How to delete Resource Packs in Minecraft Bedrock

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Minecraft Bedrock offers the delightful feature of enabling or disabling any resource pack at the user’s convenience. This grants users the freedom to handpick the desired resource packs for each unique world. While these packs are undeniably valuable, there may come a time when a certain pack becomes obsolete or ceases to function, rendering it unnecessary.

When encountering such situations, users have the option to eliminate the resource pack. The act of uninstalling Minecraft resource packs aids in tidying up the chaos and diminishing the overall usage of disk space. Now, let us delve into the process of removing resource packs within the Minecraft bedrock edition.

Want to bid farewell to those resource packs in Minecraft Bedrock? Look no further than the Global Storage option! Forget about tinkering with the Resource Packs option on the world settings page. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll wave goodbye to them in a jiffy.

  • Unleash the boundless realms of the Minecraft Universe.
  • Explore the realms of customization by tapping on the mystical icon labeled “Settings”.
  • Choose the Storage alternative.
  • Explore the realm of Resources Packs by simply clicking on the designated tab.
  • Discover and tap on the resource pack you desire to eliminate.
  • Give the Delete icon a gentle tap.
  • Tap on the button labeled “Erase”.
  • Below, we delve into a detailed explanation of the aforementioned steps.

    1] Open the Minecraft App

    Minecraft Game

    Please take into consideration that this handy manual is specifically designed for the Minecraft App on Windows 10 and does not cater to those who play Minecraft in their web browsers. To access it, users may simply search for it in the Start menu or conveniently click on the Minecraft tile located on the right-hand side of the Start menu.

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    2] Click on Settings

    Minecraft Bedrock

    Tap the Settings icon located on the primary display. This action will transport you directly to the prominent Minecraft settings panel, granting you the ability to personalize the worldwide configurations.

    3] Select the Storage option

    Minecraft Storage

    Explore the vast realm of possibilities by navigating to the Storage feature nestled within the enchanting left sidebar. Unveiling a treasure trove of your meticulously curated worlds and resource packs residing in the enchanting realm of Minecraft bedrock edition.

    4] Click on the Resources Packs tab

    Minecraft Resource Pack

    By simply clicking on the tab labeled “Resources Packs” situated on the right panel, an exciting transformation awaits. This simple action reveals a plethora of installed resource packs, each waiting to be explored and embraced.

    5] Find and click on the Resource pack you want to Remove

    Select packs

    Discover and tap on the resource pack you wish to eliminate, unveiling a plethora of supplementary choices associated with the selected resource pack.

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    6] Click on the Delete icon

    Minecraft Delete Icon

    Simply give a gentle tap to the extended menu and bid farewell to unwanted elements by selecting the Delete icon.

    7] Click on the Delete button

    Delete Confirmation

    To proceed with deleting the resource pack, simply click on the Delete button within the confirmation window. This action will verify and finalize your decision.

    Once you press the Delete button, Minecraft swiftly eliminates the selected resource pack. To uninstall multiple resource packs, simply choose the Multiselect option, mark the desired packs for removal, and click the Delete button to bid them farewell.

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    Should you require any further assistance, do not hesitate to reach out. I am here to provide support and will make every effort to assist you to the fullest extent.

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