How to cure Zombie Pigmen anger infection?

Suddenly, the player escaped as everyone else was thinking, especially when this annoying situation happened. Another reason for anger arises when this happens, of course, because players can spawn in hidden caves by passing through walls. This realization came after doing research on the wiki and playing the game. I noticed that if a player hurts a “friend” and joins others to attack him, a Pigman Zombie screams in anger.

How can I effectively avoid future anger transmission without having to wait for a long time?

Inquired on February 7, 2016

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Be cautious when a pigman angry takes damage during the cycle as this will start a new ‘infection’ and make all angry pigmen in the despawn area. If you are moving over 128 blocks in one direction, for example, you will need to make pigmen despawn. If you don’t want to wait, remember that new pigmen will spawn back in the same direction.

While ago. Their ‘ire’ status is currently stored in the entity NBT data (and I recently verified this in-game on version 1.8.9) – this issue was resolved some time ago – Exiting the game does not render pigmen docile.

Additionally, dying does not cause pigmen to become passive – I just verified this in-game on version 1.8.9.

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If I’m not sure, this will work, but it might give them a chance to scream and spread the infection. However, it won’t kill them if you don’t hit one.

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All generations.

However, there are two options to put an end to it.

  • Quit.
  • Die.
  • This will restart the pigmen, and you can proceed on your joyful path.

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