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Formatting Nicknames

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  • /nick
  • To remove your nickname, use the following command.

    Turn off your nickname. Explore a vast array of vibrant colors that can be employed as color codes for nicknames.

    &0 Black.

    Deep azure.

    Deep Emerald.

    A rich shade of mysterious dark purple, reminiscent of the enigmatic night sky.

    &6 Gold.

    &7 Gray.

    The striking shade of Dark Gray, reminiscent of stormy skies, captivates the senses.

    &A Green.

    &B Aqua.

    &D Lavender (Rose).

    &E Yellow.

    &F White.

    The color of the ocean at midnight.

    Crimson Shadow.

    &9 Blue.

    &C Red.

    You can use Minecraft color codes and hex color codes in the same nickname

    Explore this fantastic website, https://www.Colorschemer.Com/color-picker/, to unveil the elusive Hex code that perfectly encapsulates your desired hue.

    Transform your nickname into a stylish italicized format with this remarkable command. /Nick &m.

    Utilize this command to stylize your nickname with a sleek strike-through effect. /Nick -or- /nick &#AAAAAA.

    Unleash your imagination with this powerful command that grants you the ability to customize the color of your nickname in any way imaginable!

    By employing the command ‘/nick &2hello’, a fascinating outcome is sure to ensue.


    You can have more than one color in your nickname.

    When you execute the ‘/nick &bhello&5there’ command, the outcome will be as follows:


    The following formatting styles can be used in your nickname:

    &L Bold.

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    &O Italic.

    &M Strikethrough.

    &N Underlined.

    The following formatting styles cannot be used in your nickname:

    &K Magic.

    &R Reset.

    For example, using the command ‘/nick &e&mstrike‘ will result in:


    You can use more than one formatting code in your nickname.

    By utilizing the command ‘/nick &b&lbold&b&oitalic’, a magnificent transformation awaits.


    Inserting any new color code will get rid of any previous formatting.

    When you employ the command ‘/nick &b&lisbold&5isnot’, something magical happens.


    To prevent this, insert the formatting code again after you choose a new color code.

    By employing the command ‘/nick &b&lisbold&5&lstill’, a fascinating outcome awaits.

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