How to make random loot luck work for you to get more legendaries in Diablo 3

how to make random loot luck work for you to get more legendaries in diablo 3 932413

For those embarking on their Diablo 3 adventure on the Switch or embarking on their first Season, seeking ways to expedite their gear acquisition, I bring forth a mixture of positive and negative tidings. Let us commence with the less favorable news — the realm of loot in Diablo 3 is predominantly governed by the capricious whims of RNG, leaving one to acquire what fate bestows upon them. However, fear not, for there are measures one can undertake to enhance their equipment prowess as they valiantly ascend the ranks of Torment challenges and vanquish increasingly arduous Greater Rifts.

What are the limits of your abilities?

In Diablo 3, triumphing over challenging difficulty levels is handsomely rewarded. With increased difficulty comes an abundance of riches – more gold, greater experience for Paragon levels, and an amplified likelihood of finding legendary gear. To acquire superior equipment, one must embark on the path of enhancing game difficulty and conquering higher level Greater Rifts. A noteworthy achievement is reaching the pinnacle of Greater Rifts at level 70 or beyond, which guarantees the acquisition of a Primal Ancient Legendary item. Subsequently, the opportunity to obtain a Primal Ancient alongside any Legendary item becomes a tantalizing possibility.

Input: However, there exist certain actions that can be taken promptly, unrelated to any challenges, in order to enhance the frequency at which you acquire legendary items. This may be due to the necessity of obtaining a particular item for your desired character build or simply the desire to acquire a legendary item to augment the capabilities of Kanai’s Cube.

Crafting Gear

Engaging in Adventure Mode bounties yields the customary spoils from defeating monsters and fulfilling tasks. However, the accumulation of all five bounties within an act results in the acquisition of a Horadric Cache from Tyrael. The contents of this cache are contingent upon the difficulty level and character level at the time of receipt. For instance, if playing at Torment 2 with a level 70 character, the items within the cache will be randomly determined as if you were a level 70 on Torment 2. In addition to this, the caches also encompass an array of crafting materials and blueprints for the blacksmith. By completing all five acts, one can obtain distinct crafting items exclusively available through the completion of each act’s bounties. These blacksmithing plans and crafting materials can be utilized to forge formidable set gear and legendary items, some of which rival the most coveted treasures found in the realm.

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In your camp, the skilled blacksmith known as Haedrig Eamon possesses the ability to acquire these plans when you click on them in your inventory while his interface remains open. Despite the set items being generally less extraordinary than the ones that are randomly dropped, there exists a multitude of options for you to personally craft.

  • Asheara’s Vestments.
  • Aughild’s Authority.
  • Born’s Command.
  • Cain’s Destiny.
  • Crimson’s Finery of the Captain.
  • Demon’s Hide.
  • Guardian’s Jeopardy.
  • Hallowed Protectors.
  • Sage’s Journey.
  • These crafted sets are generally three pieces for the complete set bonus, which means it’s possible to wear two or even three of the sets (the Hallowed Protectors. are a weapon set, so they can usually be used with two of the armor sets) if you have a Ring of Royal Grandeur allowing you to get the complete set bonus for one less item from the set. The bonuses are primarily defensive or survival oriented, helping you stay alive a bit longer in order to complete harder content for better gear. You are going to replace these sets and that’s okay — their purpose is to let you craft upgrades from the gear you started level 70 with. No one is recommending you try and push GR 70+ in these sets.

    The skilled Blacksmith possesses the ability to forge an array of extraordinary artifacts, some of which possess long-lasting capabilities. These remarkable creations hold a rare chance of becoming Ancient Legendaries — for quite some time, my Season Barbarian relied on a masterfully crafted Ancient Legendary War of the Dead, as no other weapon seemed to surpass its prowess. Even when I switched to a different blade, it was merely a minor improvement rather than a true advancement; my impatience urged me to make the change. Additionally, numerous strategies suggest the utilization of the craftable Hellfire Ring and Amulet, although their creation process is more intricate — acquiring them involves vanquishing formidable bosses throughout the realms of Torment difficulty. However, we shall leave their fabrication for another occasion.

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    Blood Shards and Kadala

    Blood Shards serve as valuable currency, acquired through various means such as Horadric Caches, Nephalem and Greater Rift Guardians, and the elusive Blood Thieves. These shards hold a singular purpose – to be spent at the exclusive vendor, Kadala, who accepts no other form of payment. In return, Kadala presents you with enigmatic items, each holding a 10% chance of being a random Legendary drop, and a smaller possibility of being an Ancient item. Despite occasional disappointment, Kadala’s odds of dropping a Legendary remain consistent regardless of the difficulty level, making her the sole alternative to obtaining Legendaries without increasing the game’s challenge. If you have yet to venture into Greater Rifts, your Blood Shard storage is limited to 500 shards. However, as you progress through each rank of GR, your carrying capacity increases by 10, with no limit in sight. This means that if you can confidently conquer GR20, you will have an additional 200 shards at your disposal.

    Kadala, the merchant, offers various items at a fixed price in shards. The cost is 75 shards for a weapon, 50 shards for a ring, 100 shards for an amulet, and 25 shards for any other item. With each purchase, there is a consistent 10% chance of receiving a Legendary item, without any fluctuations. It is possible to end up with nothing valuable and spend all your shards, or you might acquire some decent items. These items will always be tailored to the class you are purchasing them for, unless you buy an item that is completely unusable. While Kadala is not a reliable option, she does provide a way for struggling starter level 70 characters to improve their chances of obtaining Legendary gear.

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    Kanai’s Cube and Upgrading Rares

    The final choice is not only pricey but also delightfully haphazard, much like all the other alternatives. However, it does provide a means to repurpose the valuable items purchased from Kadala, while also offering an outlet for Death’s Breath and the materials obtained through salvaging the abundance of magical and rare equipment that finds its way into Haedrig’s Salvage. Unlocking Kanai’s Cube is a prerequisite, but it’s a worthwhile endeavor nonetheless.

    The Cube, with its myriad of capabilities, grants you the power to transform a rare quality item (yellow gear) into a Legendary item of the same kind. All you need to do is place the rare item, along with 25 Death’s Breath, 50 Reusable Parts, 50 Arcane Dust, and 50 Veiled Crystal, into the Cube. However, acquiring Set items through this process is purely a game of chance. For instance, if you input a rare crossbow, you will receive a Legendary crossbow, but it may take numerous attempts before obtaining the specific crossbow you desire. Nevertheless, if you have an excess of Death’s Breath and crafting materials and are desperate for that one Legendary item, this method can be quite fortuitous. Additionally, you can narrow down the type of Legendary item you receive. For instance, there are only a limited number of Legendary 2h Mighty Weapons available. In my case, I sought one for my Seismic Slam build, so I persistently tried until I succeeded, even though I merely utilized the power of the item and never actually equipped it.

    And thus, behold — behold a multitude of methods to circumvent the capricious whims of fortune when engaging in the realms of Diablo 3. May fortune smile upon you and may your endeavors in obtaining coveted equipment be met with utmost success.

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