How to Make a Shovel in Minecraft

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In the world of Minecraft, a shovel serves as a valuable instrument for excavating blocks such as dirt, sand, and gravel. While a pickaxe shares a similar purpose, shovels prove their prowess in swiftly unearthing treasures beneath the surface. Within the game, a plethora of shovels exist, each boasting distinct advantages over the rest. However, our focus today shall be on the wooden and stone shovels, specifically tailored to cater to the needs of novice adventurers.

Crafting a wooden shovel requires the strategic placement of a single wooden plank alongside a duo of sturdy sticks. In order to fashion a wooden plank, one must embark on a quest to locate a magnificent tree and proceed to skillfully chop it down, employing either bare hands or a mighty axe to expedite the process. Successfully felling a tree yields a precious wooden log, which can then be artfully arranged on the crafting table to yield a bountiful harvest of four wooden planks.

Input: Now, take two of these planks once more and arrange them on the crafting table in the precise order illustrated below to obtain four sticks.

Crafting a functional shovel can be achieved effortlessly by aligning a single wooden plank along with a duo of sticks in the designated crafting area, employing the identical procedure elucidated below.

How to Make Stone Shovel

Crafting a stone shovel requires the strategic arrangement of a cobblestone and two wooden sticks upon the crafting table. Conversely, to mine a cobblestone, a wooden pickaxe is essential, attainable by placing three wooden planks and two sticks in a manner akin to the aforementioned method.

Embark on a thrilling quest to uncover the hidden clusters of ancient rocks nestled within mysterious caverns, winding tunnels, and majestic peaks. Once discovered, diligently extract these precious stones to obtain a bountiful yield of exquisite cobblestones.

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The previous section has already covered the recipe for crafting sticks, specifically when crafting a wooden shovel.

The durability of the Shovels

The wooden shovel boasts a durability of 59, while its stone counterpart offers a remarkable 131, enabling wooden shovels to tirelessly excavate 59 blocks and stone shovels to effortlessly dig through a whopping 131 blocks before succumbing to wear.

Attack Damage of the Shovels

The wooden shovel inflicts a mere 2.5 points of attack damage, while its stone counterpart wields a substantial 3.5 points, making it a more formidable weapon against mobs.

Speed of the Shovels

The speed of digging remains consistent at 1 for both wooden and stone shovels; however, the stone shovel possesses greater attack damage, enabling it to excavate in a shorter time span than its wooden counterpart. To illustrate, while a wooden pickaxe requires 0.4 seconds to dig through a block of sand, a stone shovel accomplishes the task in approximately 0.2 seconds.


In the world of Minecraft, a remarkable tool known as a shovel awaits adventurers, offering a specialized purpose of unearthing treasures hidden beneath the earth’s surface. It diligently procures valuable resources such as sand, dirt, and gravel, serving as an indispensable companion. Although an alternative choice would be to employ a pickaxe, it pales in comparison to the swift excavation prowess exhibited by the shovel, rendering it truly exceptional. Within the realms of this article, the focus shall revolve around two prevalent variants of shovels: the rustic wooden and the steadfast stone shovels.

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