How Much RAM for a Minecraft Server

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In order to ensure optimal performance of your Minecraft server, it is imperative to have ample RAM. As you introduce more players and mods into your server, the significance of allocating a substantial amount of RAM increases. Although there exists a suggested minimum requirement for each Minecraft build, settling for the bare minimum is not advisable.

The scope of your world holds great importance in determining the required RAM, taking into account structures, mods, and players. The server’s RAM demands increase proportionally with the level of modification and expansiveness. Inadequate RAM can lead to lag or hinder the server’s performance in various aspects, making it challenging for multiple players to be simultaneously present.

How Much RAM for a Minecraft Server

When exploring the realm of professional Minecraft hosting plans, you’ll discover a solid foundation of 2GB RAM for modest worlds adorned with ten plugins and ten players. However, if you dare to venture into the vast expanse of a colossal world, boasting over 50 mods, accommodating 150 players, and stretching a whopping 150 GB in size, you’ll need a minimum of 15 GB RAM to sustain such grandeur.

Let’s take a quick peek into the realm of RAM requirements, tailored to suit your server and mods.

  • A minimum of 3 GB of RAM is required for a group consisting of 15 players and 25 mods.
  • A minimum of 4 GB of RAM is required for a group of 25 players and 40 mods.
  • A minimum of 5 GB of RAM is required for a captivating gaming experience with a total of 30 players and 45 mods.
  • Input: A minimum of 6 GB of RAM is required for a server that accommodates 40 players and 50 mods.
  • A minimum of 8 GB of RAM is required for a gaming setup consisting of 90 players and 50 mods.
  • With a grand total of 150 players and 50 moderators, the colossal size of up to 100 GB requires a minimum of 10 GB of RAM.
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    As the number of players in a server increases, the demand for RAM becomes evident, irrespective of the number of mods. Similarly, expansive worlds hosting the same players and mods will inevitably necessitate a higher RAM capacity. Thus, it is imperative to scale your RAM allocation in accordance with the growth of your world size, player base, and mod requirements.

    How To Allocate More RAM to Minecraft Server

    Allocating RAM can be a breeze, regardless of whether you opt for server rental or prefer managing your own. When renting a server, all it takes is a visit to your control panel and a simple upgrade of your plan to bolster your RAM capacity. Naturally, the cost will rise in accordance with your growing requirements. However, if you choose to handle your own server, having the knowledge of adjusting your RAM allocation as per your needs can prove to be quite advantageous.

    Allocating RAM on Java Edition

    Modifying the RAM is a breeze with the Java Edition’s launcher. In the event that your default launcher encounters difficulties or if you opt for a different one altogether, fear not, for altering the RAM can still be accomplished through an alternative launcher.

  • Unleash the power of your Minecraft Launcher.
  • Click on Installations.mincraft-laucher-installations
  • Click the three-dot button on the installation you want to manage.three-dot-minecraft launcher
  • Click “More Options.”more-options
  • Examine the “JVM Arguments” line.jvm-arguments-How Much RAM for a Minecraft Server
  • Change the number by “Xmx6G” to include the amount of RAM you want to allocate. For example, it should say “Xmx6G” to use 6 GB of
  • The task at hand requires individual management for each installation.

    Allocating RAM on Third-party Launchers

    The JVM arguments within third-party launchers may be scattered, yet the general procedure for altering them remains akin to that of the Java Edition. Seek out the options of Preferences or Edit Profile, as these two spots are likely to house the adjustable JVM arguments that can grant Minecraft an enhanced RAM allocation.

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    Allocating RAM on Forge Server

    Within your Forge Server installation, there lies the power to modify the text document and seamlessly alter the quantity of RAM designated for Minecraft.

  • Unleash the secrets hidden within the directory that houses your Forge server installation.
  • Open the “Launch” text document.launch-text-file
  • Make sure your Forge installation matches the one with the .jar installation listed in the document.forge
  • Type in the amount of RAM you want to use in the Xmx command line.xmx-command-line
  • Preserve the manuscript.
  • Use the “Launch” file option to start your Forge server.launch-windows-batch-file
  • Should you frequently alter your Forge settings, it may be worthwhile to employ ServerStart Scripts for efficient management of RAM allocation and various other configurations.

    How to Allocate More RAM to Minecraft Through Twitch

    Introducing the Twitch Launcher, a captivating gateway to embark on your Minecraft journey. Unleash its potential to swiftly amplify your RAM for an enhanced gaming experience.

  • Go to the Minecraft tab in Settings.minecraft-twitch
  • Click the allocated memory slider bubble.memory-slider
  • Simply glide the slider to your desired memory allocation for Minecraft.
  • It’s as effortless as pie. As soon as you launch the game through that nifty launcher, you’ll dive right into the thrilling experience with the exact amount of RAM you set aside.

    Why Can’t I Allocate More RAM to Minecraft

    Occasionally, individuals encounter difficulties in assigning additional RAM to Minecraft. In the event that you are facing this problem, it is probable that you have not installed the Java SE Development kit for Windows x64. The 32-bit version will not be functional in this case.

    If you happen to be using the Minecraft edition for Windows 10, rest assured that the RAM management for this game is taken care of by the operating system itself, eliminating the need for any manual adjustments.

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    Can You Allocate More than 12 GB of RAM to Minecraft

    The extent of RAM allocation on your system knows no bounds. Minecraft can effortlessly accommodate over 12 GB of RAM, courtesy of professional hosts who provide a generous limit of up to 15 GB.

    For optimal Minecraft gameplay, it’s advisable to ensure a minimum of 2 GB of RAM. Nevertheless, opting for a higher threshold of 4 GB tends to yield more favorable outcomes. The discernible enhancement in performance justifies the investment, regardless of your RAM limitations.

    Tips for Adding RAM to Minecraft

    When attempting to enhance Minecraft’s RAM, it is crucial to consider the limitations of the computer serving as the game server. It is advisable to reserve an ample amount of RAM to ensure the smooth operation of additional programs or processes concurrently. Remember, if you are utilizing the same computer for gameplay, it is imperative to retain sufficient unallocated RAM to prevent any potential disruption in graphics quality caused by low memory.

    Feel free to explore various RAM configurations instead of being bound to a single one. Experiment with different amounts of RAM at different moments. In the event of a sudden influx of players, consider briefly shutting down to allocate additional RAM, ensuring smooth gameplay during peak periods. Conversely, during quieter times with only a handful of players, scaling back the RAM can be a viable option.

    Input: Sometimes, when an excessive amount of RAM is added, servers may experience lag or encounter performance problems. If you notice a decline in your server’s functionality after increasing the RAM, consider reducing it. Finding the optimal amount may require some trial and error.

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