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BetterEnd, known as the magnificent conclusion, presents a grandiose expansion to Minecraft’s mystical End Dimension. Within its realm, one will encounter a myriad of extraordinary biomes, captivating creatures, awe-inspiring structures, and ingenious mechanics, creating an immersive experience akin to an authentic update from the game’s creators.

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Infusion Rituals

Through the mystical practice of Infusion Rituals, you possess the power to transform ordinary objects into extraordinary wonders. In this enchanting realm, you shall embark on a journey of crafting diverse Enchantments, enhancing the prowess of your armor, and conjuring forth a plethora of extraordinary artifacts.

To begin the journey, one must embark on crafting an Infusion Pedestal, a mystical artifact that demands 2 Obsidian, 2 Ender Pearls, and the all-seeing Eye of Ender. Once delicately positioned, it unfolds its power, but only if there is ample room to breathe, for we must summon the creation of not just one, but eight additional Pedestals.

Infusion Ritual Setup & Recipe

Craft 8 exquisite pedestals (refer to REI/JEI for recipes). They come at a remarkably affordable price, merely requiring 1 block and 2 slabs. These must be strategically positioned around the Infusion Pedestal. Ensure a generous 2-block distance separates the Infusion Pedestal from its ordinary counterparts. Arrange them as depicted in the captivating image provided, omitting the need for Glowstone.

infusion table setup
Top View of Infusion Pedestal Setup

Once the intricate framework is assembled, you may embark on your concocting endeavors. The paramount essence must grace the Infusion Pedestal as the final act, invoking the ritual’s power, or you may simply bestow a right-click upon it. The remaining ingredients, known as catalysts, shall find their rightful place upon the outer Pedestals.

Ores & Minerals

Scattered throughout the End, await three freshly discovered Ore Blocks, eagerly waiting to be unearthed. Venture into the newly sculpted Caves, which mysteriously materialize in every unique biome across the End Islands.


Delve into the realm of Thallasium Ore, an abundant mineral adorned in a mesmerizing hue of ethereal light blue. A mere act of mining reveals the precious bounty of Raw Thallasium, a transformative substance that holds the potential to be shaped into exquisite Thallasium Ingots.

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Thallasium Ore

The possibilities for their utilization are abundant, as they are widely employed in various ornamental items like Chains, Doors, Chandeliers, and Bars. Moreover, they serve as a viable substitute for Iron Ingots in recipes such as Buckets and Cauldrons.

Amber Ore

When exploring the captivating Amber Land Biomes, your likelihood of discovering valuable Amber Ores is remarkably high. Opting to extract these ores will reward you with Raw Amber, a precious resource. Combine four pieces of Raw Amber in a Crafting Table and witness their transformation into a magnificent Amber Gem.

Amber Ore

Amber Gems possess a myriad of applications, predominantly in the realm of mechanics unlike their counterpart, Thallasium. When it comes to the art of crafting, these gems prove invaluable in fashioning Eyes of Ender or exquisite Amber Blocks, serving dual purposes as decorative elements or integral components in fashioning the Respawn Obelisk. However, their true essence shines through in the sacred Infusion Rituals, where their significance truly comes to fruition.

Ender Ore

The marvelous Ender Ore, an exquisite gem bestowed upon us by the enchanting realm of Better End, awaits discovery as the third and ultimate ore block. Its ethereal presence graces numerous biomes, captivating the eye with hues reminiscent of the mystical Ender Pearl. Remain vigilant, for this precious treasure shall reveal itself to those who seek its radiant splendor.

Ender Ore

Shatter it, and you shall be bestowed with Ender Shards. These precious fragments are essential for forging Ender Dust within the confines of an Anvil. Moreover, they hold a pivotal role in the mystical Infusion Ritual, enabling the creation of wondrous Eternal Crystals.

Eternal Crystals

To unleash the power of the Eternal Ritual Portals, one must harness the mighty Eternal Crystals, as previously stated. These precious gems can only be acquired through a mystical Infusion Ritual. The process involves carefully positioning an End Crystal atop the sacred Infusion Pedestal, accompanied by the placement of 4 Aurora Crystal Shards and 4 Ender Shards on each of the 8 Pedestals.

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Eternal Crystal Recipe

The Crystal Mountains Biome holds the key to acquiring Aurora Crystal Shards, as they can be easily obtained there. Delve into the bright Crystal Blocks within this region, and you may stumble upon these precious shards from time to time. On the other hand, Ender Shards are a different story. They are exclusively mined from Ender Ore Blocks, which are hidden within the depths of mysterious Caves.

New Biomes

Presently, Better End boasts a collection of more than 20 exquisite Biomes. These captivating landscapes can be discovered gracefully emerging on End Islands, within the vast expanse of the Void, or hidden within the enigmatic depths of the Caves below.

Within the realm of Land Biomes lie a myriad of enchanting regions, each with its own unique allure. Explore the captivating expanse of Amber Land, where golden hues intertwine with nature’s wonders. Traverse the ethereal Blossoming Spires, where towering structures reach towards the heavens and vibrant blooms dance in the wind. Journey through the mystical Chorus Forest, where melodic whispers echo through the ancient trees. Ascend the majestic Crystal Mountains, a realm of shimmering peaks and crystalline wonders. Uncover the secrets hidden within the haunting Dragon Graveyards, a solemn resting place for legendary creatures of old. Wander the arid landscapes of the Dry Shrubland, where resilient flora thrives amidst the unforgiving heat. Venture into the desolate Dust Wastelands, where swirling sand dunes stretch as far as the eye can see. Discover the ethereal beauty of the Foggy Mushroomland, a mist-laden realm where luminescent fungi create an otherworld

Within the boundless expanse of the Void lies the ethereal Ice Starfield. As for the caverns, one can venture into the desolate beauty of the Empty Aurora Cave, the forsaken depths of the Empty End Cave, the abandoned mystery of the Empty Smaragdant Cave, the vibrant allure of the Lush Aurora Cave, or the verdant enchantment of the Lush Smaragdant Cave.

Eternal Rituals

Every now and then, you may chance upon the Enigmatic Rites at the Conclusion. These remarkable formations resemble Gateways, adorned with pedestals in their vicinity. Once triggered, they bestow upon you the power to journey back to the Realm Beyond.

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The Portal’s fate hangs in the balance, with a possibility of it shattering into fragments. Should this unfortunate event occur, your only recourse would be to embark on an ancient Infusion Ritual, weaving together the mystical essence of Runed Flavolite. To ensure success, consult the sacred recipe, accessible through the divine sources of knowledge – Just Enough Items or Roughly Enough Items.

Eternal Ritual Portal

Six majestic Pedestals shall encircle the enchanted portal, with an exquisite Eternal Crystal gracing each one. As this sacred ritual unfolds, the dormant Portal shall awaken with a fiery glow, beckoning one to embark upon a wondrous journey. Behold, not only shall a gateway materialize in the realm of the Overworld, but it shall grant passage to return at will, forever preserving the freedom to traverse between worlds.

Download Better End Mod

Version Available
1.7.10 No Release
1.8.9 No Release
1.9.4 No Release
1.10.2 No Release
1.11.2 No Release
1.12.2 No Release
1.13.2 No Release
1.14.4 No Release
1.15.2 No Release
1.16.5 Fabric | Forge
1.17.1 Fabric
1.18.1 No Release

Explore the enchanting pathways above leading you to the ethereal realm of CurseForge, where the wondrous creation known as Better End awaits your eager grasp. Embracing the creative souls of mod makers, the esteemed PwrDown website wholeheartedly endorses the exclusive utilization of CurseForge for your downloading endeavors. By doing so, you not only extend your benevolence towards these ingenious creators but also safeguard yourself against any pernicious or contagious elements that may lurk within the files you acquire.


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