How to Fix Minecraft Bedrock Edition Realm Upload Issue

how to fix minecraft bedrock edition realm upload issue 121298


Can you provide assistance with the problem I’m facing in the virtual world? I have spent countless hours trying to solve it, but maybe the packs you are uploading are causing the problem. So, is this guide containing all the information about resolving issues in the virtual realm?

What Leads to The Problem!

If you have more than 5,000 members, please proceed directly to the solutions for crashes and disconnections. These problems primarily arise when there are more than 5,000 members on a realm.


If your uploaded pack fails to upload (you receive a failed upload message or nothing in the game functions as intended).

Follow these instructions:.

On realms, any edition apart from 1.8.0 has a tendency to experience glitches, therefore the min_version_engine specified in all manifest.Json files should consistently be set to 1.8.0, or alternatively, it can be completely omitted.

2. Your package manifest must be properly formatted as shown, otherwise an error may occur: do not incorrectly input JSON:.

 "format_version": 2,
 "header": {
 "description": "Tutorial Behavior Pack",
 "name": "Tutorial Behavior Pack",
 "uuid": "bc2a0bc9-e3a2-4702-9319-d4d3231dfdbc",
 "version": [1,0,0],
 "min_engine_version": [1,12,0]
 "modules": [
 "description": "_",
 "type": "data",
 "uuid": "891f5751-bb0e-47c6-91f0-fdc4e76949ef",
 "version": [1,0,0]
 "dependencies": [
 "uuid": "66c6e9a8-3093-462a-9c36-dbb052165822",
 "version": [0,0,1]


So, you’re uploading your pack and all of a sudden the game crashes.

Input: Here’s a step-by-step guide on fixing this:Here is a

1. Observe the duration it takes for a collision to happen during the uploading process (typically around 18 seconds).

Try uploading again, reduce the size of your Minecraft window 3-4 seconds before a crash or pause it without closing it. Wait for 30 seconds.

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Please take a thorough look at the MC 3 pack and ensure that any errors are fixed. If you encounter any errors, please let me know when you try to upload the pack again so that the necessary fixes can be made.

Global uploading problems.

At this juncture, it is advisable to eliminate all packs from the world. Subsequently, once the world is uploaded, prioritize adding behaviors (provided the manifest is accurate), followed by incorporating resource packs. The resource packs should be added after the behaviors and when the world is uploaded, assuming the manifest is correct.

Ensure that you maintain proper and tidy records to demonstrate your organization’s integrity. It is essential to have a unique UUID for all manifests. Do not use someone else’s! Additionally, be cautious when loading someone else’s add-ons, as it may affect the realms.

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Additional global uploading problems.

Oh, your realm is still not functioning properly, even after removing those pesky packs that probably make matters worse by randomly removing behaviors or applying even textures.

If your world fails to upload, there is a resolution to this problem. Just go to the directory where your worlds are saved and delete the file called world_behavior_pack_history.Json.




After deleting those files, try uploading your world to your realm.

Unusual Situation Scenario

This is an uncommon occurrence, however, the problem may be related to your internet. Attempt to reconnect or restart your WiFi and ensure that you have a stable internet connection. However, for this approach, delete the behavior_pack and resource_pack directories in the world save, and subsequently upload it. Do not forget to exclude the .Json files. Upload the world save in the behavior_pack and resource_pack folders while omitting the .Json files. Prioritize a strong internet connection and attempt to reconnect or restart your WiFi. The problem may stem from your internet, although this is a rare situation.

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If the problem continues, upload a small file and wait an hour, or log into the game and attempt to upload again.

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