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Minecraft is a boundless single and multiplayer survival experience crafted within an expansive, open world. Journey through this unbridled universe and construct your own personalized abode, discover quaint villages and revel in the ultimate freedom to do whatever your heart desires! The game’s namesake, Minecraft, requires you to excavate in order to obtain precious resources such as stone, coal, iron, wood and the coveted diamond. While the Minecraft free trial is readily available on Windows and PlayStation, iOS users are unfortunately excluded from this perk. However, thanks to Panda Helper, Minecraft free download is now a reality for iPhone, iPad, and Android users alike. Alternatively, you can purchase the game for $6.99 from the App Store.


Achieving victory against the formidable Ender dragon stands as the ultimate objective in Minecraft, but this aim may come across as a mere recommendation when you indulge in the free version on Panda Helper. Our focus today will be on equipping you with the necessary knowledge before you hit the “build world” button and how to survive the first day and night in this virtual world. Furthermore, we will also guide you on how to download and play Minecraft on your mobile device without spending a penny.

Day One in Minecraft Free


The game’s backbone lies in its varied resource collection. While the game boasts an impressive array of hundreds of resources, starting off with a handful of essential resources on day one should suffice.

Looking to jump into Minecraft on day one? Start by crafting a cozy bed. Hunt down a tree and use your bare hands to break off three logs – the perfect amount for fashioning a wooden axe. With this key tool in hand, you can chop away at trees with ease, amassing enough wood to craft all the essential gear you’ll need: swords, pickaxes, axes, and shovels. Your goal is to gather at least 32 logs, so get to work!

Minecraft bed crafting guide

The fortune may smile upon you and reveal a flock of sheep, from which you can procure a trio of wool and timber. This precious material can then be utilized at your crafting station to fashion a cozy bed for yourself.

In order to advance, your following move should entail the collection of cobblestone. Similar to the logs, a total of 32 blocks of cobblestone will be necessary to craft superior tools. Typically, cobblestone can be excavated when digging approximately 3 to 5 squares beneath the surface. These resources will be sufficient for the initial one or two days.

Minecraft Cobblestone


As you step into the world of Minecraft, you’ll notice two essential bars on your screen. On the top left, your health bar awaits, while on the top right, the food bar patiently sits. It’s important to note that your health bar can only thrive if your food bar is well-stocked. Alas, the food bar will gradually deplete with time, especially when your health bar is running low.

Minecraft food guide

Once you’ve extracted the cobblestone, your hunger bar would have already dwindled, signaling the need to hunt for sustenance. The possibilities are abundant – from sheep to cows, pigs to chickens – all for the taking. Every animal yields its own unique meat, each boosting your food bar by varying degrees.

  • With a full stomach, you can gain 10 Hunger Points
  • Two hunger points can be satisfied with the consumption of uncooked beef and uncooked
  • A combination of succulent, tender beef and cooked pork can satisfy your hunger cravings
  • A single point of hunger can be satiated by
  • Three Hunger Points can be fulfilled with Cooked Chicken
  • By cooking your food, you can satiate your hunger with greater efficiency. It’s a wise decision to prioritize the preparation of beef and pork as they offer the most hunger points.

    First Home

    As the first night sets in, it’s imperative to find a safe haven to shield yourself from the impending danger of hostile mobs. Taking cover beneath the earth’s surface is a simple yet effective strategy to evade these hostile entities.

    First Home in Minecraft Free

    Descend four blocks into the earth, slip into the void, and erect a barrier above your crown.

    Minecraft digging guide squares

    Imagine stumbling upon a flock of sheep and managing to collect three fluffy tufts of wool. You hastily craft a bed, nestle yourself into its cozy embrace, and drift off to sleep just as the sun begins to set. Thanks to your quick thinking, you are able to slumber soundly and steer clear of any pesky mobs that may have otherwise appeared in the darkness.

    Excavate a colossal cavity that snugly accommodates your bed, promptly seal it and gently pat the bedding. Upon the opportune moment, bask in the comfort of your bed and awaken to the radiant rays of the rising sun.

    The First Night in Minecraft Free

    Opt for exploration if a restful slumber isn’t your cup of tea. Beware of unsavory acquaintances that may cross your path and pose a threat. Looking to survive your inaugural Minecraft night? Keep an eye out for the following menacing mobs.

    Baby Zombie and Zombie

    When these comrades come your way, what’s the best course of action? The solution is simple: bolt! Sunlight is a fatal weakness for Zombies, causing them to combust on contact. They manifest after dusk or in dimly lit locations like underground caverns.

    Baby Zombie in Minecraft Free

    The elusive Baby Zombies hold a rarity status with only a 5% probability of appearing. Their compact size is evident as they measure a mere 0.95 squares in height and a mere 0.3 square wide. Tragically, they remain in an infantile state for the duration of their existence.

    With their petite stature, these creatures can dash through an aperture created by a single missing block. Their swiftness outmatches all other mobs, and their hits pack a punch equivalent to a regular-sized zombie.

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    Zombie in Minecraft Free

    Upon slaying zombies, one may acquire a variety of items including decayed flesh, potatoes, carrots, iron ingots, and even pieces


    Similar to the undead, at the sight of a bony Skeleton, hasten away.

    Skeleton in Minecraft free

    Unless a Skeleton is submerged in water, it will ignite upon exposure to sunlight. These bony beings emerge in the cover of darkness or in the depths of dimly-lit caverns.

    Prepare to face the wrath of a Skeleton’s archery skills as its arrows fly towards you, waiting to make contact and cause damage, sending you hurtling backwards. Fear not, however, for these bony beings are quite manageable. Their aim is easily thrown off if you keep up a continuous left and right movement, allowing you to counterattack and defeat them with ease.

    Once a Skeleton is defeated, it will disintegrate into a hazy plume of white haze and may relinquish an array of valuable items, including Bones, Bows, and Arrows.


    The notorious Creeper, distinguished from its fellow mobs, has the unique ability to wander freely during the day. It creeps noiselessly, stealthily meandering until it reaches its prey, ready to detonate with explosive force. The impact sends the victim flying back several blocks while also inflicting substantial damage.

    Creeper in Minecraft free

    If you dare to approach the Creeper, it will pursue you relentlessly. As it draws near, a sizzling sound will signal its impending detonation, which typically takes about a second and a half to charge. The radius of its explosive blast is limited to a mere three blocks, so if you’re beyond that range, you needn’t worry about taking any damage.

    Eliminating a Creeper requires a calculated approach. First, engage in close proximity combat and strike the creature. Next, retreat to a safe distance of at least 3 blocks, allowing the Creeper to cease its ominous sizzling. This process must be repeated until the creature is vanquished.

    Eliminating a Creeper results in the potential acquisition of Gunpowder or Records. Interestingly, the Creeper displays a phobia towards felines.

    Cave Spider

    Despite its reputation, the Spider isn’t always a ruthless predator. During the day, this eight-legged creature won’t harm you unless provoked. It’s only when the sun sets or when you venture into dark, cavernous spaces that the Spider becomes aggressive. One of its most remarkable skills is the ability to effortlessly scale vertical surfaces and squeeze through tiny crevices.

    Cave Spider in Minecraft free

    Illuminate the arachnids with the radiance of your torches.

    Upon the slaying of Spiders, they bestow upon the victor a bounty of String and Spider Eyes. This String is a versatile resource, ideal for crafting Bows and Fishing Rods, or even spun into wool – although, the more traditional method of shearing sheep proves far more efficient in this regard. Meanwhile, the Spider Eyes serve a more specific purpose, as a crucial ingredient in potion-making. The number of string and eyes yielded from each Spider varies, with an average of 0 to 2 Strings and 0 to 1 Spider Eyes per kill.

    Underground Mining in Minecraft Free

    The art of mining various ores in Minecraft free is undoubtedly a crucial aspect of the game. However, the endeavor of locating specific resources can prove to be quite a daunting task. Without the proper knowledge and guidance, the search for all types of ores can become an even more arduous feat.

    The frequency of various ores varies with the level above the bedrock. The bedrock marks the game’s deepest mining point, and each subsequent block counts as a new level.

    To begin, allow us to provide you with details on the diverse

  • Glittering with a dazzling allure, diamonds are typically unearthed at depths reaching the 16th level or beyond, yet they remain elusive on the 19th and 20th levels.
  • The precious metal, gold, is bound to make its frequent appearance in the depths of the 32nd level and below, but its presence will be absent from the 35th and 36th levels.
  • The metal known as iron can typically be discovered within the depths of the 64th level or below, but it remains elusive on the 67th and 68th levels.
  • The elusive Redstone is known to frequent the depths of the 16th level and beyond, however, it’s a no-show on the 19th and 20th levels.
  • The elusive substance of Coal is frequently discovered on the depths of the 128th and beyond, yet it remains a rarity on the 131st and 132nd levels.
  • How To Mine Efficiently

    To excel in Minecraft, it is crucial to not only identify the locations of various ores but also master the art of efficient mining techniques.

    The foremost principle to abide by is to never excav

    lava in Minecraft free

    Digging straight down is a perilous pursuit unless you possess an abundance of luck and a daring spirit. The dangers lurking beneath the surface are plentiful, ranging from tumbling into molten lava, plummeting off a steep precipice, encountering a horde of hostile mobs, or delving too deep to return to the surface. Should you choose to proceed with this strategy, it’s best to come prepared with a water bucket for lava or cliffs, adequate armor and weaponry to fend off any attackers, and a copious amount of ladders for a safe ascent. But make no mistake, only a true daredevil would attempt such a feat!

    Your approach to playing Minecraft is the key determinant of the alternative mining techniques you employ.

    Method 1

    Explore the depths by either excavating a block beneath, advancing one block ahead, or continuously descending to the lower levels. It’s imperative to keep a minimum of 2 blocks between your cranium and the ceiling as you move forward, and widening the path to 2 blocks can enhance the comfort level. In case of a cliff or tunnel, alter your course by 90 degrees. Upon reaching bedrock, utilize the cobblestone you’ve collected to create stairs that lead you back to the surface.

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    bedrock in Minecraft

    Method 2

    Create a slender vertical tunnel that spans two blocks in length and one block in width. As you dig downward, always opt for the alternate block in front of you. Don’t forget to place a ladder along the way, allowing for a smooth ascent back up to the surface. Every five to six levels, illuminate the path with a torch to keep pesky monsters at bay. Keep digging until you reach the impenetrable bedrock, if possible.

    Quick tip: Stay focused and avoid getting sidetracked by the various landscapes you may encounter, including natural caves and mines. Always keep a water bucket handy to extinguish any lava that may obstruct your path and remove waterfalls to continue digging. The only exceptions to this rule are end ruins and mob spawns, which are worth taking a detour for.

    Minecraft digging

    After reaching the solid foundation, ascend four levels and excavate a provisional abode. This is where you can situate a flickering torch, a cooking range, several storage containers, a workbench, and a cozy bed. Commence your mineral excavation right from this spot.

    Carve a tunnel of impressive dimensions, with a towering height of four blocks and a narrow width of one. This winding path can stretch for lengths unknown, beckoning the adventurous to explore its depths. Upon journey’s end, turn around and venture forth to the left or right of the tunnel’s wall. Behold, a wealth of precious minerals may be laid bare before you, though do not discount the possibility of other equally promising techniques.

    Fish Bone Method

    Begin by excavating down to the 11th stratum, known for its abundant mineral wealth. Once there, carve out a central shaft, measuring 3 blocks tall and wide, and burrow as far as your heart desires. Next, backtrack to the entrance and commence digging into the walls every two blocks, creating narrow 2-block-high by 1-block-wide tunnels that extend around 15 blocks deep. Repeat this process on both the left and right sides.

    Fish Bone Mining in Minecraft

    The dimensions of the halls in this approach serve as an impediment to the emergence of any menacing creatures and additionally, reduce the likelihood of encountering molten magma. Furthermore, this guarantees that you unearth all the valuable minerals present in the vicinity.

    Nonetheless, this technique may consume a considerable amount of time, necessitates substantial resources and fire implements, and is solely appropriate for a brief duration.

    Mine Efficiently graph in Minecraft guide

    The interval efficiency graph, as documented by the Minecraft Wiki, presents a fascinating insight into the correlation between mined blocks and ore ratios. The data depicts a pattern of predictability – at precisely 9 blocks intervals, it’s possible to expect the discovery of an ore. However, it’s worth noting that diamonds, in particular, possess a substantially lower probability of appearing compared to other ores such as coal and iron. It’s crucial to bear in mind that these findings are merely based on computer algorithms and should not be interpreted as absolute certainties.

    Natural Mining Method

    Delving into the depths of Minecraft’s natural caves with nothing but a handful of torches may seem like a crude and rudimentary approach to mining, but it remains a tried-and-true method for the intrepid adventurer. With the looming threat of hostile mobs lurking in the shadows, it’s imperative to keep a steady supply of light to both ward them off and illuminate your path. However, navigating these cavernous labyrinths can be a daunting task, which is why I prefer to strategically place four torches to guide my way back to the surface. It’s a simple yet effective technique that can make all the difference in a game where even the slightest misstep can spell disaster.

    A quick reminder: Mother Nature’s underground wonders come in all shapes and sizes, which means that reaching the depths you desire may not always be feasible. Furthermore, the darkness that surrounds you will harbor a plethora of menacing creatures. Be prepared by bringing a shield and maintaining a keen lookout for potential threats!

    Windmill Mining Method

    Start by selecting a suitable spot for your mining base and commence digging a tunnel that measures 4 blocks wide, 4 blocks long, and 3 blocks high. Dig three blocks forward from each corner of the square and take a right turn to dig another 3 blocks. By following these steps, your mining base will take on the appearance of a windmill, as depicted in the accompanying image.

    Windmill Mining in Minecraft Guide

    To proceed with the next stage, commence by excavating towards the right of each tunnel until you reach the opposing corners of the windmill. This will unveil the four corners of the structure. Once unearthed, the initial 4×4 plot will expand to a colossal 13×13 area, with every block within this vicinity having been mined out. This guarantees that no valuable ores have gone unnoticed.

    Windmill Mining in Minecraft Guide

    To proceed, you must repeat your mining approach by venturing towards the edges of the fresh cavity. Proceed by excavating three steps straight and three steps towards the right, and then persistently dig until the channels connect with each other.

    Windmill Mining in Minecraft Guide

    Despite its complexity, there is one undeniable advantage to this method over the fishbone technique. It positions you in close proximity to the mining epicenter, allowing for quick returns to base to deposit your precious mineral haul or retrieve additional resources. The fishbone approach, on the other hand, can lead you on a wild goose chase far from your tunnel base. Despite its benefits, this method is not commonly utilized by Minecraft players due to its intricate nature.

    Minecraft Farm

    Minecraft free offers a vast opportunity to cultivate and nurture crops and livestock, making it a crucial aspect of your gameplay experience. Excelling in the art of Minecraft farming can unlock numerous benefits within the game. But, what are the key elements that make a Minecraft farm truly effective?

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    The most optimum crop layout is deemed to be the expansive 9×9 farms. Just a sprinkle of water in the center and the remaining area transforms into saturated soil (once the dirt has been tilled).

    By planting your crops adjacent to another crop, but leaving a one block gap, you can enhance their growth phase significantly. This technique can potentially reduce the growth time by up to half of the usual duration. However, it is essential to note that this approach will require sacrificing some planting space.

    Minecraft Farm

    By utilizing more area, your crop fields can achieve heightened efficiency. Employing this technique can enable you to plant 9×5-1 crops per field, resulting in a total of 44 crops. In contrast, planting them adjacent to each other and filling up the field (9×9-1)/2 yields only 40 crops. Let the numbers do the talking!

    Keep in mind that the growth rate remains unaffected by diagonal proximity.

    Minecraft Farm Guide

    Having the good fortune of acquiring multiple types of seeds, like potatoes and carrots, opens up the possibility of planting a diverse range of crops in your field. This approach not only allows for an accelerated growth rate, but also maximizes efficiency. The image exemplifies the optimal outcome of planting two different crops simultaneously, resulting in the ultimate space-saving strategy. Two birds, one stone.

    How to Get Minecraft Download for Free?

    Want to enjoy the thrilling Minecraft experience without having to shell out any bucks? This guide has got you covered! Sure, you could buy it on the App Store for $6.99 or on Google Play for $7.49, but why waste your precious dough when you can have it for free on your iPhone or Android? No need to fiddle with any free trials either

    Let’s not forget to mention the remarkable Panda Helper! This nifty tool allows you to download Minecraft on your iPhones, iPads, and Android devices without any pesky trial periods. Simply download and revel in the joys of Minecraft for free. With Panda Helper, you can indulge in the delightful world of Minecraft without any financial burden.

    With a plethora of iOS and Android hacked apps & games, Panda Helper is a third-party app store that reigns supreme. It also houses an array of Game Tools that cater to every gaming need, making it a one-stop-shop for all

    How to Get Minecraft for Free on iPhone?

    To attain the Minecraft free download iOS edition, one must first set up Panda Helper on their iPhone or iPad. The available Panda Helper iOS versions encompass Free, VIP, and jailbroken editions.


    Contrasting the Panda Helper VIP iteration and its complimentary counterpart.

  • The VIP version comes with a blissful ad-free experience, while the Free version is equipped with ads (although some built-in app ads, like those found in Instagram rocket, cannot be eradicated due to the developers’ discretion).
  • Exclusive apps that are not accessible on other platforms are exclusively found on Panda Helper VIP. The list of these VIP apps can be obtained by navigating to the “Exclusive to VIP” section.
  • Exclusive privileges such as App Cloner, Cheat Engine, Cloud Save, and Save Data are reserved solely for the esteemed Panda Helper VIP members.
  • The installation of Panda Helper comes free of cost, provided a common certificate is at your disposal. However, Apple’s tendency to revoke these certificates with ease poses a challenge. In case this unfortunate event takes place, acquiring a VIP with the super certificate becomes mandatory prior to downloading Panda Helper.
  • panda-helper-VIP-download

    Next up, initiate Panda Helper and input “Minecraft” into the search field. Retrieve all the outcomes cataloged by Panda Helper.

    Launch Minecraft, peruse its enticing description, and tap “Download” to initiate the installation process. Once the download is complete, a notification will pop up prompting you to proceed with the app installation.

    How to Get Minecraft for Free on iPhone

    Indulge in the pleasure of playing Minecraft for free on your iPhone.

    In addition to Minecraft, the Panda Helper offers a variety of apps that can be downloaded. These apps come with modified features such as unlimited HP, coins, diamonds, and even in-app purchases for free. Furthermore, you can obtain paid apps from the Panda Helper without spending a single penny, just like how Minecraft can be downloaded for free.

    How to Get Minecraft Android for Free?

    Android users can access the Minecraft free trial, but the catch is that they have to pay once the trial period ends. However, for those who seek to avoid the hassle of payment, Panda Helper is the way to go. To get your hands on the coveted Minecraft APK for free, all you need to do is install Panda Helper on your Android device.


    Open up Panda Helper and input “Minecraft” into the search field. Scout through the results and opt for Minecraft’s free version, then proceed to hit the “Get” button to commence the downloading process. Upon completion of the download, hit the Install button to finalize the setup.

    Indulge in the delightful experience of playing Minecraft APK for free without any cost.

    How to Free Download Minecraft APK Mod?

    How to Get Minecraft Android for Free

    Minecraft PE Mods

    Minecraft PE, the mobile edition available on iOS and Android devices, has revolutionized the way we play this classic game. Mods, or modifications, are bundles of code that enhance the original content and provide new experiences. One such mod is the Minecraft APK Mod by Panda Helper, exclusively available for Android phones.

    The mod boasts an impressive array of features, including

  • The check for licenses
  • Log into your Microsoft account for work
  • Unleash your creativity with a character editor that grants access to all features, though skins may not persist after exiting the game.
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