How to Ride Dolphins in Minecraft

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Dolphins, the cherished allies of adventurers exploring the vast waters of Minecraft, possess the remarkable ability to bestow buffs and rewards upon water-dwelling players. Moreover, these intelligent creatures possess an uncanny knack for guiding wanderers towards elusive, concealed riches.

Amidst their endearing nature and mischievously playful spirits, a question invariably arises within us: How might one effectively domesticate and embark on a thrilling voyage atop these majestic beings? For, indeed, we are well-versed in the art of riding Llamas, Horses, and even Pigs! But what of the enigmatic Dolphins?

Regrettably, the concise response remains negative. Dolphins are untamable and cannot be utilized as mounts in the realm of Minecraft.

Aside from their numerous other capabilities, dolphins have a plethora of ways to assist you.

Where to Find Dolphins in Minecraft

Dolphins, the serene creatures of the sea, grace the vast expanse of ocean biomes, their presence felt in every corner except the icy embrace of frozen and cold oceans.

Dolphins are social creatures, always appearing in groups of no less than three and up to five individuals. They prefer to be in shallow waters and can only be spotted at specific Y levels, precisely between 50 and 64, within a limited depth range of just 14 blocks.

Within the realm of Bedrock Edition, a fascinating occurrence might unfold, where a pod of delightful dolphins might just happen to include a playful Baby Dolphin, gracing the scene with its charming presence, albeit with a mere 10% probability.

Embarking on a nautical voyage towards the vast expanse of open water is the most effortless route to stumble upon these magnificent creatures. In due course, one is destined to witness the enchanting spectacle of dolphins gracefully frolicking and soaring through the aqua depths.

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Friends at Sea

By disembarking from a Minecraft vessel in close proximity to a dolphin, a beneficial enhancement shall promptly be bestowed upon you, provided that the insidious effects of invisibility do not afflict your being.

The enchanting power of Dolphin’s Grace, bestowed by the majestic dolphins, bestows upon swimmers the ability to glide through the water with remarkable speed, provided they engage in the exhilarating act of sprint swimming. To experience this enchantment, one must find themselves immersed in the aquatic realm, within a mere 9-block radius of a playful dolphin.

Moreover, as you glide through the water, the dolphins shall faithfully trail behind, ceaselessly bestowing their enchanting aura upon you.

With this enchantment, you’ll zoom across the surface of water at a speed that surpasses even that of a speeding boat. And the best part? It seamlessly combines with other enchantments such as depth strider, amplifying your aquatic mobility to unparalleled levels.

In the realm of Java Edition, the mighty quest to determine the persistence of an effect is accomplished by venturing into your inventory, where the elusive dolphin icon shall reveal the truth. However, in the mystical land of Bedrock, the empowering surge remains intact, yet conceals its existence as a mere status effect.

Using Dolphins to Find Treasure in Minecraft

Dolphins possess the remarkable ability to enhance your swimming speed, while also harboring a plethora of enigmatic oceanic wisdom.

Regrettably, nourishing a dolphin fails to domesticate them or facilitate their reproduction.

However, it aids in establishing an unspoken bond. As soon as a dolphin is offered a delectable feast of raw salmon or raw cod, it elegantly glides away into the vast expanse of the ocean.

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Embrace the pursuit and they shall guide you to the closest remnants of sunken vessels, underwater relics, or hidden riches.

With their unwavering assistance, you can embark on an endless quest for hidden treasures. Once nourished, the dolphin will skillfully uncover the concealed chests within these domains. Thus, if you dismantle the chests, the dolphin will effortlessly guide you to the subsequent discovery.

By deviating from perils like guardians and elder guardians, it ensures your safety, albeit at the cost of discovering ocean temples.

Keeping Dolphins as Pets in Minecraft

Despite the unfortunate fact that dolphins cannot be domesticated or reproduced in captivity, our determination to embrace the situation remains unwavering!

Similar to polar bears and various other creatures, dolphins can also be guided and transported using a lead. If you peruse our fascinating guide on constructing a zoo, you’ll discover the myriad methods we employ to care for and nurture an array of creatures as beloved companions.

Dolphins can also be engaged in comparable activities.

When it comes to creating a captivating dolphin showcase, constructing an extraordinary aquarium emerges as an ideal choice. With an affinity for constructing grandiose aquatic habitats within my bases, I take delight in adorning them with an array of vibrant coral, diverse fish species, and graceful turtles. Hence, incorporating a dolphin would undoubtedly elevate the appeal of these underwater wonders.

Leading dolphins back to your base is no easy feat, posing a formidable challenge. Unlike fish, they defy containment in a mere bucket.

Leading them with a conventional lead is the optimal approach, yet the true challenge lies in maintaining their presence within the confines of the aquatic habitat.

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Dolphins have an indispensable need for air, yet their ability to stay out of water for extended periods is limited. Consequently, their aquatic habitat necessitates a balance of openness to allow for graceful leaps and breaths, while simultaneously ensuring they remain within the confines of their liquid world, sans any chances of venturing onto the solid ground.

Opting for a conventional oversized aquarium or a captivating zoo-like enclosure would necessitate the construction of towering walls to effectively thwart the dolphins’ acrobatic leaps.

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, you have the option to position the tank amidst a robust wall. It gets even more intriguing if your headquarters is concealed underground.

Witness their graceful dance within your embellished aquarium, alongside a myriad of other marine creatures. Rest assured, as they gracefully glide through the water, there is no need to fret about their escape or perishing outside the aquatic realm.

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