How to Make Steel in Minecraft

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In this sense, let’s discover how to create steel in Minecraft and discuss the relevance of this resource to the gameplay.

Steel in Minecraft Mods

As previously stated, Steel can exclusively be obtained via various Minecraft modifications. Irrespective of the chosen modification, this valuable resource remains indispensable for crafting specialized armor, tools, intricate machinery, and one-of-a-kind contraptions.

As previously stated, Steel can exclusively be obtained via various Minecraft modifications. Irrespective of the chosen modification, this valuable resource remains indispensable for crafting specialized armor, tools, intricate machinery, and one-of-a-kind contraptions.

The elusive treasure cannot be unearthed in its natural form. Thus, one must either blend a concoction of elements or manipulate certain raw materials to procure it under any circumstance.

These are the most popular modifications that showcase steel:

  • Armor Plus.
  • GregTech4.
  • Immersive Engineering.
  • Railcraft.
  • Steel Sheep.
  • Tinker’s Steelworks.
  • Thermal Foundation.
  • Tiny Progressions.
  • The process to manufacture steel differs from method to method, so let’s examine how it’s accomplished.


    Within ArmorPlus, the dominion of steel reigns supreme, intertwining with bronze to form a formidable alliance predominantly within the realm of armors. This abundant resource grants you the power to forge resplendent steel helmets, majestic steel chest plates, invincible steel leggings, and unyielding steel boots.

    Steel ingots can also be transformed into a Steel Block, which follows the identical recipe of blocks made from regular ingots.


    To manufacture steel, you will require:

  • Enriched Molten Gemstone.
  • Iron Ingot.
  • Charcoal.
  • Combine these three elements within a crafting table to unveil the mighty steel bar, boasting an aesthetic reminiscent of traditional bars yet adorned with a captivating stone-like hue.

    GregTech 4

    GregTech collaborates with IndustrialCraft 2 as an addon. The modification allows for the production of steel through a distinct procedure.

    Given that it’s an extension for IndustrialCraft 2, steel will retain its pivotal function from the original mod, encompassing advanced machinery components, kinetic steam generators, turbines, and more.


    To make steel in GregTech4., you’ll need:

  • 4 units of coal dust.
  • One piece of iron ingot..
  • Keep in mind that this modification functions as an extension for IndustrialCraft 2; as a result, you need to download the main modification.

    Once you have obtained the aforementioned resources, carefully position them within the fiery depths of a colossal blast furnace and exercise patience. The culmination of this intricate procedure shall yield a singular entity of Steel Ingot alongside an accompanying essence known as Dark Ashes.

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    Immersive Engineering.

    Immersive Engineering. adds steel as a resource in producing advanced machinery components. Since this mod focuses on implementing engineering-centric content, you’ll find steel valuable to various building and machinery blocks, but not for armors or weapons.


    To acquire steel in the Immersive Engineering. mod, you’ll need:

  • 1 Coal.. Coke./ Block of Coal. Coke/ Charcoal..
  • 1 Coal.. Ash.
  • One piece of iron ingot..
  • This mod provides two manufacturing methods; in the first, you’ll use a Crude Blast Furnace and add either a Coal. Coke/ Block of Coal. Coke/ Charcoal. with an Iron Ingot.. Then, wait for the furnace to process the resources, resulting in a Steel Ingot and a Slag unit.

    The second method consists of using an Arc Furnace; access one and place an Iron Ingot. on the left panel and a Coke Dust on the right board. After waiting for the process, you’ll get the same results as the first method.


    With a keen focus on enriching the transportation adventure in Minecraft, this mod introduces an array of rail vehicles that bring excitement and novelty. Brace yourself for fresh carts, innovative tracks, advanced signaling methods, and an extraordinary “locomotive” system that revolutionizes the way carts are arranged.

    RailCraft utilizes steel as a material to create carts, rails, and blocks centered around mechanics and rail transportation.


    To produce steel in RailCraft, you will require:

  • 1 Coal.. Coke.
  • One piece of iron ingot..
  • This modification has two techniques of producing steel.

    Once you have obtained the aforementioned resources, place them delicately into the depths of the mighty Blast Furnace and patiently await the completion of its mystical transformation. When the journey comes to a close, you shall emerge victorious, with a precious steel bar in your possession.

    In the second technique, a Blast Furnace is also employed, but with a twist. Rather than inserting the aforementioned resources into the contraption, a tool/armor/weapon crafted from steel is placed within. Through the heating process, the instrument undergoes a transformation, reverting back to its steel origins.

    Steel Sheep.

    This mod adds a Steel Sheep. to the game. As intriguing as it sounds, the creators wanted to reference “The Far Side” cartoons and worked on adding this innovative mob to Minecraft.

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    As superficial as it might sound, the Steel Sheep. mod does more than add a single mob; it introduces the game to Steel Wool, which you can use to craft new armor.


    To obtain Steel in this modification, you will require:

  • One Steel Wool.
  • 1 Coal..
  • Combine the two elements within the confines of a Furnace, patiently anticipate the culmination of the smelting procedure. Upon its completion, behold the emergence of a formidable Steel Ingot from the intricate contraption.

    Remember that you can get Steel Wool from Steel Sheep. by using a regular shear.

    Tinker’s Steelworks.

    Tinker’s Steelworks., similarly to GregTech4., works as an add-on to a more extensive mod. In this case, you’ll need Tinker’s Construct for it to work ideally.

    The core of this mod revolves around steel, introducing a plethora of resource materials to enhance various mechanisms, blocks, and items. Moreover, it ingeniously alters the conventional recipes of Minecraft. As a striking example, crafting a Flint and Steel now requires the use of a Steel Ingot rather than an Iron Ingot..

    Tinker’s Steelworks. values the step-by-step process of creating steel.

    As a result of its intricate features, this mod introduces a multitude of intricate details that must be kept in mind while crafting the resource. Henceforth, it has emerged as one of the most formidable mods in the realm of steel fabrication.


    To get Steel in Tinker’s Steelworks., you’ll need:

  • One piece of iron ingot..
  • 1 Sand/Red Sand.
  • 1 Kind of DustRedstone (Aluminum Powder, Bluestone Dust, Redstone Dust, Limestone, Yellowstone).
  • 1 Variety of Salt/Fine Coal./Sulphur/Brimstone.
  • Coal.
  • There are four ways of obtaining steel in this modification.

    To create Steel, you’ll need to use the High Oven, one of the mod’s mechanisms. On this device, you’ll need to place an Iron Ingot., a Sand, a type of DustRedstone, and a kind of Salt/Pulverized Coal./Sulfur/Brimstone.

    The journey commences, and the oven shall ignite at a scorching temperature of 550ºC. Upon the culmination of the heating ritual, behold the birth of molten steel, to be gingerly poured onto the awaiting Casting Table, accompanied by a suitable mold, giving rise to a magnificent steel ingot; behold, the genesis unfolds.

    The second method utilizes the same resources mentioned above but exchanges the Iron Ingot. with a Block of Iron. Again, follow the same guidelines of the first method, but alter the oven’s temperature. Change it from 550ºC to 700ºC.

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    In the third approach, the traditional resources remain intact, however, the substitution of the Iron Block is made with several iron nuggets. Once again, it is imperative to adjust the furnace’s temperature to a scorching 500ºC.

    Employing the last technique, we harness Iron Oreberries, drawing upon the familiar resources with the exception of the iron nuggets. For this approach, set the oven ablaze at a scorching temperature of 500ºC.

    Thermal Foundation.

    Thermal Foundation. is an addon for the mods Thermal Dynamics and Thermal Expansion 4. It adds resources and materials, such as steel, to the parent mods, which center around fluids, energy, gases, etc.

    The parental modifications utilize steel as a valuable asset in constructing ducts and machine components.


    To manufacture steel in this mode, you will require:

  • One piece of iron ingot../Iron product
  • 4 Coal. Dust/Crushed Coal. units
  • There are two approaches to producing steel, but both necessitate an Induction Smelter.

    The first method uses an Iron Ingot. and four coal dust or crushed coal units. Next, place the resources on an Induction Smelter and wait for the process to finish. In the end, you’ll retrieve a Steel Ingot.

    The second method works similarly to the first. But, instead of using an Iron Ingot., you can use different iron products such as pulverized iron, iron dust, and iron powder.

    Tiny Progressions.

    As the name suggests, Tiny Progressions. adds convenient blocks into Minecraft to assist the player during routine activities.

    In the game, Steel takes on a whole new role – it becomes a vital resource for constructing the incredible infinity bucket, a marvelous container that holds an endless stream of liquid materials.

    Minecraft Steel Recipe

  • 6 Coal. or Charcoal. units
  • 2 Iron Ingot.s
  • One Stone Hammer.
  • To craft a Steel Ingot in Tiny Progressions., you’ll need:

    Once you have obtained these valuable resources, it is time to assemble them on a crafting table, adhering to a particular arrangement. The top row should be adorned with three units of coal, forming a horizontal line of darkness. In the middle slot, the mighty stone hammer shall reside, flanked by two shimmering iron ingots on each side.

    Lastly, place a final row of coal horizontally in the lower slots. After completing this procedure, you will create a steel bar.

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