DIY Faux Vine Wall – Faux Vine Decor

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Click on the video below for my full tutorial – DIY Faux Vine Wall

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How to Hang Faux Vines

Here is how my artificial vines appeared, both inside and outside of the packaging.

I purchased my vines from 2 distinct sellers. One set of artificial vines is darker than the other.

•I began by cleaning the region where the hooks would be placed with rubbing alcohol.

•I began by cleaning the region where the hooks would be placed with rubbing alcohol.

Afterward, I fetched my husband’s colossal level, utilizing it as a ruler to ensure a perfectly aligned arrangement of hooks. If desired, one could also opt for a staggered arrangement.

faux vine decor

•Utilizing my own hand as a guide, I established the ideal spacing between each hook. The measurement spanned from the tip of my middle finger to my wrist, encompassing approximately 7 inches. Employing a pencil, I delicately marked the wall, commencing with a line at my wrist. Subsequently, I aligned the tip of my middle finger with this initial line, drew another petite mark, and repeated this process until I reached the farthest left corner.

faux vine decorations

•Suspend 2-3 vibrant vines on each hook, finding a perfect balance. A delicate equilibrium is key; exceeding this limit would be daring. I arranged them in a whimsical candy cane fashion, allowing one side to gracefully extend beyond the other.

diy faux vine wall decor

•Keep suspending the artificial vines….

faux vine wall

From the picture right above this sentence, you see how spacey the vines look and how well you can see the wall?

To remedy that, I included an additional layer of artificial vines and it filled in flawlessly.

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faux vines

Video Recreation Inspo

The moment I laid eyes on Ky Lashaii’s captivating thumbnail for her video titled “My Filming Setup & Studio Room Tour”, I couldn’t help but feel a magnetic pull towards it, urging me to click and explore. As I delved into her video, I found myself instantly inspired to embark on my own creative journey of crafting a faux vine wall as a captivating backdrop. It seemed to perfectly complement her style and aesthetic. While there are instances when I find something adorable on others but doubt its suitability for myself, I decided to take the leap and give it a shot. Check out Ky Lashaii’s remarkable studio room tour in the video below!

Once I made the firm decision to give it a shot, I embarked on my quest for the perfect item. Numerous choices presented themselves, all priced quite comparably, except for a particular collection of imitation vines that appeared to offer a slightly greater length. During any search, perusing reviews is an absolute must. And when it comes to reading reviews, I never fail to explore the customer images without fail.

While scrolling through the reviews, I stumbled upon several ingenious ways individuals utilized their vines. However, one particular idea stood out among the rest – creating a whimsical faux vine mirror frame. Inspired by this concept, I decided to fashion a frame for my frameless mirror using some of the vines, resulting in an incredibly adorable outcome. To fully embrace this creative endeavor, I even purchased extra vines to craft a captivating faux vine wall alongside the mirror frame. Now, allow me to share with you the captivating screenshots I captured from the customer reviews.

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Click the video below for my faux vine mirror frame tutorial.

Once my faux vines were ordered, a tweet suddenly went viral, causing me immense excitement as I had already conceptualized the idea of a faux vine mirror. It was fortunate that I had thought ahead, considering the fact that the vines were on the verge of being completely sold out everywhere. Attached below is the tweet that gained immense popularity, wherein Chlogina Mills @ImaBihh shared the detailed steps she followed to achieve this captivating aesthetic. Feel free to click on the tweet below and explore her thread.

I finished painting my wall today, guys 🤗 🌱 pic.Twitter.Com/4awNWsJzxz.

— Gaia Pope Mills (@ImaBihh) May 21, 2020

Fake vines and hooks.

Thank you all very much for watching my video and reading this blog post. I value your support!

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