How to tab out of Minecraft without pausing?

how to tab out of minecraft without pausing 831988

Minecraft is one of the greatest sandbox adventure action games ever to come out, and it has a strong player base on every major platform, with support for it being over a decade old now.

It’s a good task to be able to leave Minecraft running in the background, so you can automatically pause the game as soon as you Alt-Tab out of it, especially if you’re farming XP or performing any sort of repetitive task. Doing the same thing repeatedly can make the game feel redundant.

This article looks at how you can Alt-Tab out of Minecraft without pausing the game for both the Java and Bedrock editions.

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Java Edition

Modifying the options.Txt file in the root folder of the game is the simplest way to do this for the Java Edition.


By setting the flag mentioned above to false, you can prevent Minecraft from pausing whenever you Alt-Tab out of the game. Another option is to utilize the F3+P shortcut within the game to switch to a different window without pausing. Additionally, if you disable the aforementioned flag, Minecraft will no longer pause when you Alt-Tab out of the game.

Bedrock Edition

There are two ways to get around the issue. However, the aforementioned flag does not include the same content as the file options.Txt for Bedrock, as the Java edition handles files differently than the Bedrock edition since.

Although the game allows for single-player mode only, it is important to keep in mind that you cannot switch to another window or minimize the game. For instance, if you open the inventory or chat box, you will not be able to access the game menu by using Tab-Alt.

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How to tab out of Minecraft without pausing?

Hosting an SMP server

Since the game is running on a multiplayer server, you can continue to function normally in the in-game world, even if you are not in the Minecraft edition. You don’t have to worry about opening any menus or changing any files before switching in and out.

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