How to Play Diablo 4 on Steam Deck

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Unlock the boundless realms of Diablo 4 beyond Battle.Net’s confines and embrace the enchantment of playing it on the remarkable Steam Deck. Delight awaits, but first, a few adjustments are in order on your part. Imagine the exhilaration of venturing into the depths of Diablo 4, even from the comfort of your own bed. Allow this guide to illuminate the path towards experiencing Diablo 4 unleashed upon your Steam Deck.

How to Play Diablo 4 on Steam Deck?

In order to unleash the thrilling realms of Diablo 4 on the wondrous Steam Deck, one must possess their very own treasured copy of Diablo 4 on their trusty PC. Following this, the next enchanting step entails summoning the mighty Battle.Net launcher through the mystical powers of the Lutris app, while traversing the sacred Desktop mode.

Behold! Feast your eyes upon this meticulously crafted manual, a treasure map leading you towards the ethereal realm of Diablo 4 on the majestic Steam Deck. Journey forth, intrepid traveler, as we unravel the secrets of this immersive gaming experience.

Embrace the Desktop Mode.

Switch to Desktop Mode on the Steam Deck

To embark on your journey, commence with the initial stride of transitioning to Desktop Mode. This can be effortlessly accomplished by exerting a gentle pressure upon the Steam button adorning your esteemed Steam Deck, thereby unveiling a menu that gracefully emerges from the side. Navigate to the sacred realm of Power within this ethereal interface, whereupon you shall be bestowed with the coveted choice to “Switch to Desktop,” a gateway that shall transport you to your destined destination.

Embark on an Exciting Journey of Exploration and Unleash the Power of Lutris.

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Open Discovery and Install Lutris

Next, navigate to Discovery, a hidden gem nestled within the depths of Desktop Mode’s taskbar. Embark on a thrilling quest to unveil the treasure trove that is Linux’s very own app store, where the mighty Steam Deck reigns supreme. Seek out the legendary Lutris and commence the awe-inspiring ritual of downloading, for it shall be our trusted guide to unleash the power of the revered Battle.Net launcher.

Embrace the power of Battle.Net on the magnificent Steam Deck.

Install on Steam Deck

To embark on a delightful journey, launch Litrus and gracefully tap the enchanting plus symbol residing at the celestial top left. Engage in a mesmerizing quest by selecting the ethereal phrase, “Search the Lutris website for installers,” and embark on a thrilling hunt for Battle.Net. Allow this mystical portal to pave the way for the installation of Battle.Net on your esteemed Steam Deck. It is of utmost importance to acquire the esteemed Blizzard Battle.Net and indulge in the installation of its revered standard version. Prepare to witness the summoning of a mere 4.61 MB of sacred download space, as the cosmos aligns to fulfill your desires.

Ensure that you tick the box for “Generate application menu shortcut” when selecting the installation preferences, allowing easy access to Battle.Net in the future. Regrettably, the option to create a Steam shortcut is ineffective. Once the installation of Battle.Net is complete, feel free to initiate it.

Upon initiating the login process using your credentials, it is imperative to establish a connection between a keyboard and the Steam Deck, as the Battle.Net launcher fails to recognize the on-screen keyboard. Remember to select the option “Keep me logged in” to alleviate the need for repetition in this endeavor.

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Embrace the thrilling experience of indulging in the epic realm of Diablo 4.

Install Diablo 4 on the app

After successfully logging into Battle.Net, the mesmerizing world of Diablo 4 awaits your eager presence. Brace yourself for a grand adventure as you embark upon this digital odyssey. The colossal download size of 84.40 GB, enriched with high-resolution assets, promises a visually stunning experience. However, should you opt for a swifter initiation, a slightly leaner version of Diablo 4, weighing in at 46.80 GB, can be obtained by excluding the high-resolution assets. Patience becomes your steadfast companion as you anxiously await the culmination of this download, poised to transport you into a realm of untold possibilities.

If you happen to possess a USB storage device containing Diablo 4, it is within your capability to effortlessly transfer the game’s folder to the designated location where the Battle.Net folder resides. Merely duplicate the game’s folder from your USB storage and navigate through your Steam Deck’s Dolphin interface, leading you to the Home, Games, and ultimately the battlenet folder. Proceed to access the drive_c folder and subsequently venture into the Program Files (x86) domain. At this point, you may efficiently deposit the Diablo 4 folder. Upon completion, initiate the launch of Battle.Net and upon reaching the Diablo 4 page, kindly opt for the “Locate the game” feature positioned just beneath the prominent blue Install button.

Integrate the highly awaited Diablo 4 into the vast realm of Steam.

Launch the Steam application in Desktop Mode and navigate to the “Add a Game” option situated at the bottom left corner. Opt for “Add a Non-Steam Game” and ensure the Battle.Net app is selected before clicking on “Add Selected Programs.” This action will seamlessly integrate the Battle.Net launcher into your Steam application, allowing you to gracefully exit Desktop Mode and access the launcher independently.

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Experience seamless gameplay of Diablo 4 on your Steam Deck, free from any hindrances. With the convenience of accessing it through the Battle.Net launcher, effortlessly navigate Battle.Net and effortlessly dismiss any intrusive notifications using the intuitive touch screen controls.

Unveiling the secrets of mastering Diablo 4 on the remarkable Steam Deck.

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