How to Make a Snow Golem in Minecraft

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Crafting snow golems is a beneficial endeavor that can yield useful creatures.

Crafting a snow golem in Minecraft is a delightful experience that brings a winter wonderland to

In Minecraft, one can create a unique and useful passive mob called the Snow Golem. This creature not only helps with snow farming and snowball production, but it can serve as a protector against any hostile mobs. With its trademark pumpkin helmet and snowman body, the Snow Golem is a curious sight, sporting stick arms and a row of buttons down its front. For added versatility, these golems can even be sheared like sheep to remove their pumpkin helmets. Discover how to craft your own Snow Golem and all the exciting ways you can utilize this fascinating creature in your Minecraft world.

How to make a Snow Golem in Minecraft

To construct a snow golem, you must first venture to a frosty terrain and gather the essential components. These include two snow blocks and either a carved pumpkin or jack o’lantern. Procure a sufficient amount of snowballs from the biome and transmute them into blocks of snow.

You'll need two snow blocks to make a snow golem in Minecraft.

Normal pumpkins can be sheared to create a unique carved pumpkin.

Use shears on pumpkins to make a carved pumkin.

To summon a Snow Golem in Minecraft, arrange two snow blocks in a vertical orientation and crown them with a carved pumpkin or jack o’lantern. Alternatively, placing the snow blocks on their sides or upside-down will suffice, provided that the pumpkin is positioned atop the stack. In some cases, an enderman may even lend a hand by placing the pumpkin for you!

Though the snow golem’s visage is created with a pumpkin, the gourd is merely a makeshift helmet. Once the golem comes to life, the carved vegetable rests atop its head, shielding it from the winter elements. However, should you decide to shear the golem, its true face will be unveiled and it will relinquish its pumpkin. Unfortunately, once the pumpkin has been removed, there’s no going back – it cannot be placed back on the golem’s head.

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Once crafted, the snow golem will materialize where the snow blocks were placed and then commence its aimless wandering. The golem tends to shy away from water and obstacles but also steers clear of warmer climates, such as deserts, badlands, and the nether, as these biomes can be damaging to it. Interestingly enough, powder snow poses no threat to the golem. As it strolls along, the golem leaves a trail of snow in its wake, except when travelling through a mushroom field.

A snow golem will leave a trail of snow behind it as it moves.

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Witness the power of snow golems in Minecraft as they take on monsters with their ability to hurl snowballs up to 10 blocks away, unleashing a flurry of attacks at one snowball per second. While the snowball may not harm most mobs, it will knock them back, making it a handy tool when battling hostile enemies. Keep in mind that snow golems won’t attack other golems, whether they’re made of snow or iron. However, if provoked, an iron golem will retaliate against the little snow creature. In the past, snow golems could even deal damage to the mighty Ender Dragon, but alas, that has been patched out in Minecraft 1.8.

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