How To Make A Shulker Box In Minecraft 1.19

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Shulker boxes, the marvel of Minecraft, are like magical chests that safeguard their contents even when shattered, allowing for easy retrieval upon reassembly. These treasure troves are the ultimate game-changers, granting players an expansive inventory that knows no bounds. With the power of these mystical crates, adventurers can plunder to their heart’s content, free from the constraints of limited storage.

Players are required to venture to the far reaches of Minecraft in order to obtain Shulker boxes, making it quite a demanding expedition. Within this piece, Gurugamer will present an illuminating guide on crafting a shulker box in Minecraft 1.19.

1. How to make a Shulker Box

Crafting a basic shulker box requires 2 shulker shells and a chest. Begin by positioning a single shulker shell in the center of the top row, followed by placing the chest directly beneath it. Finally, add another shulker shell in the middle spot of the bottom row. While crafting chests may be a breeze, acquiring shulker shells poses a greater challenge.

Shulker Box
Shulker box crafting formula.

Acquiring these coveted treasures requires the triumphant vanquishing of shulkers within the mystical realm of the End City, a challenge only conquerable after the mighty Ender Dragon has been defeated.

How to find End Cities in Minecraft

Begin your journey by venturing into the mystical realm of the End through the enchanting Minecraft End portal, concealed within the depths of a formidable stronghold. To awaken its dormant power, gather a formidable arsenal of 12 Eyes of Enders. Once you have completed this task, brace yourself for the ultimate confrontation with the awe-inspiring Ender Dragon, an adversary whose might remains unmatched.

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End Portal With 12 Eyes Of Ender
End Portal With 12 Eyes Of Ender

After slaying the mighty dragon, embark on a quest to uncover the elusive End gateway portals. These ethereal structures, crafted from solid Bedrock, gracefully hover in the air, revealing a captivating portal at their core.

End Gateway Portal
End Gateway Portal

Throw an Ender pearl into the petite portal, and behold as you are whisked away to the edges of the mystical End realm. Within this ethereal domain, your task shall be to construct majestic bridges that connect the enigmatic floating islands, leading you ever closer to the elusive End cities. Pay no heed to the diminutive isles, for they hold no treasures worthy of your exploration.

Outskirts Of The End Dimension
Outskirts Of The End Dimension

How to farm Shulkers

Shulkers possess a duo of extraordinary powers. The initial ability endows their strikes with the ethereal aura of Levitation. A solitary shulker bullet grants a 10-second flight to its recipient, gracefully suspending them in mid-air. However, once the time elapses, the hapless target plummets to the ground, incurring consequential damage from the fall. This symbiotic interplay between ability and environment finds its ideal harmony within the lofty confines of the End Cities, the towering abodes where shulkers gracefully appear.

Upon reaching a health level below half, a shulker exhibits a 25% probability of engaging in teleportation following any inflicted harm.

Shulker in Minecraft

To confront shulkers, players must don an elytra or shoes imbued with feather-falling enchantments. Equipped with these items, any impact from a levitation bullet will result in negligible fall damage.

Furthermore, a shield possesses the remarkable ability to effectively intercept and nullify the potential harm and impact caused by a shulker bullet.

2. How to use Shulker Boxes

After crafting your very own shulker box, the possibilities are endless when it comes to its placement within the vast world. These remarkable containers can be positioned upon the ground, affixed to walls, or even suspended from the ceiling. Interestingly, when mounted on a wall or hung from above, shulker boxes exhibit a peculiar behavior of facing and opening sideways or even upside-down, adding an intriguing twist to their functionality.

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Shulker Box Placed
Shulker Box in Minecraft

Unlock the shulker box and unleash its limitless storage capacity with a simple right-click. It boasts an extraordinary amount of space, rivaling that of a solitary chest.

Explosions and pistons possess the capability to obliterate shulker boxes, yet their destructive power remains temporary, leaving your precious items unharmed.

Shulker box vs Ender chest

The Shulker box operates on a parallel mechanism as an ender chest, albeit with a distinctive twist. Unlike an ender chest that is tailored to a specific player, the items stowed in an Ender Chest can only be retrieved by the player themselves, whereas anyone has the ability to access the contents of a shulker box.

Furthermore, gamers have the ability to uncover the contents of a shulker box by simply gliding their cursor over it in either their hotbar or inventory.

3. How to dye Shulker Boxes

In a delightful deviation from the ordinary, players possess the power to infuse shulker boxes with vibrant hues using dyes. This delightful feature grants these extraordinary containers the ability to seamlessly blend into any architectural masterpiece, with a staggering array of 16 distinct colors to choose from within the enchanting realm of Minecraft.

Dyed Shulker Boxes
Dyed Shulker Boxes

To accomplish this, players can effortlessly merge the box with their preferred dye in the crafting menu. This nifty feature proves especially handy when aiming to differentiate your chest from a friend’s or to organize various types of items in color-coded boxes.

Should you ever find yourself dissatisfied with the hue of your shulker box and yearn for a transformation, simply cast it into a brimming cauldron, immersed in water, to eradicate the dye. This process will deplete a single water level within the mystical vessel.

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How to get various dye colors

Blooms are the simplest wellspring of vibrant tints, yet gamers have the liberty to blend and harmonize hues to acquire their desired shades.

Minecraft Building Dyes
You can make different dyes in Minecraft to give your chest different colors.

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