How To Make A Levitation Potion In Potion Craft

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how to make a levitation potion in potion craft
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Within the world of Potion Craft, a plethora of recipes awaits, each harboring its own unique concoctions. Among these recipes, there exists a multitude of paths to create the elusive Levitation effect, intrinsically linked to the element of Air. However, amidst the myriad options, we proudly present a Tier III method that unveils the secret to effortlessly crafting a potion of Levitation. Embark on this enlightening journey through our comprehensive guide, which bestows upon you all the wisdom and knowledge required to succeed.

How to make a potion of Levitation in Potion Craft

Begin the process of concocting the Levitation potion in Potion Craft by hurling a blazing Fireball directly into your trusty Cauldron. Next, pulverize a handful of five delicate Windblooms and carefully deposit them into the Cauldron. Then, introduce a finely powdered Waterbloom and a regular Waterbloom into the mix, granting you effortless navigation towards the coveted Levitation potion. To further your journey northward on the map, don’t forget to incorporate a fully grounded Windbloom into the bubbling brew.

After completing the previous steps, feel free to include a duo of blazing Fireballs into your trusty Cauldron along with a graceful Windbloom. As the ingredients mingle and dance within the Cauldron, embark on the enchanting journey towards crafting the Levitation potion. Although a slight setback may arise, worry not, for the damage incurred shall be mere trifles that can effortlessly be restored to their former glory.

Once you have reached the summit of the Levitation elixir, there is no need to persistently agitate the Cauldron until you reach the X milestone. However, it is crucial to ensure that the potion bottle is positioned higher than the Levitation potion. By employing Water, it is possible to lower the potion bottle and transform it into an extraordinary Tier III Levitation concoction.

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Once that is done, simply ignite your Cauldron using the bellows to ignite a blazing fire and complete your Potion. The utilization of the components in this magical concoction will require a sum of 260 Gold coins.

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