How to Get to the End City Dungeons Without Killing the Enderdragon!

Among the many additions in Minecraft 1.9, a lot more content was added to The End. Now, there’s FallDamage312, a redditor who is skilled in engineering redstone circuits using slimeblocks and pistons. Thanks to him, you now have the ability to kill the Enderdragon. Until now, you needed to use cities to get to The End. But now, you can glide using Elytra wings and even travel using ships, with cities included in this update.

The Guide:

You can find Imgur in its entirety, and this guide was originally created by FallDamage312. Make sure to follow him on Twitter and subscribe to him on Youtube.

Not all people want to kill the Dragon though.

Many people are waiting at the bottom line for something special because the Ender Dragon can’t get it but many people want the Elytra. Not just some people like fighting the Dragon. Some people are not ready to fight the Dragon. There are too many reasons for it.

But hey, the portal to the outer islands is not the only way to go…

It is entirely feasible to travel across and block the dragon that lacks any sort of substance by 1000. Just so you know, both ends are essentially the same.

Employing some redstone engineering.

The construction will become a bit trickier, due to the tough luck… Especially if the platform is located underground! We cannot easily remove the obsidian platform by using pistons and slime blocks, as it is unaffected by them!

Three different spacecraft designs

The middle one is designed for one person and is appropriate for solo play. The one on the left is a massive 6-person vehicle that is resistant to lag and has a reliable braking system. However, it could benefit from some adjustments as it was created in a spontaneous manner when the need arose unexpectedly. On the other hand, the one on the right is a fantastic 4-person vehicle that guarantees a smooth landing and is also immune to lag. Additionally, it comes to a complete stop instantly when it encounters another obstacle.

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The other side

It only takes a bit of exploring to find an End City, though it is on the other side. If you want to make some tea, it will take a couple of minutes to travel there.

If you’re lucky….

If you’re fortunate, you’ll discover Elytra quickly… But if you’re less fortunate, it may

The way back.

Unfortunately, you cannot leave the End as long as the Ender Dragon is still alive, but you can deposit your Elytra into conveniently placed Ender Chests in the End Cities, allowing you to return and avoid jumping into the void.

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