How to Use Split-Screen in Minecraft

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Input: Do you recall the nostalgic times when you indulged in console gaming alongside your pals, sharing a split-screen? Allowing you to relive those cherished moments and curate an array of awe-inspiring experiences, Minecraft split-screen comes to your aid. Regrettably, this option solely caters to console users, namely Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.

How to Use Split-Screen in Minecraft

To experience optimal visual quality, it is essential that your gaming console or television screen is capable of delivering a minimum resolution of 720p. Unfortunately, PlayStation Vita lacks split-screen functionality as it operates on qHD, which is merely a quarter of the full 1080p resolution. Similarly, WiiU falls short in supporting split-screen due to its limited 480p resolution. In order to enjoy split-screen capabilities, it is necessary to connect eligible devices to a TV screen through the utilization of an HDMI or RGB component cable.

Keep reading to uncover additional insights and step-by-step instructions on how to divide the screen in Minecraft.

As previously stated, you will require a gaming console and a television screen that has a resolution of 720p or above. Additionally, it is necessary to configure the video resolution on your console to align with the television’s capabilities. This task can be accomplished with relative ease by accessing the settings menu on your console and navigating to the display options. It is worth noting that for consoles such as PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and Switch, the resolution is automatically adjusted when connected via HDMI. However, in certain cases, prior manual adjustments may cause complications, necessitating manual reconfiguration.

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You can split the screen in Minecraft locally or online. The local split-screen can accommodate up to four players at a time. If you have a big TV screen, playing with friends or family is loads of fun. Let’s start with tips for local split-screen, and later, the online split-screen will get explained as well.

How to Split-Screen Minecraft Locally

Local split-screen gaming entails the joy of playing together on a single console, distinct from LAN (local area network) play that involves multiple devices. A maximum of four players can partake on a single device. While the instructions for playing Minecraft in split-screen mode may differ slightly across different game consoles, the following guidelines will encompass them all.

Unveil the secrets of creating a captivating local split-screen experience in Minecraft with these foolproof steps.

  • Connect the console to the TV with an HDMI or component cable, then launch Minecraft.
  • Select Create New if you want to start fresh, or load a previous world from the game list.
  • In the Multiplayer settings, slide Multiplayer Game to the off position.
  • Set the difficulty and other game options to your liking.
  • Choose Create or Play to launch the game.
  • Use a different controller to activate the second player on the console, then select the correct button(s) to add them to Minecraft. For example, the PS4 uses the PS button to activate a user and the Options button (pressed twice) to add a second player to Minecraft.
  • Select the account for the other player (if not done already). XBOX 360 and PS3 use the Minecraft Legacy Console Edition, so you first press Start on the second controller to get in the game, then it will prompt the user to log into the console.
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    How to Split-Screen Minecraft Online

    Engage in the immersive world of Minecraft by joining forces with your friends both near and far. Experience the thrill of split-screen gameplay, where local players revel in the joy of sharing a screen while seamlessly connecting with online adventurers. Discover the magic of setting up split-screen for online play and embark on endless virtual adventures together.

  • Gain access to your console by logging in with either your Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus account. Unfortunately, for XBOX 360 and XBOX One users, local accounts and players on XBOX Live Silver (the complimentary Live subscription) are unable to participate. While PlayStation Plus is not mandatory for the PS3, it is a requirement for the PS4.
  • Embark on a thrilling journey through the realms of Minecraft Legacy editions by simply launching your console and immersing yourself in the captivating Play Game option, where the choices of Load or Create await your command. On the other hand, if you find yourself exploring the Bedrock editions, prepare to be enchanted as you encounter the alluring Create New feature or indulge in the delightful selection of games from your personal list.
  • Input: Customize your game settings to suit your preferences and kickstart your gaming experience. In the Bedrock edition, navigate to the Multiplayer menu and make sure to activate the Multiplayer Game option prior to commencing your gameplay.
  • Your invitation is the key to attract other “remote” players who wish to join your hosted game. While split-screen functionality is limited to a maximum of 4 players on a single console, they still have the option to engage in online gameplay with other participants.
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    Minecraft is an enthralling and imaginative game that offers endless fun. Just like any other game, its enjoyment levels soar when shared with friends. Now, you have the option to split the screen and embark on a multiplayer Minecraft adventure reminiscent of those nostalgic console gaming sessions.

    PC users may experience a sense of exclusion, which is quite understandable. It’s truly unfortunate that individuals with large monitor screens cannot enjoy the same functionality as console users by splitting their screens. Although there are online options for third-party screen splitting tools, it’s important to note that these are unofficial and potentially unreliable.

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