How to make trees grow faster in Minecraft

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In Minecraft, there is a way to make trees grow faster using an item called bonemeal. However, unlike most things, this especially applies to growing crops or trees, as they take a long time to grow.

We recommend using a composter as a route to turn many items into bonemeal; you can get bonemeal by grinding down bones or making bone blocks. You will also need an axe to chop down trees and get saplings, which you can use the bonemeal item to make trees grow faster in Minecraft.

After acquiring the bonemeal, proceed with the following instructions to expedite the growth of a tree in Minecraft.

  • Step one – Position the young tree on the surface; it is important to remember that certain young trees, such as Dark oak young trees, will not thrive unless situated in shaded areas. Situated in shaded areas, certain young trees like Dark oak young trees will not grow unless one thing you should remember is that: Step one – Position the young tree on the surface.
  • Keep growing the tree until it is fully grown, so you might need to use more than one bonemeal; put the bonemeal in your hotbar and use the key interaction on the sapling: follow these two steps.
  • In order to cultivate all of the tree saplings in Minecraft, such as warped and crimson fungus, into fully grown trees, these steps can be utilized. Nevertheless, for both types of fungi, it is necessary to be in the Nether for their growth.

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    If you are curious about the types of tree saplings that can be grown or their locations, the following list provides all the saplings in the game and where they can be found.

  • Oak Seedlings: Oak seedlings can be obtained from Oak trees in Forest, Extreme Hills, Swampland, and Mesa Plateau biomes.
  • Spruce Seedlings: Spruce seedlings can be obtained from Spruce trees in the Taiga biome.
  • Jungle Saplings: As the name implies, you can discover jungle Saplings from Jungle trees in the Jungle biome.
  • Birch saplings: Birch saplings can be found falling from Birch trees when they are cut down in the Forest biome.
  • Acacia Seedlings: In order to obtain acacia seedlings, you must locate Acacia trees, which appear in the Savanna biome.
  • In order to obtain dark oak saplings, you must cut down Dark Oak Trees within the Dark Oak Forest biome. Dark Oak Trees can be found in the Dark Oak Forest biome and chopping them down will yield dark oak saplings.
  • To obtain a warped fungus, you will need to locate a warped forest in the Nether and chop down a warped tree.
  • To obtain a crimson fungus, you must find a Crimson Forest in the Nether and cut down a Crimson tree.
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