Minecraft: How To Get The Swift Sneak Enchantment

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  • Getting ahold of the new Swift Sneak enchantment in Minecraft. can be tough. This guide can help players track it down.

    Minecraft. - Ancient City

    Minecraft.’s Wild Update introduced loads of new content to the ever-expanding sandbox title, including new mobs, blocks, some new biomes, as well as some items. Additionally, a brand new enchantment was added to the game, though not one that can be attained through traditional enchanting methods. Swift Sneak is a three-tiered enchantment that provides players with increased speed while crouching.

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  • Swift Sneak is an example of a non-renewable enchantment in Minecraft., meaning it can not be indefinitely attained. This is because the only way to get this enchantment is through the use of an enchanted book, which is a single-use resource. Players can seek out more books of this same kind but will have to travel out further and further to find them each time.

    Where To Find Swift Sneak Books In Minecraft.

    Minecraft. - patch of sculk blocks in cave wall

    In the depths of Ancient Cities lie chests brimming with mystical Swift Sneak enchanted books. Within these ancient structures, one can uncover the rare gift of Swift Sneak, exclusively found within their hidden confines. Whether it be the first, second, or third level of this enchantment, each holds the potential to grace a pair of leggings with its wondrous power. However, it is important to note that this enchantment must be carefully forged upon the leggings using an anvil, rather than the more commonly assumed boots. Immerse the book and the leggings within the anvil’s embrace, and pay the price of experience to fuse them into a harmonious union.

    In order to uncover the elusive Swift Sneak, players must embark on a quest to discover the enigmatic Ancient Cities. These hidden metropolises lie deep underground, exclusively concealed within the mysterious Deep Dark biomes. Emerging below the forbidding Y: -52, these concealed wonders present an arduous challenge to uncover. As intrepid players delve deep into the abyss, they must keep a keen eye out for the ominous Deep Dark caves adorned with shimmering blue sculk blocks, a telltale sign of their presence. Once stumbled upon, these intrepid explorers will be transported into the heart of an ancient city. Alternatively, for those who possess knowledge of their world seed, the invaluable Ancient City finder on Chunkbase can be utilized to pinpoint nearby realms of antiquity.

    In the realm of antiquity, sprawling urban landscapes unveil themselves, abundant with an untold number of treasure troves, thereby providing an exceedingly favorable prospect of chancing upon a tome of Swift Sneak, alongside various other spoils. Vigilance is imperative, for formidable Wardens may traverse the city’s thoroughfares, capable of inflicting unparalleled devastation with their close-quarters assaults.

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  • How To Best Preserve The Swift Sneak Enchantment In Minecraft.

    Since Swift Sneak is a non-renewable resource, players might want to steer clear of losing the leggings they have applied it to. One way to achieve this is by repairing the leggings whenever their durability starts to decline. If a player happens to be using diamond leggings, they can opt for repairs by combining diamonds with the leggings in an anvil, ensuring that the enchantments remain intact. It is worth noting that it is not recommended to utilize this enchanted book on leggings of a lower tier than diamond, as it would be a waste of non-renewable enchantments.

    Devoid of the Swift Sneak ability, gamers shall find themselves tiptoeing at a mere 30% of their regular pace, thus rendering a top-tier enchantment absolutely crucial for an extraordinary boost in agility. The enchantment’s three progressive levels exert distinct influence over the crouch-walking velocity, as outlined below:

  • Lightning Stride: Only 45% the pace of a leisurely stroll.
  • Swift Stealth II: 60% of the usual pace of walking.
  • Swift Stealth III: 25% faster than the average pace of walking.
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