Minecraft Bedrock 1.19: Best Y Level for Iron

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What an iron pick guide.

Minecraft Iron Ore

The recent update of Minecraft 1.19, known as Iron, has brought some challenging changes to the game, making it tougher to find the rarest ore. With the introduction of the Cliffs and Caves update, players can now explore different Y levels to gather resources, with the deepest depths offering the most valuable ores. However, it’s not just about mining and crafting in Minecraft, as slaying foes is also a significant part of the experience.

Where to Mine Iron in Minecraft Bedrock 1.19

It’s a rather simple update, but first, let’s talk about the strange sound that you may hear at the Cliffs and Caves. In the old Minecraft, the distribution of ores spawning was a straight line, where you would find the same amount of ore throughout. However, now we are using a triangle distribution, where the rates of ore spawn increase as you get closer to the tip of the triangle (which is on the side of the course). The amount of space between the distributions of the triangle and straight-line is the same. Let’s take Diamonds as an example. In order to find Diamonds more commonly, you could have a triangle distribution between Y levels -23 and -49, with 15 levels between each distribution point.

Another option is to extract resources from deepslate, where it’s feasible to discover a phenomenon known as a substantial mineral deposit. This deposit consists of numerous interconnected veins of Iron Ore, although it is quite uncommon. The first option involves a triangular distribution ranging from Y 56 to -24, with the highest concentration of ore appearing at Y level 15. This leaves us with two possible choices. Alternatively, there is a linear distribution between Y level 72 and the lowest point of the world, but it is not particularly advantageous. There is also a triangular distribution between Y level 80 and the maximum height of the world, although mining in that area can be somewhat troublesome. Iron Ore can be found in several locations. Now that we have covered this background information (who would have thought this game could be so intricate?),

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If we were in your position, we would recommend going to Y level 15 and utilizing your preferred mining technique to gather a large quantity of Iron Ore. This approach is highly reliable and has the potential to yield a significant amount of Iron Ore. Although constructing an Iron farm might be a more straightforward option and provide an unlimited supply of iron, the suggested method should still yield favorable results. Best of luck with your mining endeavors!

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