How To Fix Xbox Live Friends List Not Showing

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The Xbox Live friends roster is experiencing difficulties appearing at the current time.

Released on August 10,

If you’re also struggling to figure out how to get your Xbox Live friends list to show, then this guide should help. Recently, a ton of users have reported this issue where their Xbox friends list appears to be empty. So, if you can’t see your Xbox Live friends list at this party, you’re not alone.

What Happened to the Xbox Friends List?

Xbox Server Status

Image source: Microsoft

Having difficulty in inviting fellow players, as their entire list of friends has vanished, causing a significant impact on Xbox Series X|S console players, specifically those on Xbox One. It seems like there is a server-related bug or glitch causing the mysterious disappearance of the Xbox Live friend list.

The Microsoft team has acknowledged the issue and stated it via their official social media. Fortunately, there’s nothing you can do right now to fix this error since it’s a server issue.

We’re aware that users may encounter an incomplete Friends List when attempting to access their Friends Lists. We’ll update you here and on our status page at

It is really good to follow @XboxSupport on Twitter as the team is up to date with the latest developments. So, you can check back on Twitter a few hours after the situation develops. If any errors continue to persist, you can visit the Xbox server status page to check for updates.

As developers are working on the issue, it typically takes a few hours until the issue is fixed and the server’s full capabilities are restored. In the meantime, you can relax and sit back until the issue is resolved. You can check the status of the server on the Xbox server page under the Social and Friends tab, indicated by a yellow exclamation mark.

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That is all the information you need to comprehend regarding the cause for the vanishing of the Xbox Live Companions List. Prior to departing, please do not overlook exploring some of our additional Xbox-related material available here at Twinfinite, such as write-ups concerning the Xbox Cloud Gaming Video Update, Xbox Gamescom 2022 Roster, and more. Ensure that you do not neglect to examine them.

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