How to Change Aspect Ratio on Xbox One? [Full Guide]

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    Input: If you are unaware of the method to alter the aspect ratio on your Xbox One, delve into this engaging post on MiniTool. Within, you will discover a comprehensive tutorial on modifying your Xbox One’s aspect ratio, along with valuable insights into the world of Xbox aspect ratios.

    About Xbox Aspect Ratio

    In the event that Xbox One consoles encounter difficulties in accurately detecting the display resolution of the connected device, it is necessary to modify the Xbox aspect ratio when faced with the following scenarios.

  • The game’s boundary fails to align with the border of your device.
  • The sides are adorned with sleek ebony panels.
  • The Xbox displays a tantalizing glimpse of an unfinished image.
  • The screens have expanded in width.
  • Prior to altering the Xbox aspect ratio, it is advisable to take a brief glimpse into the realms of Xbox One resolutions.

  • 720p resolution (HD): Embrace the cinematic experience with a captivating 16:9 aspect ratio, boasting a generous 1280 pixels wide and 720 pixels tall. This exceptional visual quality, although considered the minimum resolution, remains perfectly suited for HDTVs below 72 inches in size.
  • Embrace the immersive world of 1080p (FHD) resolution, where a widescreen wonder unfolds with a captivating aspect ratio of 16:9. With a staggering width of 1920 pixels and a towering height of 1280 pixels, this visual extravaganza sets the stage for gaming, movies, and shows like never before. Unlocking a seamless experience, it even boasts the ability to support an impressive 120Hz on Xbox consoles.
  • Experience the mesmerizing 1440p (QHD) display, boasting a breathtaking 16:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 2560 pixels wide by 1440 pixels tall. Immerse yourself in the fluidity of a 120Hz refresh rate, elevating your visual experience to new heights.
  • 4K (UHD): Unveiling a captivating 16:9 aspect ratio, this awe-inspiring display boasts a staggering 3840 pixels in width and 2160 pixels in height. Regrettably, it falls short of supporting a dynamic 120Hz refresh rate.
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    How to Change the Aspect Ratio on Xbox One

    Follow these steps to alter the aspect ratio of your Xbox.

    Explore the realms of your Xbox universe by embarking on a journey through the ethereal Xbox home screen. Traverse the mystical pathways and uncover the hidden secrets of Settings, where wonders await. Unlock the gateways to extraordinary experiences as you delve into the mysterious realm of All Settings. Unleash the power of Display & sound, and witness the magic of Video output. Awaken the HD TV’s true potential by embarking on a quest to Calibrate, where a world of possibilities awaits. With each click, the Aspect ratio and Sharpness option materializes, beckoning you towards the next chapter of your epic adventure.

    Step into the remarkable realm of Battle Islands: Commanders and venture into the Options menu, where the gateway to uncharted territories awaits. Unleash your imaginative prowess and seek out the elusive Graphics slider nestled within the mystical realm of Overscan.

    How to Change Aspect Ratio on Xbox One for TV

    Want to enhance your gaming or streaming experience on the Xbox console? Unlock a world of customization possibilities to tailor your settings just the way you like. Curious about tweaking your TV display settings on the Xbox console? Allow us to guide you through the simple steps to make it happen.

    Begin the procedure by pressing the Xbox button, taking the first step.

    Proceed to Step 2 by gracefully tapping on Profile & system and navigating to the enchanting realm of Settings.

    In the third step, venture into the mystical realm of the General tab and embark on an exhilarating quest to locate the enigmatic TV & display options.

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    In Step 4, explore the realm of Resolution as you handpick the perfect display and picture settings that effortlessly complement your TV. Or, venture into the territory of Refresh rate and seamlessly select a refresh rate from a delightful drop-down menu.


    Ensure the TV connection is set to Auto detect if the resolution appears mysteriously elusive.

    Proceed to Step 5: Opt for TV Calibration and diligently adhere to the on-screen prompts to successfully complete the procedure.


    To successfully execute the task, it is essential to utilize either the television’s remote control or its physical buttons.

    Discover the ultimate gaming experience with our handpicked selection of top-notch televisions, designed exclusively for PS5 and Xbox Series X enthusiasts. Unleash the full potential of your gaming console and immerse yourself in breathtaking visuals. Our guide will walk you through the seamless process of connecting your console to the TV, ensuring a hassle-free setup. Get ready to elevate your gaming to new heights!

    How to Change Aspect Ratio on Other Platforms

    Adjusting the aspect ratio on PS4 consoles calls for a visit to the PS4 home screen. Once there, navigate to the Settings menu and delve into the realms of Sound and Screen. Seek out the elusive Display Area Settings and embark on the captivating journey of altering the safe area of your screen.

    Enhance your Steam experience by effortlessly adjusting the aspect ratio. Simply harness the power of Ctrl or Alt keys as you embark on your gaming journey. Unleash your creativity by seamlessly modifying the resolution of your game through the enchanting pop-up configuration setting window.

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    Bottom Line

    Input: Looking to modify the aspect ratio on your Xbox One? Fear not, as we have a comprehensive guide just for you. Embark on this journey by adhering to the instructions provided, and you’ll successfully achieve your desired outcome. Elevating your gaming escapades, you can enhance your personal computer using an efficient PC optimizer such as the remarkable MiniTool Partition Wizard. This powerful tool enables you to expand your disk space, liberate valuable storage, conduct thorough hard drive examinations, and even recover any elusive data that may have gone astray.

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