Minecraft: Everything You Need To Know About Paintings

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  • Creating masterpieces may not be the initial thought that comes to mind when indulging in the world of Minecraft. Nevertheless, acquiring the knowledge of crafting paintings can be a valuable asset for those with artistic inclinations.

    Since its debut in 2011, Minecraft has gained a reputation for being a haven of boundless creativity, empowering players to unleash their artistic expressions without any constraints. From the moment it hit the gaming scene, this extraordinary game has offered an array of tools and possibilities for players to construct, embellish, and adorn their virtual sanctuaries.

    Paintings have long been a beloved choice for the Minecraft community, serving as a captivating addition that effortlessly adds vibrancy to any base. But amidst its popularity, many players remain unaware of the hidden gems that paintings possess. That’s where this invaluable guide steps in, ready to unveil the lesser-known features and secrets of these artistic marvels.

    8 Easy To Craft

    minecraft: sheep in a plains biome

    Paintings stand as a remarkable choice for enhancing the aesthetics of any game, owing to their incredible affordability. By investing just a single wool and eight sticks, players can effortlessly infuse their humble abodes with a burst of vibrant colors, effectively converting a mere shack into a cozy home.

    Input: Paintings in Minecraft can be readily replenished through the ingenious combination of a humble sheep and tree farm. By harnessing the power of these two elements, one can endlessly gather the essential materials required to craft an infinite array of artistic masterpieces.

    7 Can Be Bought From Shepherds

    minecraft: all villager professions

    Input: Every now and again a player will get a bad spawn on their survival world and they won’t easily have access to the wool or wood required to craft any paintings. However, with the introduction of improved villagers in the 1.14 update, players are now able to get their hands on paintings from a villager with the Shepherd profession.Once in a while, a player may find themselves stranded in an inhospitable corner of their survival world, devoid of the necessary resources like wool and wood to create beautiful paintings. Nevertheless, the 1.14 update brought forth enhanced villagers, granting players the opportunity to acquire exquisite artworks from a talented villager specializing in the art of shepherding.

    Despite the higher cost compared to the traditional crafting method, this ingenious approach enables players to acquire paintings without the hassle of tirelessly searching for the necessary materials.

    6 Range in Sizes

    minecraft: skull and spider paintings

    Fortunately, for passionate Minecraft builders like us, Mojang has graciously gifted us not with a mere solitary type of painting, but with a splendid collection of 26 unique masterpieces. Within this diverse assortment, one can find an assortment of sizes and dimensions, spanning from petite 1×1 creations to colossal 4×4 wonders.

    In order to obtain a painting of a desired size, gamers can employ a clever technique of manipulating blocks to ensure that the painting is placed exactly as they envision. The process involves encircling the intended placement area with any type of block and then positioning the painting within the vacant space. By strategically positioning blocks around the edges of the painting, its potential size is constrained, thus enabling players to attain their desired dimensions.

    5 They’re Based On Real Artwork

    1981 kong game

    Input: Few gamers may actually know this, but the majority of the paintings in Minecraft are parodied versions of real-life paintings or images that already exist! The majority of the paintings are based on the work of painter Kristoffer Zetterstrand, who ironically also created a lot of the Minecraft paintings too.Surprise awaits those who delve deeper into the world of Minecraft, for it harbors a secret connection to the realm of art. Many are oblivious to the fact that the vibrant paintings adorning Minecraft’s virtual landscapes are clever parodies of renowned masterpieces or preexisting imagery. Unbeknownst to most, the ingenious mind behind these digital art renditions is none other than the talented painter Kristoffer Zetterstrand himself, who, in a twist of fate, also contributed to the creation of numerous Minecraft paintings.

    Despite the challenge posed by the low resolution of the artwork in Minecraft, one can still discern the inspiration behind certain paintings. Take, for instance, the 4×3 painting named ‘Kong’ which beautifully portrays a level from the iconic 1981 super Mario game that shares its title.

    minecraft: hidden painting doorway trick

    For seasoned Minecraft players, this trick may seem as ancient as time itself. However, for neophytes exploring the game, a remarkably straightforward technique involving paintings and signs unveils the enchanting world of concealed doorways leading to secret chambers.

    In the world of Minecraft, paintings transcend their mere existence as objects, allowing players to effortlessly traverse through their ethereal planes. Imagine the possibilities when a player cunningly positions a painting atop two inconspicuous signs, seamlessly birthing a clandestine gateway, shrouded in secrecy. Astonishingly, ingenious redstone virtuosos have harnessed this phenomenon, delving into the depths of creativity to construct intricate concealed passageways, pushing the boundaries of possibility.

    minecraft: painting hiding a chest

    Just like how players can craft secret passageways using paintings, the same level of ingenuity can be applied to conceal chests. To cleverly hide a chest, one can effortlessly tuck it inside a wall and deftly cover it with a painting using a shift-click.

    For avid gamers who enjoy playing on faction or anarchy servers, constantly facing the risk of item theft, here’s an incredibly handy trick. After all, how could anyone possibly pilfer their belongings if they remain unaware of their whereabouts?

    2 Light Up A Room In Secret

    minecraft: well furnished minecraft interior

    Input: As previously stated, paintings are categorized as entities rather than obstacles, allowing players to seamlessly move through them. Interestingly, just as players can effortlessly traverse paintings, light can also effortlessly permeate them. This presents an intriguing opportunity to cleverly conceal light sources, illuminating any space without the need for unsightly torches.

    Players can effortlessly manipulate the luminosity of the room without revealing the light source, thanks to this nifty technique that works seamlessly with any source of illumination.

    1 They Can Be Customized

    minecraft: custom painting of the mona lisa

    Input: Despite the vast array of paintings available, players may grow weary or dissatisfied with the game’s default artworks. To combat this, it might be worth exploring texture packs that transform the paintings into more fitting alternatives, catering to individual preferences.

    For those gamers brimming with creativity and equipped with tools like paint or photoshop, they can push the boundaries even further by embarking on the adventure of crafting their own masterpieces instead of relying on ready-made choices.

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