How to Hold Items in Left Hand in Minecraft PE

how to hold items in left hand in minecraft pe 226878

Discover the secrets of incorporating the ingenious smart torch into your Minecraft Pocket Edition experience. Unleash your creativity by embarking on a step-by-step journey outlined in this guide, and soon you’ll be the proud creator of a remarkable smart torch.

In Minecraft PE, the possibilities are endless with the abundance of Add-Ons available. Take, for instance, the torch in the left hand as demonstrated in the captivating image below. Its invaluable assistance in mining endeavors is beyond measure.

The smart torch sets itself apart from its humble counterpart. Unlike the simple torch, it cannot be comfortably grasped in the left hand. Illuminating the darkness of the night, the smart torch effortlessly brightens the surrounding area, a feat the simple torch fails to achieve. The provided images unmistakably showcase the unmistakable disparity between these two torches.

To create the intelligent flashlight, simply download the file via the link provided.


After you have downloaded it, go to the ZArchiver application or download it from the PlayStore. Then navigate to the Download folder.

In that spot, lies the coveted download of the ingenious torch. Grasp the file tightly, then unleash your curiosity by selecting the option to give it a new identity.

Afterward, eliminate the .Zip extension from the filename and click on the Ok button.

Now, select the file and then select the Arrow, which is located immediately after the View.

There, you must select the Minecraft choice.

Once you dive into the immersive realm of the game, an exciting new world awaits your creation. Additionally, venture into the depths of the Settings menu and embark on a thrilling quest to locate the coveted Game option. Within its mythical realm, lies the key to unlocking a seamless experience. Activate every enchanting option nestled under the Experiments category, and watch as the intricate gears of Behaviour and Resource Packs flawlessly interlace, weaving a tapestry of unparalleled gameplay.

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Now go to the Resource Packs section. Then, select My Packs and enable the Smart Touch Add-On.

After that, navigate to the Behavior Packs section. Once again, you will need to enable the Smart Touch Add-On in that location.

Once you venture into the depths of your own realm, delve into the art of fashioning an ingenious illuminator. To achieve this feat, you shall require the aid of a crafting table and a basic torch. Position the torches amidst the crafting as depicted in the visual representation. Voila! Behold the birth of the intelligent torches. Through this method, you shall be able to fashion a clever torch and wield it gracefully in the left hand within the realm of Minecraft PE.

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