Hell Let Loose No Compatible Servers Found Issue: Is there any fix yet

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Hell Let Loose, a game crafted by Black Matter, is the epitome of strategic gameplay, lifelike visuals, and historical narratives. Since its launch in 2021, it has amassed a dedicated global following and continues to thrive with each passing moment. Enveloped in the settings of World War II’s Eastern and Western Fronts, players must unite as an army to seize and maintain key locations on the map. This multiplayer first-person shooter plunges players into a gripping conflict where they are joined by a total of 100 comrades. Nonetheless, numerous players have been grappling with a vexing predicament when attempting to connect to a server. The predicament of ‘No Compatible Servers Found’ in Hell Let Loose has left players pondering if there exists a solution. If you find yourself among those facing this issue, you’ve arrived at the perfect destination! This article will delve into the problem and explore potential remedies in great detail.

Immerse yourself in the immersive and lifelike World War II experience offered by Hell Let Loose, where victory hinges upon cunning strategies and expert weapon command. This phenomenal game has garnered immense popularity over the last few years, captivating players worldwide. Unfortunately, a frustrating obstacle in the form of the ‘No Compatible Servers Found’ error has emerged, preventing eager players from joining servers and enjoying the game. Given the widespread impact this issue has had on the player community, it is imperative that a solution be promptly provided.

Hell Let Loose No Compatible Servers Found Issue: Is there any fix yet

The problem of encountering the dreaded ‘No Compatible Servers Found’ appears to stem from the intricate matchmaking system within Hell Let Loose. This pesky error obstructs players from discovering and seamlessly connecting to a server to indulge in the game. Such a predicament can undoubtedly be exasperating, particularly when one takes into account the game’s immense popularity and the sincere dedication that players invest in it. It is simply unjust for a player to be confined by server limitations and connectivity hindrances. Therefore, in this informative guide, we shall delve into a plethora of potential solutions to tackle this issue head-on. We encourage you to peruse further for a comprehensive breakdown.

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EasyAntiCheat Repair

Numerous players have engaged in extensive discussions regarding this matter across various online forums. Fortunately, these discussions caught the attention of the game developers, prompting them to take immediate action. They swiftly devised a temporary solution to address the issue, which they shared on Steam’s general discussion page dedicated to the topic. To begin resolving the problem, first, navigate to the game’s installation folder, accessible via the C drive > Program Files > Steam > steamapps > common > Hell Let Loose > EasyAntiCheat. Once you’ve located the designated folder, launch the EasyAntiCheat_Setup.Exe file, proceed to click on the ‘Repair Service’ button, and patiently wait for the installation process to finalize. When the installation is complete, launch Hell Let Loose on Steam, and rest assured that the issue will be successfully resolved.

Antivirus Exception List

Antivirus and firewalls, although reliable guardians of our system, occasionally display an overprotective nature, causing them to interfere with certain games. To ensure smooth gaming experiences, it is crucial to verify that the antivirus or firewall is not obstructing the game. One can easily accomplish this by adding the game to the exception list. To add the game file to this list, navigate to Settings > Update and Security > Windows Security > Virus and Threat Protection > Manage > Exclusions. Within the ‘Exclusions’ section, locate the game’s .Exe file in its installation directory and include it in the exception list. In case of persistent issues, players may consider temporarily disabling their firewall.

Run As Administrator

It is recommended to execute the .Exe file of Hell Let Loose with administrator privileges. By doing so, the game will have enhanced capabilities to modify security settings, alter system files, and access various folders. To initiate Hell Let Loose as an administrator, navigate to the game’s installation directory and right-click on the .Exe file. Then, choose Properties and proceed to the Compatibility tab. From there, opt for the Run as Administrator feature. Finally, confirm the changes by clicking OK. Now, commence the game and assess if the problem lingers.

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Change Steam Region

If you encounter the ‘No Compatible Servers Found’ problem, it is likely that the error is localized to your region’s server. To resolve this, you can experiment with altering your Steam region and verify if the issue is resolved. Begin by launching Steam > Settings > Change the Download Region to EU, US, or RU. Ensure that you select the region closest to your location for a reliable ping, or explore different regions to find one with a stable connection.

After altering the region, it is imperative to launch the Steam client with administrative privileges. Navigate to Program Files (x86) > Steam directory > Perform a right-click on Steam.Exe > Access the Properties tab > Choose Compatibility option > Opt for “Run as administrator”. Subsequently, relaunch Steam and commence the game anew.

Turn off IPv6

Enabling IPv6 may be one of the causes behind encountering the frustrating ‘No Compatible Servers Found’ error in Hell Let Loose. To eliminate this error, you can experiment with disabling it. Access the Windows Control Panel, navigate to Network and Internet, and proceed to the Network and Sharing Center. Then, select Change Adapter Settings and right-click on your connection (whether it’s Ethernet or Wifi). From there, access the Properties and uncheck the box next to Internet Protocol Version 6 to deactivate it. Remember to verify and uncheck it again if it was already unchecked. After disabling it, restart your system and relaunch the game. This action will grant you the ability to connect to a server and discover a match to partake in the game.

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There are various strategies that players can adopt, as it is not always advisable to disable IPv6. A handful of players have discovered that utilizing a VPN has resolved their issues. By using a VPN, you can conceal your IP address and deceive applications and websites into thinking that you are accessing them from a different country. This capability allows gamers to explore an array of servers, making the VPN an invaluable tool. By playing Hell Let Loose through a VPN, players gain the ability to connect to different servers and test multiple connections for stability. Through a VPN, you have the freedom to select a server with the lowest ping for optimal gameplay. Some notable VPN options for gaming enthusiasts to consider are ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, PureVPN, and many more.

Log In/Out of Steam

Some players have shared their success in resolving the game issue by gracefully signing out of Steam and subsequently signing back in. Hence, it might be worth exploring this method as a potential solution.

If the problem continues, be sure to send a request on Team17’s official website, or report it on their official Discord channel. And with that, we reach the conclusion of this guide, hoping that the suggested solutions mentioned earlier will be of assistance. Before you go, don’t forget to visit DigiStatement for additional updates and news about your beloved games!

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