How to use Family Sharing on PlayStation Plus

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Embracing PlayStation Plus now demands a slightly heftier investment to access the plethora of online features on both the PS4 and PS5 consoles; however, it does bring forth a myriad of advantages. These perks possess the power to be enjoyed by multiple users, and initiating the establishment of family sharing for PS Plus on your PS4 is a breeze. Let’s delve into the step-by-step guide on commencing this seamless process.

What is Family Sharing on PlayStation Plus?

With Family Sharing, the gates of PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) benefits swing open, allowing you to generously bestow them upon your beloved family members. As long as a single PS4 or PS5 account holds the prestigious title of being the primary account for the console, any individual graced with a PlayStation Network account can partake in the shared glory, reveling in the multitude of benefits and indulging in an array of digital games.

With Family Sharing, you can effortlessly establish robust parental control features to effectively oversee your children’s activities. In case you haven’t ventured into this realm and are still utilizing outdated devices, allow me to guide you through the process of configuring parental controls on PS4. However, if you’ve managed to acquire Sony’s cutting-edge console, the PS5, it’s imperative to establish appropriate parental controls.

Embrace the wonders of Family Sharing, a magnificent marvel that bestows affordability and seamless access to the PS4’s online realm, delighting users with multiple accounts and catering to all their desires.

How to set up Family Sharing on PlayStation 4

  • Access the realm of gaming wonders on your PS4 by logging in with the account that possesses the coveted PlayStation Plus subscription.
  • Unlock the gateway to your device’s inner workings by accessing the mystical realm of Settings.
  • Explore the intriguing realm of the PSN menu.
  • Embrace the Power of Activation as Your Supreme PS4 Choice.
  • PlayStation 4 settings

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    Choose the option of Activate from the available selections.

    More PlayStation 4 settings

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    Now that your PS Plus account is logged in and linked to your PS4 as the main account, any additional user who signs into the same PS4 will have the privilege of enjoying its perks.

    How to set up Family Sharing on PS5

    Mastering the art of handling numerous accounts on the illustrious PS5 is a pivotal aspect. While PS5 comes with the inherent feature of PlayStation Plus sharing, if you ever desire to tweak these configurations, below are the precise steps to follow.

  • Navigate towards the Settings option.
  • Choose individuals and profiles.
  • Select Other.
  • PS5 Console Sharing

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    Step 4 – Embrace the Joy of Console Sharing and Play Anytime, Anywhere.

    P55 Console Sharing Don't Disable

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    Opt for the “Do Not Disable” option.

    It’s important to be aware that not all perks are accessible to accounts without their own PlayStation Plus subscription. Allow us to present them to you.

    Behold the treasures you can distribute.

  • Engage in the thrilling realm of online multiplayer gaming.
  • Enjoy the thrill of indulging in downloaded games, including those that were acquired at a splendid price through PS Plus.
  • Unleash your gaming potential by downloading and immersing yourself in the captivating monthly PS Plus games that come bundled with your subscription.
  • Unleash the Boundless Gaming Realm with PlayStation Plus Game Catalog and Classic Catalog (requires Extra and Premium, correspondingly).
  • Discover the myriad of experiences that family members will regrettably be deprived of.

  • Snagging games at the enticing PS Plus discount.
  • Game save storage in the ethereal realm.
  • Seamless acquisition of patches.
  • Get a taste of the gaming world’s best-kept secrets with exclusive game trials, available only to PS Plus members.
  • Input: Whether or not your secondary accounts require individual PS Plus subscriptions ultimately depends on your unique requirements and preferences. If your sole objective is to engage in online gaming and access all the games on a single console, a single subscription should suffice. However, individuals with more intricate demands might contemplate obtaining multiple subscriptions. Given that each person’s setup and circumstances differ, it is advisable to discuss and assess the most suitable course of action with your family.

    In 2022, PlayStation Plus underwent a transformative overhaul, introducing three unique levels: Essential, Extra, and Premium. The initial tier preserves the essence of the original PlayStation Plus, while the second tier grants players the privilege of indulging in a vast collection of PS4 and PS5 games. The third tier amalgamates the perks of the discontinued PlayStation Now, enabling users to seamlessly stream selected games and delve into a treasury of timeless Classic titles, accompanied by a selection of exclusive demos.

    Unquestionably, the game collection of PlayStation Plus Premium stands as an expansive marvel, and the perks accompanying it can be delightfully extended to your loved ones through the option of Family Sharing within your subscription. PlayStation Plus Essential is priced at $10 monthly, Extra at $15 monthly, and Premium at $18 monthly.

    What if I have more than one PS4 or PS5?

    Sadly, if you happen to possess multiple PS4 or PS5 consoles, an additional PS Plus account is required for each additional console. This necessity arises due to the limitation wherein advantages can solely be shared from the primary account to secondary accounts on a particular console. Moreover, it’s important to note that only one primary account is permitted per console.

    Additionally, it implies that the second gaming console necessitates a separate set of game copies desired by the user. The solitary workaround is to log into the second console using the account possessing the PS Plus subscription and game ownership. Furthermore, it is imperative to remain signed in with that account throughout the entire gaming session.

    Game together

    Are you searching for a way to connect your entire family to the online world using their individual accounts on your PlayStation console? As long as everyone is open to sharing the console, all you require is a PS Plus subscription. While it’s not mandatory to have PlayStation Plus to enjoy your PS4, it offers numerous advantages that make it an essential addition, especially if you plan on engaging in multiplayer activities. Whether you desire online gaming, complimentary games, secure cloud storage, or additional features, acquiring a PS Plus subscription will enhance your gaming experience to the fullest.

    Unleash your gaming prowess with the mighty PlayStation console, offering a treasure trove of cutting-edge games that cater to every gaming aficionado. Sony’s groundbreaking console transcends age barriers, offering a captivating array of games that ignite the flames of imagination. Elevating the gaming experience to unprecedented heights, PlayStation Plus injects an additional dose of excitement and worthiness.

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