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  • Diablo 4 Altar of Lilith - a player stands next to a statue of lilith glowing red in Hawezar

    For the avid collectors out there, embarking on a quest for the coveted Diablo 4 Altar of Lilith statues promises to be an exhilarating pursuit. These remarkable artifacts not only bestow upon you a generous portion of Diablo 4 renown, but also bestow upon your future characters within the realm an array of enticing stat bonuses.

    Fear not the search within dungeons, for every Altar of Lilith awaits in the vast expanse of the overworld. Alas, their elusive nature keeps them hidden from the map’s gaze until you unravel their secrets. Some stand boldly by the wayside, their presence easily recognized, while others cunningly disguise themselves amidst the eerie radiance of their crimson glow. Behold, as I unveil the sacred spots where Lilith’s altars dwell in the realm of Sanctuary, guiding you towards swift conquest. And should you seek the enigmatic, allow me to share hints that illuminate the path to those clandestine corners.

    Diablo 4 Altars of Lilith: How they work

    Altars of Lilith bestow everlasting enhancements to the attributes of all your forthcoming personas in the Eternal realm (distinct from seasonal characters, one may assume) and can solely be acquired on a singular occasion. Each Altar of Lilith shall grant 10 units of area renown, customary experience for your persona, and one among the subsequent enhancements to your stats:

  • +2 Strength.
  • +2 Dexterity.
  • +2 Intelligence.
  • +2 Willpower.
  • Capacity of +5 Whispering Coins.
  • Gained an additional Paragon Point.
  • The various enclaves of the Altar of Lilith are scattered across different regions, and below you’ll discover maps delineating each one. Each statue is assigned a number, providing a general indication of the path you should traverse in order to acquire them without straying too far off course. Primarily, journeying towards the designated location simplifies the process of locating the Lilith statue, which firmly clutches a luminous crimson orb. Merely engaging with it will grant you access to valuable stat enhancements and an accompanying marker on your map.

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    Among the multitude of secrets, a handful remains inconspicuous, concealed within hidden nooks or veiled by the presence of towering trees and various natural elements. Moreover, a few enigmas are securely guarded within fortified strongholds, necessitating their conquest before entry into their dwelling abodes becomes possible.

    Fractured Peaks Altar of Lilith locations

    Diablo 4 Fractured Peaks Altar of Lilith locations

    (Image credit: Blizzard)

    Nestled within the enchanting realm of Fractured Peaks, lie a grand ensemble of 28 divine Altars dedicated to the enigmatic deity Lilith. As you embark upon your thrilling journey in Diablo 4, the resplendent map showcased above unveils the precise whereabouts of each sacred site. Delve deeper into the mystical landscape and discover the more elusive Altars, marked with their corresponding numbers, ensuring an adventure of utmost intrigue and challenge.

  • Ill Breeze’s Cliffs (2): Nestled at the foot of a gentle slope.
  • Nestled gracefully below a scenic ridge, lies The Deep White (3).
  • Judgment’s Domain (6): Within a rugged abyss, turned away from the well-trodden trail.
  • Malnok (8): Unlocking is impossible until you conquer the impenetrable fortress residing within a frozen abode.
  • Nostrava (22): The secret to unlocking this enigmatic entity lies within conquering the formidable stronghold, hidden away behind a dilapidated house’s shattered wall.
  • Melnik’s Hill (25): Within the confines of a cozy abode.
  • In order to access Kor Dragan (26), you must first conquer the mighty stronghold situated atop the southern ramparts, reachable only through a ladder.
  • Scosglen Altar of Lilith locations

    Diablo 4 Scosglen Altar of Lilith locations

    (Image credit: Blizzard)

    Input: Having acquired the knowledge of your quest, behold the wondrous revelation of the 34 Altars of Lilith scattered amidst the enchanting Scosglen. Gaze upon the celestial map above to unveil their precise whereabouts, while the intricate descriptions of the more elusive statues lie unveiled below.

  • Concealed by a towering wall, the enigmatic Daudur Peats (5) stands in elusive secrecy, its location hidden from casual eyes, situated just beyond the eastern realm of Tirmair.
  • Nestled amidst the ruins of a formidable fortress lies Moordaine Lodge, a secret haven waiting to be discovered. In a daring twist, one can acquire this hidden gem without fulfilling the designated mission. Simply crouch beneath the ancient log to the enchanting northwest of the entrance and claim your prize.
  • Nestled along the southeastern shore of Hope’s Light lies Stormbreak Cove, a hidden gem awaiting discovery. This enigmatic statue, positioned with its back turned coyly towards the camera, adds an extra layer of intrigue, challenging even the most observant eyes to unveil its elusive presence.
  • Illumination of Hope (23): To acquire the sacred effigy situated towards the eastern direction, it is imperative to first liberate the impregnable fortress.
  • Nestled to the eastern side of the stronghold, lies the enchanting Tur Dulra (26). No key required to enter this sacred Lilith statue, simply unleash your strength to shatter a mighty log. Once done, a hidden path will unfold, leading you towards a petite platform where the statue gracefully awaits.
  • Dry Steppes Altar of Lilith locations

    Diablo 4 Dry Steppes Altar of Lilith locations

    (Image credit: Blizzard)

    In the vast expanse of the Dry Steppes, a mesmerizing collection of 33 Altars dedicated to the enigmatic Lilith can be discovered. Behold the map above, an intricate tapestry that unveils the elusive locations of these statues, while the cunning whereabouts of the more elusive ones are discreetly shared below.

  • In the vast expanse of Wayward Plains lies a hidden gem, a mysterious Lilith statue concealed within the depths of a cave, playfully peeking out from behind the rugged cave wall.
  • Discover the enigmatic Onyx Watchtower (13) concealed within a mysterious cavern nestled in the southeastern nook of the formidable stronghold. Brace yourself for a thrilling escapade as you navigate through a multitude of adversaries, all in pursuit of reaching the elusive entrance. To unveil this clandestine passage, you must shatter the wooden carts that guard its secret. No requirement exists to fully unlock the entirety of the stronghold; the prized possession awaits your nimble grasp.
  • Concealed amidst the rugged terrain, the Path of Stray Souls (16) reveals itself to those who venture south of Fate’s Retreat. Camouflaged by a cluster of formidable boulders, this enigmatic statue eludes casual observation, testing the keen eye and unwavering determination of seekers.
  • Discover the enigmatic Qara Yisu (18) statue situated towards the eastern side of the formidable stronghold. No unlocking necessary, although be prepared to embark on a quest to unveil its concealed beauty, draped gracefully amidst the intricate web of wooden scaffolding.
  • Rotting Sanctuary (27): The statue awaits, concealed within the Temple of Decay. No need to conquer this fortress, simply dash inside and claim it.
  • Kehjistan Altar of Lilith locations

    Diablo 4 Kehjistan Altar of Lilith locations

    (Image credit: Blizzard)

    Explore Kehjistan and uncover an additional 31 exquisite Altars of Lilith. Navigate through the captivating map provided above to discover all the hidden gems, including the enchanting statues that are slightly more challenging to locate.

  • Ruins of the Altar: Unleash the power of an untamed altar, waiting to be seized even before conquering the fortress. Brace yourself to navigate through hordes of adversaries, as you make your way towards this sacred site.
  • Nestled amidst a lush canopy of trees, the enigmatic Central Plateau (13) sculpture conceals itself, teasingly turning its back to the camera, amplifying the challenge of its discovery.
  • Omath’s Fortress (18): Unleashing the power of this formidable stronghold is the key to unveiling the gateway that grants access to the sacred Altar of Lilith within. Its discovery becomes effortlessly apparent once you have accomplished this feat.
  • Concealed amidst a lush canopy of trees, lies the enigmatic realm known as Fields of Hatred in the northwest region (21).
  • Alcarnus (27): Seizing this statue is a breeze. Though a handful of adversaries are lurking, your real challenge lies in attempting to spot it. It cunningly conceals itself amidst the timber scaffolding adjacent to a structure.
  • Hawezar Altar of Lilith locations

    Diablo 4 Hawezar Altar of Lilith locations

    (Image credit: Blizzard)

    Within the realm of Hawezar, an astounding count of 34 sacred Altars of Lilith grace the land. Behold the map depicted above, revealing the precise whereabouts of each enigmatic statue. Unveiling the secrets of the hidden ones, this guide below enlightens seekers on the quest to discover these elusive marvels.

  • Monument of the Valiant Warrior (5): Venture forth and seize the coveted statue ere the stronghold’s gates are even unlocked. Disguised by the foliage of a mighty tree, it stands concealed upon the left side of the grand platform.
  • The Enigmatic Ruins of Rakhat Keep (8): Concealed within the farthest reaches of the keep lies an ancient mystery. To attain it, one must demonstrate agility and leap across the chasms that separate.
  • Hidden within a slender alcove lies Blightmarsh, nestled in the northwest region.
  • Vyeresz (22): This particular treasure lies hidden within the depths of a formidable fortress. However, if you possess swiftness, you can seize it by swiftly rushing in. Yet, take heed, for an esteemed adversary shall materialize upon the very platform where it rests, demanding caution and attentiveness.
  • Eriman’s Blaze (33): To gain entry to this fiery encounter, you must first conquer the fortress. It can be located in close proximity to the entrance of the Abyssal dungeon.
  • Once you embark on a quest to locate every single statue within a given region, a grand opportunity awaits you at the Altar of Lilith Seeker. By conquering this commendable challenge, you shall be bestowed with the prestigious titles of Seeker and Wily players. Should you prove your perseverance and uncover each and every statue, a more daunting challenge known as the Collector shall be triumphed, rewarding you with the esteemed titles of Hoarder and Treasure.

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