I sold my soul to buy the Diablo 4 Limited Edition Collectors Box — and I regret nothing

i sold my soul to buy the diablo 4 limited edition collectors box and i regret nothing 301812

Diablo 4 Collectors Box

Diablo 4 has shattered all previous records for Blizzard, emerging as their most rapidly-selling game to date. It has effortlessly outperformed its predecessor, Diablo 3. Undoubtedly, the unwavering support of fans, including myself, has contributed to this remarkable achievement. Being a true enthusiast, I couldn’t resist acquiring three copies of the illustrious Ultimate Edition. Not only did I secure it for Xbox and Windows PC, but I also purchased an additional Xbox copy for my partner, ensuring that they too could revel in the exquisite cosmetics that come with owning the prestigious edition. After all, it would be inconceivable for me to traverse the realm of Sanctuary alongside someone who lacks the Wings of the Creator emote, a symbol of distinction.

Input: But my dedication to Blizzard went beyond that; I even went as far as preordering the highly coveted Diablo 4 Limited Edition Collector’s Box. It graced my presence on the much-anticipated launch day, 6th of June. Although a fleeting moment of remorse lingered as the funds departed my bank account, it swiftly gave way to sheer elation once I unveiled the extraordinary assortment of treasures within.

Blizzard cleverly labeled this as a ‘Collector’s Box of Limited Edition’ instead of a ‘Collector’s Edition’, which is typically linked to a game edition bundled with exclusive items. In this case, all you receive are various merchandise items without a game included. Initially, I found this peculiar, but it gives the buyer the freedom to choose between purchasing a digital or physical copy of Diablo 4. Therefore, I support this approach for future releases.

A wicked unboxing experience

The gates of Hell (Image credit: Jennifer Young – Windows Central)

The sheer enormity of the box compelled me to eagerly open it right on my kitchen floor, for there was no other space grand enough to match its stature. Fortunately, I managed to clear my desk for the purpose of capturing these photos. As you can observe, the lid of the box proudly displays the iconic Hell Gate, known to avid players of Diablo 4 from both gameplay and the loading screen. This gate radiates a captivating glow, hinting at the marvelous wonders that lie within. Among these wonders, the first to greet my eyes were these remarkable art prints, measuring an impressive 18.54″ x 10.79″. One print showcases concept art of a fearsome demonic army, while the other presents side-by-side portraits of none other than Mom and Dad, also known as Lilith and Inarius.

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Although I yearn to unveil these treasures from their cellophane captivity, they shall remain steadfastly confined until my impending relocation, whereupon I shall graciously bestow them upon the wall. Alas, for the time being, you must endure the tantalizing glimpse through the veil of glare.

The symbol of the Church of the Light graces the left side of the box, while the Horadric symbol adorns the right side, creating a visual balance.

The Art of Diablo 4

Diablo 4’s art and atmosphere take a plunge into unparalleled darkness, surpassing any previous installment. The creators were driven by a desire to reclaim the franchise’s shadowy essence, as Diablo 3 had been criticized for deviating from the eerie ambiance established in Diablo and Diablo 2. Enclosed within the Diablo 4 Limited Edition Collector’s Box rests a treasure: ‘The Art of Diablo IV’, a masterpiece comprising a staggering 300 pages, showcasing the concept art that brought this captivating game to life.

The Art of Diablo 4 sits cradled in the Collector’s box (Image credit: Jennifer Young – Windows Central)

Input: Some of the artwork featured in the book can be witnessed as exquisite paintings scattered throughout the game. Take, for instance, the mesmerizing depiction of Inarius and Mother Prava, nestled within the sacred walls of the Alabaster Monastery. Needless to say, I am absolutely elated to have access to magnified reproductions of these masterpieces whenever I desire, all within the enchanting pages of this meticulously illustrated tome.

The concept art depicting Elias evokes a wave of nostalgia, reminiscent of the thrilling unveiling of Diablo 4 at Blizzcon 2019. During that time, fans indulged in speculation surrounding the enigmatic and malevolent nature of this character. Some erroneously conjectured that it might be Rathma, the eldest offspring of Inarius and Lilith. Nevertheless, astute detectives, armed with online resources, uncovered his true identity as ‘Elias’ from the art guide. However, it wasn’t until the game’s release that we discovered his concealed origins and the underlying motivations driving his mission to resurrect Lilith in Sanctuary.

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The book vividly portrays the extensive collaboration among numerous artists who contributed to the development of the game’s visually stunning environment we now witness. In my opinion, they successfully surpassed expectations in embracing the ‘return to darkness’ concept.

Become an honorary Horadrim

Beneath the captivating Art of Diablo 4 tome lies a glistening metal pin adorned with the sacred emblem of the Horadrim. When engaged in the immersive realms of gameplay, I don this emblem with great delight, assuming the role of a mysterious kin to the mythical Deckard Cain. The Horadrim, a venerable fraternity of enchanters, valiantly battled the malevolent Prime Evils. For an in-depth exploration of their intriguing saga, peruse the pages of my meticulously crafted compendium on the lore of Diablo.

Diablo 4 Horadric Symbol Pin

The symbol of the Horadrim (Image credit: Jennifer Young – Windows Central)

Joking aside, the pin shall remain securely nestled within its display box, forever untouched by mortal hands. A hefty sum of $100 was spent to acquire this set, and it is imperative that I maintain its pristine state. Or perhaps, one could even say, its Prime Evil state?

Ralph Ineson, the voice behind Lorath in Diablo 4, captivates us with his narration skills, bringing to life the mesmerizing videos created by the Diablo team. Lorath, a valued member of the new Horadrim, combines the intellect of a scholar with the prowess of a warrior, dedicated to safeguarding and preserving the wisdom of Sanctuary. With a voice that echoes the legendary Deckard, Lorath enthralls us with fascinating tales from the lore of Sanctuary, set against a backdrop of captivating imagery that will likely grace the pages of the forthcoming Book of Lorath and Tales from the Horadric Library. As an avid collector of Diablo merchandise and a devout follower of the lore, I simply cannot resist indulging in these captivating creations.

But wait, there’s more!

The journey isn’t complete, for behold, a magnificent cloth map of Sanctuary unveils itself. While it may not bear the markings of all the Altars of Lilith, it showcases unexpected and captivating intricacies that truly astound.

Lilith and Inarius (Image credit: Jennifer Young – Windows Centralq)

Behold the astonishing intricacy of this fabric depiction of Sanctuary, showcasing the wondrous realms we traverse within the game. Experience the vast expanse, from the arid plains of the Dry Steppes to the majestic peaks of the Fractured Peaks. Journey from the ancient lands of Hawezar to the enigmatic realm of Kehjistan, and finally arrive in the mystical haven known as Scosglen, the sacred abode of the revered Druids.

At the pinnacle of the map, we witness the divine presence of Lilith and Inarius, the progenitors of Sanctuary, the very cradle of humanity. On the flip side, positioned at the base, we encounter the malevolent trio known as the Three Prime Evils: Baal, Mephisto, and the infamous Diablo, whose name echoes throughout the realm of gaming.

The moment I laid eyes on the map in the preview video, I knew I had to have it. It was this very item that convinced me to buy the Collector’s Box without hesitation. The allure of possessing such a unique treasure was simply irresistible, making it a worthwhile investment.

Saving the best till last, the Candle of Creation

Prior to discovering the contents of the Diablo 4 Limited Edition Collector’s Box, whispers of including candles circulated. Initially, I dismissed the idea of purchasing high-end Diablo candles, but my skepticism swiftly diminished upon witnessing the captivating imagery. This is no ordinary candle; it embodies the essence of creation, boasting a meticulously crafted design. Equally impressive is the accompanying box, showcasing remarkable artistry.

Blood petals have made it to my Collector’s Box (Image credit: Jennifer Young – Windows Central)

As I cautiously opened the flap to unveil the hidden treasures within the Collectors Box, a gasp escaped my lips. The sight of blood petals gracefully adorning the contents added an unexpected and awe-inspiring element to the unboxing ritual. From this moment on, I couldn’t help but yearn for the inclusion of these exquisite petals in all my Diablo merchandise. While my partner, armed with a vacuum cleaner, might raise an eyebrow at this preference, the undeniable truth remains that rose petals possess an uncanny ability to enhance the visual appeal of anything they touch.

The Candle of Creation showcases exquisite engravings of Lilith on one side, Inarius on the other, and a conveniently placed power button. Rest assured, there’s no need to fret about the candle fading away with time, as it ignites effortlessly with the mighty force of the included AA batteries. Let us sing praises to the mighty Lilith!

Mommy Lilith (Image credit: Jennifer Young – Windows Central)

As I pack away the remaining belongings in preparation for my upcoming move, one item stands defiantly outside the confinement of its box – the remarkable Candle of Creation. Its enchanting glow intertwines seamlessly with the radiant red hue emitted by my trusty GameSir T4 Kaleid, creating a captivating ambiance as I indulge in countless immersive gaming sessions. Within the confines of my diminutive abode, tucked away in a cozy corner, I find solace in conquering treacherous dungeons while basking in the harmonious union of light and virtual adventures.

Candle of Creation

Got to get the right ambience for a night on Diablo 4 (Image credit: Jennifer Young – Windows Central)

In addition to the Diablo 4 Collector’s Box, an accompanying mouse mat is included. Although it may not meet my specific requirements (since I possess a splendidly spacious Demon Hunter mat), I am confident that I will discover a novel purpose for it.

Should my enticing post awaken your craving for Diablo 4 memorabilia, I must regretfully inform you that the Diablo 4 Collector’s Box is currently unavailable, unless you are willing to sacrifice blood for a transaction on eBay or through other third-party sellers. However, fear not, for the Blizzard Gear store offers a plethora of exquisitely crafted merchandise, including the remarkable Rogue t-shirt showcased below. While other classes may exist, it is undeniably the Rogue class that reigns supreme, and feel free to challenge me on this matter.

Despite teasing our Editor Jez Corden about splurging $600 on a Lilith statue, if Blizzard continues at this pace, I might end up penniless by the time we embrace the third Diablo 4 Battle Pass.

Join me in the ultimate act of devotion and relinquish your very essence to the enchanting embrace of Lilith.

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