How to Make Ice Bombs in Minecraft Education Edition

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An easy way to turn water to ice!

How to Make Ice Bombs in Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft is a versatile game that allows you to unleash your creative skills in countless ways. You can construct entire universes from scratch, devise customized items, or create behavior packs that alter the game completely. Even if you scale down and examine vanilla resources, there is an abundance of crafting possibilities, ranging from food and weaponry to armor. However, the Education Edition of Minecraft Java and Bedrock is a whole new ballgame, particularly when it comes to chemistry-based items! If you’re keen to learn more, read on to explore how to concoct ice bombs in Minecraft Education Edition.

How to Make Ice Bombs in Minecraft Education Edition

Creating ice bombs in Minecraft requires the Education Edition, where you can access a plethora of chemistry equipment for your experimentation. The process involves utilizing an Element Constructor, Compound Creator, and Lab Table to concoct Sodium Acetate. Once you have gathered four units of this compound, you can place them into your Lab Table and combine them to form one explosive and icy bomb!

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Making Sodium Acetate in Minecraft Education Edition

To concoct Sodium Acetate, the chemical composition is denoted by C2H3NaO2 wherein each letter signifies a distinct element, and the numerical values indicate the required quantity of each. To sum it up, these are the essential components:

  • Carbon x2.
  • Oxygen x2.
  • Hydrogen x3.
  • Sodium x1.
  • After crafting the Element Constructor, it’s time to move on to the Compound Creator and whip up some Sodium Acetate! Keep in mind that you’ll need four of these compounds for every explosive ice bomb you plan on making. Without the proper amount, your lab table will be devoid of the desired item.

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    What Does the Ice Bomb Do?

    Once you’ve acquired Sodium Acetate and crafted your ice bomb, it’s time to unleash its power! Simply toss the bomb onto a body of water and watch as it transforms into a pristine 3×3 ice surface. With this nifty trick, you can traverse the vast expanses of oceans and rivers with ease, creating a frozen pathway wherever you please.

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