How to Find the Seed of a Server on Minecraft?

Every Minecraft world is completely distinct and random. Each landscape is beautiful in its own right, and no two areas are alike.

In this guide, discover everything you need to understand about a Minecraft server’s seed. How can one locate the seed of a Minecraft server? Seed sharing enables you to distribute an awe-inspiring scenery from your Minecraft realm with fellow online players.

About Minecraft Seeds

Environments and ecosystems, like traits and attributes, mold the choices available in your world. These choices define the essence of your world, along with the accessible ones that aid in generating a collection of Minecraft seed.

If you utilize the seed from your existing world to generate a new one, you will receive an identical world, with the only variation being the structures within it. It is not possible for you to construct a fresh world.

Why Players Tend to Hide Multiplayer Seeds on Minecraft

It is very important for those server owners who hide their Minecraft seeds to have a reason to do so. In singleplayer mode, players can launch the seed and access it with other players.

Minecraft Realms

They engage in gameplay and explore the prime spots for acquiring high-quality resources, subsequently rejoining the multiplayer server with an unjustifiable edge.

How to Search for World and Realm Seeds on Minecraft

Java Edition

In order to proceed with the instructions, it is necessary to have administrative privileges. However, the command prompt is the easiest method to locate the seed of a Minecraft server.

  • Load the specific globe with the seed you desire to replicate.
  • Input: Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography is an interesting destination for people of different ages. The Institute of Oceanography in Nha Tr
  • When typing, you should be careful as this process is case-sensitive. If you enter “/seed” without the forward slash, it will not be displayed. To use the “seed” command, type “/seed” after the forward slash.
  • Press “Enter,” then duplicate the world seed code that will appear in the chat window.
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    java edition

    Bedrock Edition

    The Minecraft Bedrock Edition functions slightly differently compared to the Java Edition. The “/seed” command is not compatible with Bedrock.

    To modify the game configuration, navigate to your world settings interface. You can locate the singleplayer Minecraft seed there.

    In the settings of the game server, you can locate the seed number for that particular world. Subsequently, you can utilize the seed to access your own world or connect to your friend’s Minecraft world.

    Multiplayer Server

    Unless you are the server owner, the best way to do this is by using a Mod Downloader. The server operator won’t work unless you input “/seed” in a default multiplayer world where player-single commands are not enabled.

    It is simple to duplicate the Worlds directory from your Multiplayer Minecraft Server and insert it into your new individual player world file. You can always acquire a single player world’s seed by typing “/seed” in the chat bar or text box. In the chat bar or text box, you can always access a single player world’s seed by typing “/seed”. You can effortlessly insert it into your new individual player world file from your Multiplayer Minecraft Server’s Worlds directory and duplicate it.

    world downloader mod

    Multiplayer Server Without Op

    If you have access to different game servers, you can download these seeds to play different Minecraft worlds. Minecraft provides an option for you to enter a seed value, which allows you to utilize the world generator and build different Minecraft worlds.

    To locate the seed of a Minecraft server without the operator, you must have permission from the server OP. Usually, unrecognizable players are not allowed to join any private server, as they can be mistreated and spoil the experience for the members.

    However, you can utilize Chunk Base and World Downloader Mod [1] to find and duplicate the seed of a Minecraft server.

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    Realm Without Op

    By following these steps, you can accomplish this task, particularly on a server without Operator privileges. However, please note that discovering Minecraft Realm seeds without OP may take a considerable amount of time.

  • Input the name of the world into the fabric loader or multiplayer realm.
  • Ask your friends to utilize the “FIND” feature immediately after inputting the identical global code.
  • realm without op

    To ascertain the seed of the world, you will need to search for elements like modifications, terminal pillars, containers, and ecosystems.

    To expedite this process, we recommend having a high-clock frequency for the processor. If the processor operates at a speed of 4.47 GHz, you can quickly locate the seed in under a minute. Once you have located the world folder or file, download it and place it within your downloaded world. Once you have downloaded the seed, place it in the world folder or file within your downloaded world. With a processor speed of 4.47 GHz, you can find the seed in less than a minute. We suggest having a high-clock frequency for the processor to accelerate this process.

    Minecraft Server You Don’t Own or Not an Admin of

    If you have the ability to obtain the seed, you may be able to fully control and save the world as it is in your PC. Some people use mods to download and access the world by obtaining the seed, while others fail to obtain the seed and try to use mods.

    Server Aternos

    You can download the Aternos seed and personalize it by including cities, structures, and additional additions.

    The seed code in the document can be located by following the step-by-step guidance on their authorized webpage. Just like acquiring files from Google, this is an uncomplicated approach to directly obtain the Aternos seed from their site.


    Alternative Methods to Look for Server Seeds

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    Another approach to locate the seed of a Minecraft world is by utilizing MultiMC, a well-known launcher for Minecraft.

    To set up MultiMC, follow

  • Get MultiMC from the download page.
  • Locate the downloaded zip file, and perform a right-click on it
  • Select the choice that extracts the archive to a fresh directory and drag the directory to your personal computer.
  • Access the directory and perform a double-click on “
  • Choose your desired language, then select “Next.”.
  • Choose Java and memory assignment.
  • Follow the guidelines to finish the procedure.
  • Like Minecraft multiplayer server, the identical procedures can be followed to discover the seed of a Minecraft server. Subsequently, you can utilize it to operate the World Downloader Mod once MultiMC has been installed.


    Will pressing F3 still show seeds?

    Previously, Minecraft players could acquire world seeds on online servers by utilizing the F3 key. Nevertheless, the F3 key presently solely displays the value of 0. It will still function in single-player mode, but in multiplayer mode, the only means to obtain seeds is through commands or requests. Obtaining world seeds on Minecraft servers can now be done by utilizing the F3 key, but it only displays the value of 0. In single-player mode, it will continue to operate as usual, while in multiplayer mode, the only option to obtain seeds is through commands or requests.

    What does “OP” mean?

    Server Operator, abbreviated as OP, refers to a role in which players are granted different levels of clearance based on their command abilities. The higher their level, the more commands they can utilize.


    We hope that this guide article has helped you find the seed for your Minecraft server, even though there are various processes on how to search for it. Now, it can be easily done to share or recreate the time in the world that belongs to you.

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