Full XP Drop On Death!

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  • Released on March 15th

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  • This datapack causes ALL of a player’s experience to be dropped if the player dies

    Input: Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography is an interesting destination for people of different ages. The Oceanography Institute in Nha Trang is

    Extract the datapack into a “Full XP Drop” directory to modify the functionality. Ensure that this directory exists: .Minecraft/saves//datapacks/Full XP Drop/data or, in simpler terms, verify that the data folder is located two levels beneath the datapacks folder.

    Then inside data/bertiecrafter/functions/fxpd/options.Mcfunction, you’ll find a couple options that you can set. Make sure you run /reload after you modify the file.

  • If the keep inventory setting is disabled, this option will not be utilized. If you perish while keep inventory is enabled, you will retain your experience levels, signifying that the default value is set to false. Conversely, if you meet your demise with keep inventory enabled, you will lose all of your accumulated experience if the setting is set to true.
  • Notes:.

  • Only complete levels will be eliminated. You will forfeit any advancement towards the subsequent level.
  • The experience orbs disappear after 5 minutes, similar to objects.
  • This datapack can be easily used in any server or world without any difficulties. Simply drop the downloaded zip file into the “datapacks” folder of your save world. Then, execute the /reload command and open your world.

    If the datapack is not enabled automatically, you can run the command: /datapack enable “file/[datapack

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  • Are you using the correct version? Did you drop the datapack after performing /reload? Does the datapack show up in green when using /datapack list after performing /reload?
  • Are you experiencing any problems with a particular function or is there a concern? Does the datapack appear to be non-functional? What seems to be the problem?
  • Please provide me with a detailed sequence of steps required to replicate the problem. The sooner I can encounter it, the sooner I can find a solution. Can you please give me all the necessary steps to reproduce the issue? What exactly occurred?
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  • Full XP Drop On Death! Minecraft Data Pack
    Full XP Drop On Death! Minecraft Data Pack

    1 Update Logs

    So…. Someone over at Mojang decided it would be a good idea to run the datapack before it’s fully loaded in -_-.

    Upon their demise, players who possess XP levels upon loading the datapack will have the opportunity to gather them once more. In the past, the levels would simply vanish, but this has been rectified with a bugfix.

    This behavior can be customized to modify the instructions for describing the check. There is no duplication of XP on the inventory. The account is now added to the inventory, and the datapack is also included.

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