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Is Diablo Immortal, Worth Playing in 2023?

Brace yourself for the dark enchantments of Diablo Immortal, a game that delves into the depths of the forbidden. Beware, as this review may unveil images that could provoke discomfort or stir disquiet within certain readers.

Input: Diablo Immortal is actually quite a decent game, drawing inspiration from its predecessor Diablo 3. Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning that for impulsive buyers, Diablo Immortal adopts a rather cunning business approach that may lead players to exceed their financial limits.

Points of Interest.


For nearly two decades, Blizzard has commanded the helm of an illustrious gaming phenomenon (World of Warcraft), yet Diablo Immortal exhibits a plethora of performance woes that rank among the most abysmal in the realm of MMORPGs, with player hubs occasionally plummeting to mere single-digit frames per second.

Although this in itself is not a deal-breaker, it can pose challenges when battle effects lead to a decline in frame rates during massive group encounters like world bosses and raids involving eight players.



In Diablo Immortal, fresh recruits are initially placed in the adventurers’ faction, but as they progress to level 45, an exciting chance to join a different faction awaits them. However, a vital piece of information remains undisclosed – switching to a new PvP faction will require players to bid farewell to their guild, even though members from all three factions can still team up for epic battles in both instanced and open-world scenarios.

Due to this unfortunate oversight, players have been left in a predicament where they are unable to access the guilds they painstakingly formed using valuable in-game currency. To their dismay, they have been informed that no form of reimbursement will be granted, without any prior notification regarding the necessity of leaving their existing guild in order to join a new faction focused on PvP activities.

To add an element of peculiarity, the Immortal faction exclusively permits the inclusion of the top 500 players on the server, thereby ensuring its population is primarily composed of high-spending individuals and dedicated players. Meanwhile, the majority of players are left with no choice but to align themselves with the underdog faction known as the Shadows Faction. These brave souls have been bestowed with the right to challenge the Immortals for their dominant position, a scenario that occurs quite frequently, although the Immortal clans rarely experience a loss of their privileges due to the significant stat boost (crown) granted to their leaders and officers. Consequently, this leads to even more imbalanced encounters with the predominantly free-to-play shadows.

Diablo Immortal’s PvP is an absolute chaos, destined to deteriorate further as time passes by, according to BHReviews.



I despise the act of developers tempting players with time-limited or exclusive offers; it is a manipulative practice that preys on impulsive buyers.

Adding insult to injury, Diablo Immortal entices players with a myriad of escalating priced “one-time bundles” upon conquering each dungeon for the initial time. This alluring proposition, although not inherently malevolent, has the potential to snowball into a hefty expenditure exceeding $100 when coupled with supplementary acquisitions like the esteemed battle pass and diverse in-game currencies.

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Input: Diablo Immortal may be decent, yet there exist myriad superior alternatives at significantly lower prices. Unlike Diablo Immortal, these alternatives abstain from ceaselessly enticing players with costly microtransactions and the allure of purchasing success. – BHReviews.


Group Content:

Diablo Immortal, despite its regrettable blunders, has garnered the most abysmal rating ever recorded in the annals of Blizzard. Nevertheless, when it comes to communal adventures, Diablo Immortal surpasses all expectations, bestowing upon players a plethora of engaging experiences such as treacherous dungeons, mysterious rifts, epic raids, exhilarating battlegrounds, and an abundance of other captivating features, ensuring that group content remains readily available to all, day and night.

Very Expensive:

Following extensive analysis and contemplation, a remarkable revelation has emerged within the community: under the most unfavorable circumstances, an individual might find themselves compelled to invest a staggering sum exceeding $100,000 in order to achieve the utmost perfection in their character’s equipment. Consequently, it is highly probable that the pinnacle of the ranking system will be predominantly occupied by affluent cryptocurrency magnates and prosperous entrepreneurs.

Losing Access to Premium Content:

Prepare for a shocking surprise if players decide to acquire the boon of plenty, as they will be left disheartened upon realizing that failing to log in consecutively for 30 days leads to the forfeiture of the premium reward for any missed day. This sets it apart from other games where players can claim premium rewards once unlocked, without any time restrictions.

Although this may fall within the realms of legality, hidden within the fine print, players have undoubtedly consented to this (as Blizzard is no fool), it nevertheless evokes an unpleasant sensation for me.



Despite the advantages of teaming up with others for a seamless journey, the task of joining a guild in Diablo Immortal presents a considerable challenge. Surprisingly, I have faced numerous rejections from almost twelve guilds, despite my impressive gear and, on several occasions, surpassing the equipment of other guild members.

Although it’s normal to face a couple of rejections from bigger guilds due to their limited capacity of 100 members, it’s incredibly rare to be turned down even by smaller or newly formed guilds in the MMORPG world. Unfortunately, my own experience is not an exception, as numerous players have voiced their frustration about the difficulty of finding a guild to join.

Input: Although it is not within Blizzard’s power to rectify, it is peculiar to witness even modest guilds exhibiting such unsociable behavior towards prospective guild members. I remain optimistic that as the community evolves, more hospitable guilds and communities will emerge as prominent figures.

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The realm of PVP in Diablo Immortal is a realm dominated by the power of payments, where players can effortlessly acquire legendary gems through purchasing, far surpassing the hopes of earning them through genuine gameplay.

Although skilled free players may occasionally prevail against “credit card warriors,” the majority of free players will undoubtedly find themselves utterly overpowered.



Although every ARPG embraces the grind, and a moderate amount of grinding can be fulfilling, Diablo Immortal appears to have been meticulously designed to entice players into spending copious amounts of money in order to minimize that grind.

Although this practice is completely within the bounds of the law, it undeniably resides in a moral twilight zone that I simply cannot endorse, particularly in a post-pandemic era where numerous individuals are forced to resort to unscrupulous means to make ends meet.

Character Customization.

Within the realm of Diablo Immortal, lies an unexpectedly intricate realm of character customization, designed specifically for this mobile-first ARPG. Delightfully, it offers an astonishing array of skin tones and hairstyles, granting players the power to fashion a truly unique and personal avatar.

Diablo Immortal boasts an unparalleled character customization system, setting a new benchmark for creative expression within the illustrious history of the Diablo series.

Input: I hope that Diablo 4 builds upon this diversity, allowing for an even greater level of character customization. – BHReviews.With fervent anticipation, I yearn for Diablo 4 to expand upon its existing diversity, unlocking boundless possibilities for an elevated and unparalleled level of character customization. – BHReviews.


Cashshop Controversy.

The cash shop in Diablo Immortal offers an extensive range of cosmetic items, which is not unexpected. However, what truly astonishes is the abundance of pay-to-win and pay-for-convenience items, surpassing the standards set by most mobile games. These items include additional loot, legendary drops with improved attributes, and in-game resources. Players with sufficient funds can effortlessly ascend to the leaderboard’s summit and, even more alarmingly, assert their dominance in PVP battles. Consequently, only the most exceptional free-to-play individuals stand a minuscule chance of defeating someone who has purchased their way to victory.

Although an amateur pay-to-win player may still face defeat in a fair battle, a player with moderate skills and a credit card can swiftly obtain the most powerful builds and items, almost guaranteeing their triumph.

Although Diablo Immortal offers the possibility of free enjoyment, and even greater satisfaction with minimal financial commitment, ascending to the pinnacle of PvP and PvE requires players to either splurge their savings or make a pact with Diablo Immortal, dedicating a staggering 8-10 hours daily to stay at the forefront of the competition.

Diablo Immortal FAQ

Are The Developers Active?

Diablo Immortal continues to evolve, constantly introducing fresh seasonal content every 30 days and delivering significant updates approximately four times annually. Moreover, it offers a plethora of exciting limited-time events to captivate players in between major content releases, ensuring a consistently entertaining experience for its player base.

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Is Diablo Immortal, Worth Playing in 2023? 2

How Many People Play Diablo Immortal?

Although Blizzard has kept the exact number of players under wraps, speculations suggest that a colossal 40 million individuals have embraced the app ever since its grand debut in June 2022. Nevertheless, it is highly probable that the overwhelming majority of players swiftly lost interest due to the pay-2-win scheme and the subpar server performance.

How Long Does Diablo Immortal Take to Complete?

Is Cross-Platform Multiplayer Supported?

The realm of Diablo Immortal embraces a multitude of supporting features.

  • ☑ Uniting Players Across Platforms.
  • ☑ Uniting Across Platforms: The Joy of Party Connections.
  • ☑ Seamless Progression Across Platforms.
  • Is There Group Finding/Matchmaking Support?

    Experience an array of exhilarating matchmaking possibilities with Diablo Immortal, presenting an enticing selection of matchmaking options:

  • ✅ Mastery-driven Matchmaking System.
  • ☑ Matchmaking Aligned with Geographical Regions.
  • ☑ Individual Matchmaking.
  • ☑ Matchmaking with a Twist
  • Are There In-Game Microtransactions?

    Behold, the mystical emporium of Diablo Immortal, where a plethora of enchanting wares awaits! Delve into the depths of this immersive realm to discover a treasure trove of mesmerizing items that will ignite your gaming desires. From otherworldly weaponry to ethereal armors, the in-game store of Diablo Immortal unveils a captivating array of artifacts for the valiant heroes and heroines of this fantastical universe. Step inside and embark on a journey like no other!

  • ☑ Aesthetic Trinkets.
  • ☑ Bundles of Beauty Products.
  • ☑ Exclusive Currency Packages.
  • ☑ Deluxe Battlepass Experience.
  • ☑ Kickoff Bundles.
  • ☑ Embrace the Ease of Purchasing Convenience Goods.
  • ☑ Victorious Assets.
  • What Peripherals Are Supported?

    An array of peripherals has gained official support.

  • ☑ Personal Computer – Gamepad.
  • ✅ Personal Computer – The Mighty Duo of Mouse and Keyboard.
  • ☑ Portable Devices – Intuitive Touch Commands.
  • Is There Any Mature Content?

    Diablo Immortal, with its PEGI 18+ rating, unleashes a world teeming with untamed power and houses an array of captivating elements:

  • ☑ Profanity-Free Communication.
  • ☑ Gore.
  • ☑ Themes of Maturity.
  • ☑ A tantalizing display of skin.
  • ☑ Violence.
  • Final Verdict.

    Diablo Immortal has undergone significant enhancements since its initial release, with several of its most flagrant moneti zation elements being considerably subdued or eradicated altogether. Nevertheless, what persists is still an excessive amount for my personal preference, potentially posing a hindrance for individuals susceptible to impulsive buying tendencies.


    Bluntly Honest Reviews has given “Diablo Immortal” a rating of 6./10, which means, while it is mediocre/average, and has its fair share of issues, the average gamer would not regret playing it.

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