging into your BattleNet account while playing on mobile ensures that your progress is saved and can seamlessly be continued on your PC, allowing for convenient and flexible gameplay anytime, anywhere.

Diablo Immortal delivers an awe-inspiring journey that captivates players, even on the mobile platform. It seamlessly welcomes newcomers to the Diablo series, providing a user-friendly gameplay experience. The fluidity of the gameplay and the impeccable voice acting elevate the game to unparalleled heights. Setting aside any aversion towards the repetitive nature of progression, this remarkable MMO has swiftly become my ultimate gaming pleasure!


  • Bridging the gap between PC and mobile gaming.
  • Dialogue that resonates with rich, expressive voices.
  • Mesmerizing visuals that captivate, even on handheld devices.
  • Exceptionally inviting and effortlessly graspable at any given moment and any place.
  • CONS

  • Grind. Persist. Grind. Persevere. Grind. Keep going.
  • It is only natural for servers to experience a surge in crashes due to increased volume.
  • Microtransactions.
  • In the case of no other specifications mentioned, the product featured in this article was graciously bestowed for the purpose of review.

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